Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Isn't She Pretty?

She is pretty to walk with,
And witty to talk with,
And pleasant, to think on.
        Sir John Suckling

In March of last year I met, let’s call her Cleopatra (I have no idea her real name) while driving past a beautiful little farm on my regular route. I admired her from afar till one day I took the time to stop and introduce myself. (Read here). She was small with curly white fur and some black spots. She had a black face and long ears, and the most beautiful long eyelashes I have ever seen, and I must not forget to mention pretty black shoes and a hat (that was my imagination at work).

She was very friendly and would always run up every time I stopped, she would chatter on in her native tongue, I never understood what she said but loved the sound of her little voice.

This week after being away for a very long time I thought I would take the time to drive by this beautiful farm and see if she was still there. There she stood in the middle of a flock of sheep contently eating hay her owner had set out. I pulled off the road and jumped out, she immediately left her lunch and ran over to greet me. I wondered if she remembered me as I had remembered her. I have heard that elephants never forget, maybe this was true of Llamas also.

She must have noticed the camera in my hand and like every beautiful Diva she would stop and pose. I swear when I put the camera to my side she would stare at me and bat those long eyelashes, she would talk to me in her soothing native language. This was so nice but every time I raised the camera she would immediately turn to the side and pose.

Well now I am pretty sure that she remembered me and I am pretty sure I know now what she was saying.

“Is this a good shot?

“I wished I would have combed my hair.”

“Make sure you get my good side.”

“What magazine did you say you worked for?”

“When will I be able to see the prints?”

“Am I not beautiful?”

“Will I see you tomorrow? Don’t stay away so long this time.”

My how she has grown, I will be back again more often and I am sure she will now be asking to see these prints. Isn’t she pretty? 



  1. She is a real beauty and I just loved this! I will happily await more meetings with Cleo!

  2. She does seem to be posing for the camera!

  3. She IS pretty...and a natural in front of the camera. Maybe someday she'll have a baby to show off to you!

  4. Beautiful! She must love your attention!

  5. They ARE majestic divas!
    And amazingly accurate.....spitters..........

  6. how sweet is she?! what a beauty!

  7. ooooh she is lovely ...and so proud looking.

  8. Oh she is beautiful! I dream of the day I'm able to own my own Llamas and Alpacas!

    Here is a special song for you :-) - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HbPDKHXWlLQ

  9. Oh she is such a beauty and you have captured her beautifully. I think you may have a friend for life. :))

  10. How nice to have Cleopatra for a neighbor. She is smart too, since she recognizes you as a true friend. I'm laughing at how she posed and talked for you. Any Llama I've met is so aloof and treats me with distain. Guess I don't have good llama vibes.

  11. She might have done more for a carrot or two! I used to stop to share carrots with some small goats... but the Llama in their pasture would lay back her ears and looked really snarky and chase the goats away from the fence... I never stuck around to see if she spit...

  12. She is very pretty. I now see why you call her Cleopatra. Just look at the way she holds her head up high.

  13. She sure is pretty! A great pose as you say. Certainly not camera shy!

  14. "meanwhile all the sheep ewes in back mutter their discontent at how "she always gets the attention before us, hmmph!" .....LOL

    I think you made a friend there!

  15. Very pretty girl. I'm glad you were able to connect. :)

  16. I'm in love Buttons. She is something else!


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