Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Just a Dirty Old Sweatshirt!

The fingers weary and worn, 
  With eyelids heavy and red,
A woman sat in unwomanly rags
  Plying with needle and thread-
Stitch! Stitch! Stitch!
      Thomas Hood

This tattered, stained, and loved hoodie sweatshirt is like my security blanket. I cannot, and probably will not give it up anytime soon. We have had a very special relationship since the very first time we met.

I remember the first time I saw it, I was at one of many auctions but this one was different, it was not someone’s loved items being sold off to the highest bidder but a warehouse full of new items, never loved by anyone. Just a business arrangement, no emotions attached to the items in question.  Boxes, and boxes of merchandise for curious prying eyes to explore. It turned out to be more like a tag sale where you offered a price to the auctioneer and he either accepted, or rejected it.

As I searched through a huge box of new long johns and yes, I certainly did buy a couple of them later in the day, I happen to glance over to a rack of hoodie sweatshirts hanging on hangers in the corner. There was an assortment of colours. Reading through the sizes, there were Large, X Large, XXLarge,even some XXX Large, a few Mediums then finally, a couple of Smalls. Dark blue, light blue, and black were the choices. The smalls came only in gray, and I bought both of them for $5.00 each. The day also provided me with a couple of bolts of textile cotton with different patterns. I loved this auction.

My Hero and I drove home with lots of goodies. We had bought hoodie sweatshirts for others, and had quite the assortment of sizes, and were now out distributing them. Since this was a blustery winter day I had pulled on my hoodie. It fit perfect over my sweater. I could never have known how much we were to bond.

That was about six years ago, I pull off this sweatshirt today after coming back from doing the chores. I pull my camera, and my cell phone out of its pocket. This has been my routine now for so many years it is like it has always been this way. The cuffs of the sleeves are dark, they have had calf goo, manure and an assortment of farm related liquids spilled on it. It has been washed I have no idea how many times.

I gave its match to my brother when he came from his home in warmer Vancouver to visit in the middle of our Ontario winter. I wear mine and sometimes wonder if he even knows where his is after moving so many times. I do know if he ever finds it and does not need it I would be happy to take it back off his hands. Mine is starting to look its age and may need a little vacation.  That was the best five bucks I ever spent, six years for five bucks,(and still going) you can't complain about that.



  1. Definitely money well spent :D)

  2. And they just get softer with age! (just like us! :)

  3. Ahhhh. we all have an item or two we just can't throw out no matter what. It's pure comfort to put it on. Keep it forever, Buttons.


  4. i have a zip-up hoodie (gray also) that i wear as my winter jacket - i layer a jog suit jacket over it. but, it too, has stained cuffs from barn and yard work. but i love it...

  5. Nothing beats a much loved sweatshirt. I have three myself, the same brand/size, one dark pink, another bright pink and the other yellow.(Well, lets say they WERE once those colors) Bought at a clearance sale for $8 each. All are stained and shapeless. All are warm and cozy and I just can't bear to part with them.
    My city sisters/daughters wouldn't dream of holding onto something like this. They don't have a clue what they are missing.

  6. Maybe we all have a favorite piece of clothing we wear all the time. I wear jeans until they are full of holes and cannot be worn any more. Cindy has two fave shirts she wears ALL THE TIME. They look dirty, even when they're clean.

  7. Hi Buttons!!! All is well today in SW Michigan in fact it's 64 degrees and I have the windows open !! Love the fresh air as much as I love the feel of dirt on my feet and a comfy pair of worn jeans!!

  8. Some articles of clothing just become a part of you. Even when they become worn and battered it's sure hard to let them go.

  9. A true bargain, Buttons! Some items of clothing sure are hard to part with!

  10. I totally understand I have had a dark blue moose sweatshirt that I bought 20 years ago that still rocks! Not only that it still looks and feels great despite how much I have worn it.

  11. Sometimes that perfect article of clothing just falls into our lap.


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