Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Little Fellow and the Weather!

We rarely find a man who can say he has lived happy, and who,
content with his life can retire from the world like a satisfied guest.
                        Horace (65-8 B.C.)

I thought you would like to see the little fellow that caused all the trouble after the date with My Hero. He is fine, My Hero’s back made it through, and my pants are in the wash. This little fellow is very smart, as you can see by the photo, early the next morning I found him all curled up under the hay wagon lying in the fresh bedding and snoring away. He was probably exhausted at walking what must have felt like miles on his little legs. On closer inspection I could see he had a full belly and was none the worse for wear after the night before.

It was the most spectacular morning; the thought of a beautiful sunrise always makes jumping out of bed easy for me. Our fields are covered in puddles of ice and the reflecting rays of the sun make you just want to be absorbed in its beauty. It makes you realize anything in life is possible. I am so darn lucky to have a view of nature at its best every morning, I am truly blessed.

 This seems to be our winter of no winter. There is ice everywhere making things around the farm a little more challenging to say the least. I have a feeling our spring, and summer will bring us many surprises too. Our fields of alfalfa have always relied on a warm blanket of snow to keep the roots safe and protected from the cold. This year we have yet to see this, there may be no alfalfa hay this year, the heavy frost in the ground wreaking havoc on their root system; there is some hope yet as we have a couple more months to go. If there is no snow we will have to plant these fields again and our hay quantity, and quality will be down significantly. This is never a good thing as those of you who live in the Midwest and our neighbours to the South know, after going through last year’s drought. There were a lot of cattle sold and hardships for many, many farmers.

 We have all those pretty frozen puddles of water reflecting, yet our spring and our streams are very low, it is very deceiving. The snow has always provided us with an abundance of water in the spring when it melts. This makes me worry about water supplies for the spring and summer. There is not a farmer around who does not constantly worry or at least think about the weather daily. This is a business totally dependent on something we have no control over. It is like a roll of the dice from year to year, season to season. Sometimes you luck out, sometimes not, but like every optimist you roll it again. Over, and over.

Our world is certainly changing and we will just have to change with it if we are to survive. In the mean time I will keep doing what I am doing. I love my life. I must say my cows certainly are enjoying this weather. For now this little fellow is just content on enjoying being here and is not worried about the weather. That is our job.

The sun is now gone and the full moon shines down on the same field on the puddles of ice, reflecting. What could be better than this?



  1. Such a cute little happy and content!

    Buttons...your photos of the sun and moon are just magical!

    I do hope you get some snow to ease your worries.

  2. That little guy sure does look content!
    You know...legalized gambling...that's what farming feels like sometimes doesn't it? I hope your alfalfa surprises you and is hardier than you think!!

  3. Happy Thursday.

    As Nina Simone would say "It's a new dawn, a new day, its a new life for me." Welcome to the big wide world little calf.:)

  4. i've been worried about the lack of snowfall for so many areas this year. after experiencing texas' drought last year, i know that snow provides so much necessary moisture and minerals for crops, and i hate to think other parts will suffer this year. prayers for late snows...

  5. you are indeed blessed...
    i agree with your comments too. friends comment on enjoying the warm, dry winter and i'm secretly thinking, it's fine as long as we have a wet spring!

  6. I think all of us who live in the country love how easy it is to drive (not walk) this winter but have that little niggle in the back of our minds wondering about the well!
    Beautiful calf.

  7. im loving the color of that calf...too cute. and as always loving your story telling... thanks!

  8. It's amazing how everything has its place. In a natural system nothing is wasted, and everything matters.

    The photographs are beautiful - especially the one of the little fella'.

    Thanks for sharing.

    George Savva

  9. LOVED the sun AND the Moon rises. That little calf is ADORABLE! He is blush colored! I always loved caring for the calves on the farm; it was one of my chores. I know what you mean about the World changing - I guess we are all holding onto our hats and hoping to at least end up right side up at the end.

  10. He is such a cute wee chap. Totally unaware of all the troubles of the night before.
    Love you sunrise - beautiful!!

  11. What amazing photos...beautiful. Glad little guy's okay. We've had two lately and both are doing well.

  12. Isn't this weather warm!?
    That's one very cute little guy...I sure like your optimism! :D

  13. Babies are always cute, no matter what their size!
    I love that last capture of the rising moon!

  14. Hooray for the new baby! He's lucky to have you and your Hero.

    Our "winter" has been like yours. I don't have acres of alfalfa to worry about not having a winter blanket, but my roses may be in trouble for the same reason.

  15. Buttons, that is one cute baby! Our weather is so unpredictable here too. Top end is floods and bottom end is bushfires. Thankfully I live between these areas.We've had a great storms lately and good healthy downpours to keep our dams full. Maa

  16. We're having the same thing here in the west Button.... no snow to speak of....oh, I hate to think of what is happening to the fields...and the grasses..... there is just not enough moisture at all .... there will be a lot of winter kill...

    love the photo of the sunrise.... beeeyootiful!

  17. What a sweet little calf... reminds me of when I was young and we raised our own beef, each spring we bought a couple three day old calves from the auction. I love it... Will you consider entering it in my 'Weekly Top Shot' meme? We're on Week #17 and I'd love to see you share with me and my readers! Here's this weeks' link:


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