Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Night Rescue and Why My Hero is My Hero!

To believe in the heroic makes heroes.
                Ralph Waldo Emmerson

So why are you staring at all the pretty coloured lights on the dash of my Jeep? It is a long story. I have to put another quote here at this time, you will understand later.

Nothing is so strong as gentleness; nothing so gentle as real strength.  Francis of Sales

It was a very unusually warm Saturday and we had special company from the Big City. We were enjoying our breakfast but My Hero was constantly looking through beautiful binoculars, a gift from Niece A and Treadstone. With these binoculars I swear you could see a prickly ash scratch on a cow’s nose while they stood near the bush, amazing.

He watches as our older black and white cow (Daisy) slides (it is very icy) down the lane, through the gate and heads deeper into the bush. We know she is going to have her calf. Some cows still insist on hiding their birth for protection, an instinct we will never be able to change. I have been checking her twice a day for weeks, and My Hero checks her more on weekends.

My Hero went off to feed the cows and would check on her, this process is never predictable and we knew we would have lots of time. Later when he returned he told us she had only made it half way into the bush as it is like a skating rink back there and dangerous, and she had figured that out soon in her quest for the perfect hiding spot. He said she was fine and had picked a nice sheltered spot. This would require him to check constantly all day every hour.

About three o’clock My Hero, Niece A, and Treadstone take a trip back in her nice shiny Jeep to the spot in the bush. They were greeted by this little curly haired sandy coloured bundle of joy, a bull. He and Mom were under a dead cedar tree in a stand of cedars, they were surrounded by patches of muddy brown lumps of grass, and puddles of ice, and they were standing on some of last year’s bedding. After being inspected by My Hero, he decided Mom was fine and baby was standing and healthy. My Hero knew they were doing what comes naturally and decided to let them be for now, Mom could take care of cleaning him up, and he would start eating on his own. They needed no help from him. We were going out for a rare dinner in the city so we would check on her later.

 Now back at the house and while everyone was getting ready to go to the city I could see he was constantly thinking of this pair. On our way to the city we took a little detour to the bush to make sure everything was still OK. Mom was standing and baby was eating so we knew they would be fine and we would check them again on our return.

After an incredible evening of good food, excellent conversation, and lots of laughter we said our goodbyes to our family, they had a long drive back to The Big City. I promised to let them know how the calf was and they promised to drive safe and let me know when they were home. We headed back to the farm in the dark.

My Hero in his quiet way was planning a night rescue. I stopped at his old truck and he pulled on his overalls over top of his good coat and his Sunday best clothes, he grabbed his gloves and his back brace (yes he is dealing with a back problem making this much more difficult) and off we headed to the bush. I thinking I would not have to get out of the Jeep and would just be following donned no protective wear over my Sunday best clothes.

Mom and calf were all settled in on the frozen ground for the night, well since we are still a little worried about coyotes it was decided to move them up, I knew that is what his plan was all along.
My Hero gently lifted this new bull up and very gently pointed him in the right direction. It is a well-known fact if you get the calf moving the Mom will most always follow. He stood behind the little guy nudging him slowly along. I drove behind so he would have light to guide him. They moved away from the brown cedars, passed the muddy clumps of dirt and slid across the little puddles of ice. All of a sudden the calf falls down or lies down, it is hard to tell, I watch My Hero on the ice try to get him back up. After watching this impossible feat on ice I jump out of the Jeep (in my Sunday best) to help. I do what I can, he grabs the back I grab the front and we lift him over the patch of ice, and get him standing again. Mom all the while turning around, (she knew where we were heading) watching and knowing we were helping. She was constantly mooing and soothing her calf. They are on their way again, I jump back in the Jeep and follow close behind. We head through the gate down the hill, over the stream, up the hill and past more cedars. I can see in the distance the other cows, we are getting close. I watch My Hero gently nudge this little creature through all this with I am sure his aching back. This is why he is My Hero.

He finally makes it up the hill to the waiting warm bedding and fresh hay; the other cows surround them and welcome them to the herd. They will be fine. My Hero and I will sleep well tonight knowing they are safe.
Back to the house heat packs and ice for his back, and I notice my nice Sunday best pants are covered in calf goo. I was then very happy I decided not to wear the skirt. I text Treadstone to tell him all was fine, they are still driving. Oh the life of a farmer.

My Hero!



  1. This is so sweet. Thank you for taking me a long. You are also a hero. :)

  2. Nice recovery...and way to jump in there. You are a true farmer!

  3. That is true love for your animals Buttons. They are so lucky to have two heroes looking out for them! :)

  4. this was so sweet. i felt the tenderness come thru...

  5. I think you are both heroes - hope you husbands back gets better real soon.

  6. Two heroes. I love your compassion and committment to your animals.

  7. :) sometimes its those occurrences -the ones that may seem just an normal activity - you reflect on later and realize how miraculous it all is...Hope your Hero's back mends to the point where pain is just a faded memory!!

  8. You are the kind (and I mean KIND) of people who should be raising animals. NOT those who pen cattle and poultry into warehouses and treat them like so much dirt. Bless you for your good hearts.

  9. What a sweet story-and hero. I've been thinking pretty clothes are a thing of the past now. ;) Good to hear otherwise.

  10. I have a pair overalls I can lend ya! :)

    New birth -- it's always so amazing, no matter how many times we witness it.

  11. What an adventurous life you lead. Love your stories



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