Monday, February 13, 2012

No Reservation Required!

Art thy lonely, O my brother?
Share thy little with another!
Stretch a hand to one unfriended,
And thy loneliness is ended.
       John Oxenham

 One for me and the other spot I like to think is for my Dad, at least in spirit. Yes there is room for one or maybe two more.  As you can see one particular rock is taken as my feet are always resting there while I stretch out enjoying the view. I am thinking of my Dad, and I very rarely share these rocks with anyone. A few special people know of their existence. My Dad used to sit here as well, when he would visit the farm.  It is a very special place.

The snow is non-existent, and the ice has finally receded enough that I can now hike back without worrying about breaking my neck or my camera. I missed this spot it is always in the back of my mind when I cannot get here. It is February; last year at this time I would have been sitting on this very cold snow covered rock, with my snowshoes on enjoying the beauty of the snow on the trees, the frozen pond, and the tell-tale tracks of the animals with which I share this special place.

This year I sit on this still cold rock, with my boots, looking over the barren ground, the ice still on the pond, and not a track visible to my eye. I look at all the trees that were knocked down to the cold leaf covered ground by the last ice storm. It is still a beautiful view, just different. I watch a grey squirrel scurry past the downed pine branches, to the old Maple tree and run for the shelter of his hole, with an acorn in his mouth. He pays no mind to me.          

 I did find the colours a little boring so I did a little redecorating. What do you think?

I find myself sitting here and scanning the tree tops, it is something I never really thought too much about till our calf was killed by a Fisher and I found out they are known to climb trees. This week I heard that a neighbour spotted a Cougar in her bush, another tree climber. I am pretty sure this will not change too much for me, I will be more aware of my surroundings (maybe); I tend to get absorbed easily into my little world, and remain unaware. I am not going to change the way I enjoy this place, I cannot imagine being afraid of my bush, after all I was here first. I will probably be singing just a little louder, this has been known to scare even the fiercest of predators. Today the song seems to be I’m Singing in the Rain, no reason for this choice, the songs just pop into my head. It is not raining, nor snowing for that matter.

I sit here wrapped in my cocoon of contentment, looking across the ridge of moss covered rocks that have been here since the last ice age and I marvel at Mother Nature’s gifts. I am so happy to be here sitting on my rock thinking about my Dad. 
I do know if you are ever in my neck of the woods, let me know, there are still those two extra rocks, and no reservation is required.



  1. I would love to sit a spell on one of your rocks with you. It's so beautiful there and I know the conversation (or silence) would be fantastic.

  2. What a beautiful, peaceful spot. Thank you for sharing it. I would love to sit and enjoy it with you.

  3. A peaceful place for reflection...

  4. would be fun to visit your neck of the woods! I'm sure the rocks will still be there. :)

  5. Beautiful and just the sort of place I seek out here to just reflect and be at peace.

  6. i love this - the feeling that your dad is right there with you. :)

  7. Was thinking of you today...drop by your blog. Felt like I was sitting there with you, B. Miss your Dad too....hugs. fr auntie m.

  8. Oh, how I often forget to take the time to sit on the rocks........
    and I also forget how beautiful it is when your favorite people visit you there..........


  9. What a great little place. I'll bring the picnic stuff...

  10. We finally got some snow here. Some strange winter...but you seem to be enjoying whatever comes along. I like the idea of the picnic being held there.

  11. Oh My Friend I would join you in a heart beat..if only we lived close..and it was Spring Arriving..and we had a thermos of coffee or hot chocolate...We could and probably would chat for hours on end:)

  12. Sing loud, enjoy your rock throne, decorate with the beauty available and remember.

  13. Maybe next year we will get to use our snowshoes.

  14. Lovely place, and a special one. Thanks for sharing my dear friend :)
    Love M xoxox

  15. I'd LOVE to join you on one of the rocks. :))

  16. beautiful spot for such loving memories. <3


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