Friday, February 10, 2012

A Note from Leontien!

Folks need a lot of loving in the morning;
   The day is all ahead with cares beset-
The cares we know, and those that give no warning;
   For love is God’s own antidote for fret.
                         Strickland Gillilan

Imagine my surprise when I went to the mailbox this morning and there was a card from the USA. I had no idea who it was from but had a few people in mind. There was no return address and I opened it quickly.

    Dear Buttons: I was thinking of you. Love Leontien and Bastiaan.

The tears rolled down my face. I am sure most of you know of, or have heard of Leontien from her blog Four Leaf Clover Tales if you have not heard of her you are missing the chance to know an amazingly strong, funny, and caring woman.
This beautiful young woman is presently in the boxing ring fighting a monster. This would be her second fight with this monster called Melanoma, a horrible cancer. She beat it the first time and was living her dream and this monster decided to come back to fight again. She is a fighter and she is doing her best. Her husband (I must say a very amazing husband) Bastiaan keeps updating what is happening on a Facebook page set up for Leontien. It is called Love for Leontien. She is holding her own with a couple of setbacks but she is still fighting.

 I can only imagine how hard this is and I know she must be very frightened. I have never met Leontien in person but I do know I wish I could hug her tight and tell her everything is going to be fine.

 My wish is for everyone to go to Four Leaf Dairy Farms (!contact) for her address or go to her Facebook page Love for Leontien ( ) and show her how much love is out there and send her those hugs. I want her to know she is not alone. You may also click on my sidebar and it will take you to the Love for Leontien Facebook page.

This beautiful young girl that took the time out of her day to send this farm girl a note asking how she was. A girl that is fighting a monster she is going to kick to the curb for good.  A girl that cares so much about others and needs to know this world loves her and she is not alone. She is not forgotten and we will be with her every step of the way cheering her on.

Please send Leontien your hugs and prayers.

Leontien I am fine, thanks for asking and taking the time to send me a hug. Hugs to you my dear Leontien.   Love Buttons.

Leontien is not the only one out there fighting in the ring with this monster called Cancer, that comes in many forms, please let these fighters know you are there and they are loved and not forgotten. Hugs are free you know. Share them. You have no idea how much they mean.



  1. Buttons...I think of Leontien so often...thanks for the reminder to all of us! That was so incredibly sweet of her, and shows what a neat person she is. (my email links don't work anymore since I changed some things on my computer...could you email me her address through my blog? I know I had your email, but I can't find it!) Thanks! :)

  2. Thank you for this update. I think of her so very often. I am glad to get some news.

  3. I'm on my way to her updates. She is such a thoughtful person to send you a surprise. There is a lot of support out here for her and I am one of many sending her hugs.

  4. Isn't Leontien sweet to think of you and send you a card!? I will check out the link you provided.

  5. I can scarcely keep from crying when I think of Leontien and her true courage. If I am fortunate enough to make it to heaven I will be asking God one thing---why?

  6. What an awesome girl to think to write you a note while she is dealing with such strife?

  7. what a girl!
    She is so strong :)

  8. She is indeed an amazing person. I felt truly moved when reading your compassionate and loving post. Thank you for the update Buttons.

    Thank you too for your comments while I've been away, they were appreciated very much.

    Cheers for now, Susan xx :D)

  9. Thanks for the update Buttons, I have often thought of Loentien and wondered how she is getting on. She is such a strong lovely girl. How lovely of her to think of you and send a card.
    I'm going over to her facebook page to catch up.

  10. thank you SO much for sharing this update! i am not on facebook, and recently went back to her blog to leave her another comment saying i was thinking of her and bastiaan. i am so glad to get even a spot of word from her thru you!!!

  11. I will be saying a pray for her and you are right Cancer is a terrible and very common thing.


  12. that is so sweet of her! and wonderful to know she's feeling well enough to sit and read a few words!

  13. that is special indeed considering what she is going through but its that spirit that is going to take her the long haul and get her though it. I really hate the c word :(

  14. There are still kind people, you know!
    Glad to find your blog. I'm Portuguese, so you please excuse (I apologize) my dreadful English, ok?


  15. The very best friend of Jo died recently from cancer at 56. You are obviously a most caring friend!

  16. I will keep her in my thoughts and prayers. Cancer sucks big time!!!


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