Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Outsider!

His real glory is that of all adventures:
  to have been the tremendous outsider.
              William Bolitho

This morning on my way to the tractor I was greeted by a surprise or should I say three surprises, beautiful cats, playing in the barnyard. We do not have any cats, just a few wild rabbits running around the barnyard. I can see the rabbit tracks every morning, well when there is snow. My Hero is always so excited when he sees these rabbit tracks in the early mornings. I am pretty sure they are my neighbour’s cats and I do love to see them but, I hope our rabbits are more cunning.

There were two cats with sleek black coats, and this huge not so sleek snarly looking, black and white cat, with burrs in his coat. This snarly one looked a little battered. I assume he was a male or a Tom cat.
I stood there watching them run around chasing each other, let me rephrase that, I stood there watching the two black cats running around playing with each other while poor snarly looked on.

One of the black cats came over to me and started purring and wrapped itself around my leg. I loved listening to the purring as I stroked its shiny black coat with my gloved hand. I was thinking what a great friendly cat.
The other sleek black cat walked over and requested the same treatment which I was happy to provide. I tried to get snarly cat over but he was very reserved and seemed to not want to intrude. He watched all the action from afar.

Suddenly, the one wrapped around my leg bolted through the hen house door and the other black one followed close behind. I guess I had been dismissed in my duties as groomer.
I watched as the snarly one or should I say the outsider poked his head in the same door wanting to join his friends. As quickly as he poked his head in, he retreated back with a fresh new scratch on his nose.

I guess the friendly ones were not that friendly after all. Looks are very deceiving.

I myself was left to wonder. What makes an outsider an outsider?



  1. Nothing takes my worries away like a purring cat does. Cute pictures.

  2. I just love Tuxedo cats!! We have two of them...Mom and daughter...and they are are favorites! If you can catch it, give it a hug from me! :)

  3. It's true, Buttons. Looks can be very deceiving! Perhaps the "friendly" two already knew each other and the third was new on the scene. Maybe over time he'll be accepted... or move on.

  4. poor kitty. wish it would have allowed you to give him some love...

  5. Awwww...what a sweetie. I don't know...maybe we are all just fit into our own place. Some are easy tow arm to- some not.
    Hugs to you. It's been awhile. Sorry!

  6. I wish animals could talk. Makes you wonder what the game of cat and cat was about.

  7. Awww poor kitty. Odd man out. I've got 8 furry purries and find their interfamily relationships real interesting and not always how they first appear...He may be a bully, or a newbie. Sure a cutie though!

  8. awww,so male and females? Maybe they were fighting over who gets who hmmm

  9. What makes an outsider an outsider? when they are not understood.

    And it takes time to understand...


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