Thursday, February 16, 2012

Wake Up!

Rest is not quitting
   the busy career,
Rest is the fitting
   of self to its sphere.
           John Sullivan Dwight

Wake Up!!  Where's Buttons?

 I have been running around a lot lately and am finding it very hard to get myself moving in the morning. I love writing this blog it makes me slow down, keeping me sane, as my mind seems to always be spinning.

 No worries; there was a healthy big heifer (girl) calf born, and that Coyote escaping cow is fine; I can reassure you the calf can out run any Coyote, maybe I will tell you how I know this next week. I must say this is a very physical job.  All is well here on the farm.
For those of you who wondered why our calves are not born inside. This would stress out our Mothers, which would cause a wealth of different complications. Think of them like the Buffalo who roam the plains but with room service. They are much happier outside. They just have to remember to not walk in the bad neighbourhoods. Think free range.

 I am going to take a few days off; it is Family Day weekend here in Canada. I love the concept of Family Day. I myself have no idea what I will be doing. I do know My Hero will be taking care of the cows, and I hope to catch up on some sleep and get my head wrapped around this unpredictable game I seem to be playing.

 I just have to give my poor old body time to catch up with my marathon running mind.  I hope to be back here next week to share tales of Buttons life, the good, the bad, and the unpredictable. If anyone is looking for me I may be back on my rock, or maybe not.

If you were wondering; yes, I did get chocolate. My Hero.

Have a nice weekend everyone.



  1. Rest well, Dear girl. I will look so forward to your return!

  2. Enjoy Family Day...what a nice concept!

  3. Enjoy your rest...and your chocolate! :)

  4. you always have too much on your plate. i hope you get some much-needed rest - for mind and body.

  5. Oh Dear Buttons; IF I had a rock in an area like yours that is where I would go...:)

  6. Your new fuzzy babies are just wonderful. Get some rest. The experts say strength is built more through intervals than endurance.

  7. Enjoy your rest - I think you really deserve it.
    I look forward to next week when you return. Take care!!!

  8. Have a good rest Dear Buttons xx

  9. I know what you mean about blogging taking you away for a little while. Hope you get the rest you need, because I don't think the work will ever really stop.

  10. Take care and enjoy your time off...

  11. You enjoy your rest. We all need to slow down occasionally.

  12. Have a good rest...pleased your cow/calf is ok.
    Look forward to your return.

  13. Enjoy your time off, Buttons.
    Family day sounds lovey. Maa

  14. Have a wonderful Family Day! I know you will! XOXO

  15. I have definitely realized that the best therapy for an overactive mind is quiet. And time to sort those thoughts out. Enjoy!

    Blessings, Debbie

  16. Button I'm so glad to be back reading your posts. I'm having trouble with Blogger. Hoping to have it all working well by tonight.

    Love your furry friend photo...precious!

    Enjoy your time of rest and relaxation. You need it for yourself.

    Hugs, Deb


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