Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A Girly Day!

Grass that is made each year equals the
     mountains in her past and future;
Fashionable and momentary things we
     we need not see nor speak of.
        Robinson Jeffers

In farming there are always reasons not to dress up. I can wear my coveralls over top of my flannel bottoms and my sweatshirt all day, if I want to. I like this lifestyle; it fits this “Tom Boy” very well. I do not care if I ever dress up or wear make-up or any of those other girly things but, some days are different. I feel this overwhelming need to prove to myself I am still a girl, and not just a farmer. I do not know why this feeling comes over me every once in a while but, it does. Another mystery of womanhood, I suppose.

So one Saturday morning a few weeks ago and over a leisurely breakfast with My Hero we discussed my dilemma. He suggested that we go to a little town about an hour away, and have a nice relaxing lunch to use a gift card we received for our anniversary. Well he did not have to suggest this more than once I was off and running. A day away from the farm with not a worry sounded wonderful. My Hero went to feed the cows and I headed to my closet. I wanted to make this a very special day and wanted to look nice. It was going to be like a real date and I wanted to look the part. I found a nice skirt and blouse, and I pulled on my brown knee high dress boots, they felt very different from my rubber boots or my steel-toed work boots. They were made of very soft leather and had not been worn very often; I loved this day already.

 My Hero returned from the chores and I could tell he was shocked to see me all dressed up instead of wearing jeans and a T-shirt. I was pretty sure he was OK with it. He quickly changed and our day began with a nice long drive to town and wonderful relaxing conversations not focusing on farm things. This was wonderful, just what I needed. It had been a bit stressful and busy on the farm lately with the calving and such, I really just needed to know I was more than just a farm hand.

We had a lovely late lunch it was so nice not to have to cook or clean up, and there was no rushing to get chores done. We took the scenic route home and more wonderful conversation. We arrived home just as the sun was setting, the phone rings.

It was our friend asking if he could bring our new bull over. My Hero says “Yes”, this means my girly day is over, I go pull off the soft leather boots, and my nice skirt and blouse, I pull on my flannel bottoms and grey sweatshirt, I then  pull on my coveralls and my steel-toed work boots.
Our New bull arrived and I can see he is very handsome, all the ladies swarm around him. He is going to be very happy here.

I must say I really did enjoy my girly day but, pulling on those coveralls with my work boots made me feel empowered, I like that. This is where I belong. Maybe that girly call will happen again, I never know.



  1. Everyone needs a fun girly day like this!! Glad yours was special-just being with your guy and feeling special!!

  2. Sounds like a page out of my life book except I don't even own any dresses any more...might have to think about that and see what I can do.

  3. This sounds like a wonderful day, Buttons! Glad you could enjoy some time away.
    (I've often pulled my coveralls on over my pj's to go help with a late night calving...they hide a multitude of things!)

  4. I am so glad you had a girly day and that you have many more. You do deserve them, Buttons. One can't work ALL of the time.

  5. Good for you!! Hugs!!

    fr auntie m

  6. enjoyed this post. i'm not a girly girl, but sometimes i do like to be told i look nice. :)

  7. Loved this post. I know what you mean about putting those coveralls back on and feeling empowered. A definite comfort zone.

  8. I know exactly what you mean! I feel strongest in my work clothes and I get a huge sense of well being from working hard. But... I also work in the corporate world and I do look with approving envy at one of my colleagues who has the most amazing wardrobe -- feminine but classic and powerful. I told Brett I need to go shopping. Like your man, he said let's go -- but I haven't yet. Part of me would rather buy a new pair of riding breeches. Then I go to work and long for the other. I'm glad I'm not the only one who needs girlie time (once in a great while).

  9. Sometimes it is just plain nice to get dressed up and be treated to a meal now and then. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

  10. I think we are blessed women in this day, we can be both girly and tom boy... I love tossing it up too!

  11. Special is a good feeling, whether we feel special because we look nice or because we have lives with a purpose.

  12. very sweet! we all need a girly day once in a while.

  13. Yes, there's a girlie hidden in all of us I think!

  14. Ah the feminine call...

    Since I dont have ovaries to make estrogen, and i cant take hormones, i wondered about far I still think the way I always do - like me LOL

    And I bet you do too! Its fun to get dressed up, but its fun to dress down...but you will always be you :)


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