Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Lost Hour Found!

Under the shade of melancholy boughs,
Lose and neglect the creeping hours of time;
If ever you have look’d on better days,
If ever been where bells have knoll’d to church,
If ever sat at any good man’s feast.
   William Shakespeare

 Since this time change, I have been waking up an hour earlier and decided not to waste this new found hour. I made my way down the laneway with two bales of hay for the cows.  I thought I was an hour early, they thought I was an hour late.

I have been watching My Hero do the chores all weekend and I must admit spending this time in the house was more enjoyable than I thought it would be. I awoke this morning knowing that I had to get outside; I could not stand this confinement any longer.
I finished feeding the cows and decided to spend this hour in the place I love. Those of you who know me know exactly where I am heading.

I stand here back in the bush, a new hour found, and with almost a new season upon us, I chose a new rock with a different view. I made myself comfortable; I listened while scanning my surroundings, absorbing and thinking. Healing!

Same sounds, but this time the birds singing were Red Winged Blackbirds, the Chickadees still danced from branch to branch, chirping their familiar sound. The Blue Jays were arguing again. Peace!

Same trees, but this time some were showing new buds of life, the branches dropped by the storm were lying in the crackling dry leaves blanketing the ground. Beauty!

Same style of rock, but this time a lusher green moss was cushioning my bottom. The settling of the leaves and the mud exposed the new rocks hidden below. Strength!

Same sun, but this time it was so brilliant it took the colour from those trees making them look like shadows. The ice was melting feeling its heat. Warmth!

The same old views in a different frame of mind, my new sense of being. I am reminded after the last week just how much I have to lose if I let my aging body control what I do. If I choose to give up and just give in. Fight!

I came to this conclusion; back in the bush, my place of deep thought and wisdom; that no matter how sick I am, or how much pain I am in, I will always find that extra hour back in the bush. Determined!

I don’t care how I achieve this, be it driving, hiking, or even crawling back here, this is where I need to be and darn it; this is where I will be. Only I have this power and I will use it. "So, take that Fibro!" 

Oh, how I wish you could hear the birds. It is never the same.  Love!



  1. Beautiful solution and such a renewing place, I can feel it.

    This week has been rough for do we conquer this awful F disease???

  2. I'm glad you have this place where you can go to be refreshed! I'd love to hear all those birds...if only it could be bottled up!

  3. Seems you are feeling a little better to venture into one of your favorite places. Keep up your fighting spirit my dear M xoxox

  4. Everyone needs a place where they can sit and hear their own thoughts and the turning of the earth.

    Your photos of the beginnings of spring echo my feelings. Hope you're on the way to full recovery. Smiles and hugs.

  5. What a beautiful post! So poetic and victorious...

    Blessings, Debbie

  6. i could feel your soul renewing throughout this post. :)

  7. I get that same sense of renewal in the forest. Today I saw my first real big yellow butterfly of Spring; I tried to capture it feeding on the Hawthorne blooms in the front yard but it proved extremely camera shy -- I will watch for it's return nearer sunset.

  8. Yes! Getting out to your favourite place has been just the ticket for you B.
    I find the same thing in my garden and I know what you mean about hearing the birds. To listen to their sweet songs and chirruping is such a gift. They are so uplifting.
    Ageing bodies don't exist in our favourite spots ;D)
    Good on you B xx

  9. You know yourself well and I have a feeling you will always be up for the "fight."

    Anymore thought given to making and selling cards?

  10. You go girl love listening to the birds.

  11. These are really nice photos. I love the Meadowlarks song the best. One of my very favorite sounds : )

  12. I love your fighting spirit and determination. You have great strength amidst your challenges!

  13. Being out in nature is indeed healing. The birds have been singing here too. Isn't spring - or near spring - wonderful?

  14. watching the sleeping giants awake again i see... ;) another season, another year of life is always a win.


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