Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Morning Reflections!

But with the morning cool reflections came.
            Sir Walter Scott

I sit here, staring at the shadow cast upon my wall photo, seeming to split it into almost equal parts, darkness versus light. My eyes drift out the window, the sun is shining, and its rays are dancing off the frozen puddles. The flakes of newly fallen snow are reflecting the light like the twinkling stars in a night sky.

I watch My Hero haul a wagon back to the cows loaded with the huge round bales they do so enjoy. I watch as he unhooks the wagon and unloads a bale of second cut alfalfa hay, I know this is what it is by watching the ladies swarm the bale and kick up their heels in excitement. Our handsome new bull (I should really give him a name) runs to the bale kicking up his heels. The ladies have taught him well.

My Hero breaks open the bale dropping layers on the new fallen snow, he makes a row all the while watching behind him as the cows get very excited and similar to very excited school children forgetting about the moving traffic. They pay no mind to him, all they know is a fragrant breakfast is being served, and they must be the first to the table.

I watch as he finishes feeding the ladies and watch him creep slowly up the long laneway past the snow covered fence posts. Knowing him well I know he is enjoying the scenery, taking his time to absorb it.

I convince myself he is now parking the tractor and coming in the house for breakfast, only to be proven wrong again, I see him coming around the corner with the backhoe, the bucket loaded with firewood, I never know what he is going to be doing next. I do know there will be no barn roof climbing thanks to the new fallen snow.

I sit here staring out the window, the sun reflecting on the new fallen snow, listening to the wood hitting the basement floor, wishing I was out there, instead of sitting in here wishing I was out there. 



  1. Wonderful scene, painted beautifully with your words.

  2. lovely! we dont have any snow. its mudddy and in the 70s this week and its supposed to start raining for several days... have a great week ahead.

  3. The sun on new-fallen snow sounds lovely, Buttons. Here all is brown. I wish we could hop straight from melted snow into green.

    It's good to hear that the bull has been so well accepted.

  4. No new fallen snow in the Ottawa Valley. It's finally starting to melt here. Loads of mud let me tell you. I love getting up in the morning to fog, fog coming off the snow that remains. The sun burns it off quickly.

  5. I really enjoyed your words, I could almost picture the view out of your window.
    The sun shining is always a bonus :)

  6. You paint such pictures with your words...almost makes me feel like I'm there watching your Hero and the cows! I'm glad he won't be climbing onto the roof anytime soon! :)

  7. but it sounds like you might need some rest. so take it...

  8. A lot of love and admiration for your Hero. Read between the line...

    I hope you are feeling much better.
    Hugs...aunti M

  9. I'm sorry you are trapped inside!

    Cows dooo love alfalfa. Heck, I love alfalfa! I can remember riding on the top of the bales chewing on a piece as we took it to the barn. I laid on one side of the top bales lined down the middle and my uncle Frank laid on the other!

    I do like a juicy piece of fescue too, and a sassafras stem!

  10. oow, you should have a contest to name your bull!

  11. Today we are having another lovely , sunny, bright day...I wish you warmth and excitement for the arrival of Spring!

  12. You write beautifully. I was sitting right there too, looking through your window.

  13. It must be really hard for you to be sitting inside (albeit for your own good)... you're such an active, hard-working person. Sending good wishes and hope you're able to be up and out there real soon :D) xx

  14. A least the snow has delayed the barn roof climbing for another day. Whew!

  15. Your hero sure is a busy man! Always something to do on the farm!


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