Saturday, March 31, 2012

One More Auction For the Road!

And there is a silence of age,
Too full of wisdom for the tongue to utter it
In words intelligible to those who have not lived
The great range of life.
           Edgar Lee Masters

You don’t think I could leave you without telling you about an auction do you?
My Hero mentioned there was a farm auction and wondered if I wanted to go. Well I love spending time with My Hero and you all know I love a good farm auction so off we went even though I should have been packing.

The auction was for an older couple who have farmed the land for 50 years. They received  "An offer they could not refuse". I think they made the right decision for them. I know you all have heard this discussion from me in MY Post titled ($800,000) (click to read). I am not sure of their farm price and it is honestly none of my business but the sale will enable this lovely couple to live financially free for the rest of their lives. Good for them, they are a hardworking couple that deserve this.

The auction had a little or should I say a lot of everything. I found myself fascinated by the Belgian work horses. Is it just me or are they more beautiful than the fanciest tractor? There was a herd of Limo cows with calves by their side, three very cute, curious donkeys, pens of sheep many of them looking like they could lamb at any time and I just saw a Guinea Hen run past me. There were two friendly Great Parenese Sheep Dogs, and an Australian Cattle Dog. The Cattle dog let me rub his head then dropped down on his back and wanted me to rub his belly.

Tippy I am told.

The barn consisted of a few additions the original part was still standing be it a little lopsided; I thought it just added to its character. The barn yard was poured concrete and you could tell this couple had loved this place and had taken great pride in it. They had spent lots of their hard earned money in the upkeep of the buildings and maintaining the land. I do know from experience what I am talking about here. The next time you drive past a well maintained older farm think about the hard work and the finances that are used to keep it up in this economy. It can be very expensive and profits are sometimes hard to come by. We should praise these farmers for looking after all this history the best way they know how. You really have to love farming to stay and survive in this sometimes roller coaster business. After fifty years caring for this land they deserve the rest.

I can honestly say this is one of the most attended auctions I have been to in a very long time. This farm couple was well respected in Show horse and pull circuit . They are known as hard workers and just plain good folk. The fact that it was the very first farm auction on a sunny cool day only helped bring the farmers out. Most farmers around here have already sowed their crops due to our very dry winter and spring. I am sure everyone was just itching to get out there and enjoy an auction and socialize with other farmers after our winter.

 One woman came up to me and said “What a shame” I contemplated this statement. I know this is a bittersweet moment for this couple but only they know how it feels and I myself am coming away from this auction thinking that if and when this time comes for us we will make the decision that is right for us. I think the person that made this statement has no idea the work this couple has done for over 50 years. I saw the farmer and he was smiling I am pretty sure that is a good sign. Everything in our life has stages, and this is one of theirs.

TIP.  Always wear sunscreen even if it feels cold and you are still wearing your long johns. B



  1. Love love those photos of yours of the critters!

    I gasped at the price - whoa, I dont think they are dissappointed...I bet over the years they have talked about where they would like to take a trip to, or what they would like to have...and now they can. You are so smart Buttons; it is all about stages!

  2. I love your auction posts. I grew up on a farm/ranch and your statement about the money and effort to keep a place looking good is so true. My mom and dad put everthing back into the farm. The Belgins are beautiful. My grandfather used them to pull his wagons. This post brought back a bunch of wonderful memories. Thanks.

  3. Glad to read that the couple got this amount from the auction. Farming is truly such hard work. I think most people don't understand what a job it really is.

  4. Good to hear it was a good auction and not a have to auction

  5. I'm guessing that after 50 years, the farmer was looking forward to "resting" a bit! I agree, those Belgians are beautiful horses! Thanks for sharing this post!

  6. love the beautiful horses and your shots of the buildings and dog, too. love the shot looking up the elevator. i hope this couple continues to prosper...

  7. Love the photos of the Belgian work horses!

  8. So you were doing one of your favorite things and enjoying. Good on you. Have M xoxox

  9. there is no tractor prettier than those horses! =)

    i bet that was an emotional time for that sweet couple...sad and happy for a new begininng.

    God bless~

  10. Would a fabulous farm...not to mention your photographs! Loved the horses and sheep and everything else.
    You must be ready for your trip about now. Enjoy...

  11. Of course I meant WHAT a fabulous farm. Sorry about that.

  12. I think they were smart to sell while they still had their health, which I am assuming is true if the farmer was smiling.

  13. I agree with you, B -- would be crazy for them not to leave the farm on a high note, instead of due to a tragedy. Great photos and I do love those big draft horses. Gorgeous! :)

  14. Thanks for taking us along. I agree with you on all points. Especially about the Belgians. Don't forget to pack that sunscreen. And your long johns. And a swimsuit just in case.

  15. Butons

    I hope someone writes a nice blog post like this about J and I when we retire. What a great tribute.

    The elevator (pict 2) and barn door pictures are my favorite.

  16. what a great day! and those belgians capture my heart. and your story telling is awesome as usual! take care...

  17. It's called retirement! And I know it's tons harder to leave your farm than your cubicle but it matters more what dreams they are going toward. I wish them the very best and may all their dreams and fantasies come true!


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