Monday, March 12, 2012

Our Journey! Same Goal New Direction! 22

 To-morrow sees undone, what happens not to-day;
Still forward press, nor ever tire!
The possible, with steadfast trust,
Resolve should by forelock grasp;
Then she will ne’er let go her clasp,
And labors on, because she must.

      Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

I love this new house; I had been home from the hospital with new baby K for about ten days. M, My Hero, baby K, and I were getting settled into our new life.

 M, and I could now continue to leave the house early in the morning, head to the barn but now with the fancy carriage and baby K. Under the very protective and watchful eye of M, I left them in the barn while I went to get water for the pigs. I knew they were safe as there was no ornery Mary the cow to milk, and all the cattle were now on pasture. Franny the goat was with me, I could never leave her alone with the girls, she was getting more aggressive, or maybe just extremely jealous. The barn was empty except for the large number of pigs secure in their pens.

My Hero was working so many more hours off the farm, the reality of a construction job. He was trying to cut hay at night by the lights of the tractor, he would do this on Thursday nights hoping it would be dry enough to bale on the weekend. We were now renting more land from our neighbours to feed our ever expanding herd of cattle.

The new house was such a joy but with this new joy came a lot more financial worries. My Hero had to work so much harder with longer hours. I tried to handle most things at home while worrying about him, and I knew he was also worried about me. I assured him I would only do what I thought I could safely handle while he was at work. I guess I over estimated my abilities. As the days progressed into weeks I started feeling tired and had no energy. I started carrying only quarter filled pails to the barn, making for more trips. I did not want to tell My Hero as he had enough to worry about. I just kept going and decided this would soon pass.

Late one evening I fainted, requiring an emergency trip to the hospital. My Hero stayed home with M, while K and I were admitted back into the hospital for ten more days. My Hero now had to work off the farm, take care of M, deal with the haying, and now do all my chores.
 By my thinking that I was invincible and being stubborn I had almost left My Hero to raise our two beautiful girls alone. I would have to learn how to change my way of thinking, I was not as strong as I thought.

After I returned home there was to be no more hauling pails of water. My Dad suggested my brothers come out and help with the hay, and I tried to learn how to relax more.

 A month later we hired a plumber to put a bathroom, and running water into the house, a luxury I must admit I missed since we moved from our   “Three bedroom, brick bungalow with two bathrooms" home four years ago. This almost felt like a lifetime ago now. We also rented room and board out to my two brothers, this not only eased the financial challenges but they also helped do chores before and after work easing the workload for My Hero, and myself.

I now had a new, but very full house, but was so very grateful for being able to play with our girls and not worry about the farm chores.

I learned some valuable lessons the hard way, like when to ask for help, and how to accept it gracefully.


  1. So many experiences B, filling you up with wisdom and appreciation.

    Thanks for sharing your lessons.

  2. I think we all think we are stronger than we are but my goodness you did a lot - with a baby too. No wonder you collapsed. A lesson well learned there I would say.
    We could all learn from that lesson though. Thanks for sharing your story.

  3. Having work to be done does push us to our limits. I'm glad everything worked out.

  4. You sure did over do it that time my dear friend :)
    Pleased all turned out and you accepted help back then.
    Best Wishes..take care your friend M xoxoxox

  5. Accepting help is difficult sometimes, I know...but so important...also for those who are doing the helping! I'm thankful that you had family to help!!

  6. i know you were grateful for your brothers. thank goodness for their presence...

  7. Sounds like your brothers are angels in disguise.

  8. What a great read! I have to admit I struggle asking for help or accepting help.

  9. You & I are so alike when it comes to asking for help..but I have learned and found the love in letting others help:)

  10. Bless your heart but I so understand, I have a heap of trouble askin' for help...I always think I can do everything myself.

    Life's lessons, huh?

    God bless ya and have a sunshiny kinda day sweetie!!! :o)

  11. How wonderful that your brothers were so close by!

  12. Oh gosh, what a smack bang realisation for you to come to terms with, at a young age! A good solution was reached though, and, once again, your family were there to help out.
    Beautifully written and your wisdom shines through once again B :D)

  13. Do you ever really look back and think of it as almost a dream? Like asking yourself did this really happen; or remind yourself then to remember to look back at it later and then try to encapsulate it with words?

    Sigh. i wish i could write like you do at times - my memory is so full of short snippets rather then long memories!!! whats your secret, B?

  14. What a wonderful family you have! Your poor body must have been exhausted after all the hard work you had been doing and then giving birth and back at it again. No wonder your body let you know it had had enough. I'm glad you were able to finally take it easy and enjoy your children and your new home. I can't wait to read your next post about your journey. Reading this certainly makes me appreciate what we have here on our little farm. Thank you so much for sharing your story with us! I hope you have a wonderful week.
    Maura :)

  15. Sometimes it takes misfortunes to put things in perspective.

  16. I read the entire series of Our Journey, and I am impressed at the way you coped with the weariness and exhausting work involved in your chosen path. Kudos to your husband, the optimist, as well as to your brothers and entire family for that matter, who stood by you and your husband.

    Indeed, this journey of yours is an exercise in humility and faith.

    God bless and thank you for sharing your journey!


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