Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring Sounds!

Nature is man’s teacher.
She unfolds her treasures to his search,
   unseals his eye, illumes his mind,
and purifies his heart;
    an influence breathes from all the sights
and sounds of her existence.
             Alfred Billings Street

 The sun is shining, the temperature is a balmy 12C and I am feeling great. I don my lime green ball cap, my bright orange jacket, and my black rubber boots; fashion sense extraordinaire. I grab my camera and my phone and head to the bush. Nothing can stop me from completing my mission. I am going to prove to myself that it is spring and will go hunt for Nature’s unmistakable signs.

After a quick stop to see My Hero who is busy in the barn and letting him know of my quest, I am off. I stop to play in the rushing water of the spring. I listen to the sounds of the cool water lapping against the rusting metal of the pump house. I do not notice anything very different from last week, no new signs of spring here. I continue down the lane, things start to change when I notice a Robin, and the illusive Killdeer running in the brown grass and mud. The familiar Killdeer sounds while trying to distract me from its nest building sight. Spring sounds.

I walk up to say Hi to the girls, the bull, and the calves, who are enjoying their first weekend of true warmth, and sun in true pampered cow style. They are stretched out on the hay, they lift their heads long enough to make sure it is me speaking then knowing they are safe, lie their heads back down and drift back off to dreamland.

I stop at the culvert and play some more in the rushing water washing my muddy boots and listening to the babbling water and splashing. I pull myself away to cross the cedar bush and head to the lowlands. I stop!
This sweet sound penetrates the quietness of the bush, a sound that echoes through the trees, and a very distinct soothing sound that I have not heard in quite a while. This is my sure sign of spring, the croaking of very happy to be back frogs. Just as I am soothed into a very happy relaxed state of mind, it stops!

I sit down on a clump of dry grass surrounded by muddy puddles and patiently wait for this amazing sound to return. I wait, and I wait. They are not going to sing for me, I know they sense my presence. I hear the birds singing; and could that possibly be the sound of Crickets? I hear a cow mooing, and come to the conclusion that the frogs are not going to sing again till their perceived threat (me) is gone. I head off in the other direction; I veer off into the bush on the ridge and I sit on my rock.

While sitting here on my rock I watch the wind blowing the few leaves that managed to hold on through the winter. I hear high atop my head the wind whistling through the treetops. I hear the different birds singing and then the chorus of the frog choir begins again. No longer feeling threatened they make sweet music. Yes my spring is surely here and I know I am going to enjoy its magnificent return.

I hurry back to tell My Hero, he loves the frog choir too.

 After doing a little research I found a site that shows you the Spring Peeper Frogs and it has an audio you can listen to. This way you can experience my experience.  Enjoy!


This next site has a lot of frogs and guess what? The American toad sounds just like crickets. This will put a smile on your face and no, I do not live in Manitoba but it appears we share the same kind of frogs. The Spring Peeper is the bottom one although a different colour it has the same lovely sound. Enjoy


I do hope you enjoy these sounds. I am smiling I hope you are.



  1. Great post.... Now, I'm craving a walk in Turkey Creek park...

    Have a great day.


  2. loveing the sounds of spring. what a wonderful post. early morning and evening are wonderful here too. crickets, birds all the sounds of life...have a wonderful week! :)

  3. I heard peeper last weekend too. spring is here!

  4. Sounds like very successful quest, can't wait till our peepers start peeping and croakers croaking.:) I really liked the words of Alfred Billings Street.

  5. I heard peepers for the first time last night. Love that sound.

  6. No frogs here, but I'm sitting here inside the window listening to the birds singing..and squabbling. Such a welcome sound!

  7. This was such a happy, energy filled post.

  8. I heard the frogs last night and was elated. My favorite sound next to a purring kitty. :)

  9. i think it is so funny that peepers can sound so differently in different regions. :) but i love them, too.

    and your site that had the frog and toad sounds was neat. i had never realized the american toad sang like that. we hear them here all the time, but i always assumed it was frogs...

  10. Fun walk! Thanks Buttons. I miss the sound of the spring frogs. They have been wiped out in a lot of boggy places by pesticides and other chemicals. I don't miss the mosquitoes but I'm so sad for what else was taken out with them.

  11. Just came back from listening to your froggy call links. Very cool! Thanks for taking the time to make them available. Now I REALLY miss those sounds.

  12. Day and night are of equal length today. We can really think about spring now. Lovely post.

  13. Thanks! Spring peepers don't live this far west, according to NG's little map, but we do have frogs that sing. I just haven't heard any yet!

  14. I walked around in the rain today, enjoying listening to the birds, who were ecstatic we were getting some moisture to soften up the ground. Lovely post. :)

  15. Love those sounds. I am loving spring right now.

  16. Thank you for the sounds of spring. I wish you could have seen my little Ella cocking her head at the computer trying to find out how those frogs got in there. We are a ways from frog peeps. I really miss the killdeer.

  17. Always a joy to read your posts, Buttons! Thanks for sharing!

  18. can a frog sound a little hoarse? ha!

    i'm jealous of your little adventures. but smiling, just the same! i have to live vicariously these days so keep them coming! :o)

  19. we are listening to them as I write this - they are starting to get louder as the days get longer and warmer. A true sign of spring...