Friday, March 9, 2012

Strange Medicine and Was Mom Right?

 Better use medicines at the outset than at the moment.
                                  Publilius Syrus

As you may have guessed I am sick, again. I feel like a huge boulder is sitting on my chest, and my legs and arms are throbbing.

Since I have time to think, while sitting and whining, I was thinking about my Mom, after spending time with her yesterday. We did our usual thrift, and grocery store run. I was not feeling very well that morning but thinking it was the fibro, off I went, sometimes a girl just needs to spend time with her Mom. We had some great moments shared with my sister and niece for a change. It was nice to share our special thrifty moments with the ones we love.

Where was I? Oh yes sick; this may be my fever talking but when I finally made it home I was exhausted, and in pain and really wishing I had stayed with my Mom. I began to think about my childhood and how my Mom was wise in her medicine ways and I guess I really should have paid more attention.

Things my Mom told me to always do.

Soak in a tub of warm water with Castor Oil poured in it. I did not listen, and I settled for a hot shower with strawberry shower gel. If that did not work just rub it on your aching muscles. I put on nice vanilla scent lotion.

Every spring and fall mix a concoction of sulphur mixed with Blackstrap Molasses and take a heaping tablespoon weekly. I did not listen and decided to take a spoonful of honey after a big swig of Buckleys, and a Tylenol.

She always told me to take Vitamin C tablets daily through the winter months. I decided to just eat apples and bananas in a smoothie with yogurt, and drink green tea daily.

Always take a huge spoon of Cod Liver Oil. I continue to take a capsule of Cod Liver oil daily, well when I remember. I guess I have missed a few months.

If you do get a chest cold make a mustard plaster and rub on your chest. I decided against this one as flash backs of a child screaming in pain from the burning run through my head. I will never fall for that one again.

I remember as a child in a very cold, very crowded, little house we were rarely sick. Maybe Mom was right.

I just have a few questions. 

What is a hot toddie? 

Where can I buy sulphur?


What advice from your Mom are you ignoring?

Thanks Mom. I guess I should have written this stuff down, and listened more.

If anyone decides to listen to my Mom’s advice this is the disclaimer she is NOT a DOCTOR

I am also with fever and may be writing in a state of delirium.



  1. Oh, you poor thing! Sounds as though you've caught a nasty virus. Bed rest does wonders for me, I find.
    A hot toddie? It's made with a tot of brandy to which you add about 125ml of boiling water, a spoonful of honey and a fresh squeeze of lemon juice. Stir well and sip it slowly. If nothing else, it will help you sleep.

  2. My own cure all is aspirin. Helps me, aches and pain and restless leg. This is my mom-weekend coming up. Looking forward to it. Let's see, her faves were mentholatum chest rubs, castor oil stirred into some formerly favorite cola or placed on warts. Currently her cure all is Advil Cold and Sinus...right off the shelf! Take care...maybe, ah, Rest!

  3. Hmmm... are you saying mama knows best? Then again, now we are the mamas. Will our kids be sorting through our muddled information and gleaning the nuggets? I think so. It's an interesting cycle of information. Get well. Whatever the means.

    Blessings, Debbie

  4. My Mom always said that eating/drinking chicken broth was great when you're sick. And rest! Hope you have the chance to rest up and get better!!

  5. you made me laugh - even tho you are unwell! i do hope it passes quickly! i'd prefer vicks vapo-rub to a mustard plaster any day...

  6. Do feel better, poor girl. You sure made me miss my Mom!

  7. Bed rest,lots of fluids and chicken soup. Mustard remember my mom doing that. Take care B. And send Angel hugs. auntie m

  8. I was going to leave you the recipe for a hot toddie but I see someone already did. I can tell you that they always make me feel better. I'm sure the brandy doesn't hurt but try it -- so comforting!

  9. Sending get well wishes. And thank goodness for the wonders of modern medicine. It probably doesn't work any better but it smells and tastes a lot nicer.

  10. i hope you get to feeling better soon! take care of yourself so that you can keep sharing all your wonderful stories with us...

  11. I hope you feel better soon, Buttons! Our Moms are always a wealth of information, some of it helpful, some of it old wives' tales. I don't remember my little brother and I being sick often when we were younger, and when we were, the cure was often rest and a mister (for me) or dehumidifier (for my brother); it was not often that we took cough/cold medicine or painkillers.

    Take care!

  12. I think your mother and mine went to the same old wives school. We were subjected to the same old recipies. Oh my goodness, I can still taste that sulpher and molasses.....gaaaa!
    Too bad they didn't have a remedy for the old FM. Mine is in a big old flare as well. A nice warm soak with baking soda and epsom salts SOMETIMES helps.

  13. Growing up my mum and grandmother always made onion syrup. That seemed to have done the trick for our chest colds and I believe my dad's asthma.

  14. I second the motion for a toddie. YOU, my dear, need it : ) Sorry you are so sick.

  15. I've always known a 'hot toddy' as hot water, whiskey and lemon juice. Sulfur, it's been a while since I bought any, but I believe I just box it at the drug store... get well soon Buttons!

  16. Please take care of yourself! What a bummer!

  17. It's hard to catch up with all that advise. Hope you feel better soon!!!!

  18. Oh dear me, I do hope you are feeling a little better now.
    Honey is supposed to be ok. Don't know about the rest, they are old ideas but they apparently did work in the old days. xxxxxx

  19. if you don't have the other things for a hot toddie, straight alcohol of any type will do the trick...LOL

    Hope you feel better soon,


  20. I'm sorry you're feeling sick. Raw garlic I've found can help if you can stomach it. I had it with honey on toast. Hope you have a speedy recovery!

  21. now those are some old-fashioned remedies i haven't heard in quite some time! i'm wondering if some are still safe even. can't say i'd attempt to consuming sulfur no matter what you mix it with. ;o)

  22. Sorry you're not too well B. One of my Mum's pick-me-ups when we were sick (and perhaps didn't want to eat) was to mash a banana up and pour orange juice over it. I can also remember wearing camphour blocks pinned to our singlets (vests) - it smelled strong so guess it helped clear the airways.. same effect as Vicks vapour rub that Theresa mentioned above. Wouldn't like the mustard plaster though!! Get well soon xx

  23. I'm good and sick right now too....and I wish my Mommy was here make me tea and what she called bread fingers..... bread and butter sliced in little pieces about 1 x 1.5......

    She used to make us take big spoonfuls of something called malt liver oil.....til we told her to taste it one day...... she never made us line up for a spoonful again...hahahhaha.....

    I think I've just torn off some rib cartilage or something very near the breastbone just beside and under one breast.... Oh, man ....this bronchitis is killing me off with the darn bones and other body parts can't handle it........

  24. LOL i write in a state of delirium WITHOUT a fever LOL

    If i lived nearby i would bring you homemade chicken soup, lots of magazines and a homemade sewn washcloth bag filled with dry rice that you heat up in the microwave for no longer then a minute and half for sore aches... who am i kidding - i take one of mr forestermans old socks, fill it with dry rice, and heat that up in the micro - feels good on them sore bones...really! oh and cream of wheat with a lump of ice cream in it, and some cinnamon, thats good for your tummy...and maybe add some maple syrup to that... and then the hot tea to follow..cant forget the hot tea!! jiminy crickets at that point I would be so stuffed and then ask you to move over and then i would snore softly while you read your magazines... :D


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