Friday, March 23, 2012

Trip Dreaming, Trains and Peace!

Write me a verse, my old machine-
   I lack for inspiration;
The skies are blue the trees are green,
   And I long for a long vacation.
                        Edwin Meade

I sit here looking out into the darkness it is 6 am, it appears someone took my early morning light away. I think Daylight Savings Time is not something I would have voted for. I think if you ask any farmer around here he would agree. Walking out to do the chores in the pitch black because your cows were not notified of the change is ridiculous. I must admit I am not doing chores these days. My Hero and I decided to switch the cows to night feedings before I leave for my trip. We started that a few weeks ago and it is working well. This was done so My Hero could feed them in the light after work, not before work in the pitch dark while I am gone.

I heard coyotes having a party last night, they yip and yip. My Hero has made more than one trip in the middle of the night with the truck to check out the party. I will walk back there when the sun does come up and make sure everything is alright. I notice there is a lot more rabbits around so I am not too worried. We have been very lucky this year as far as coyotes, they have been leaving us alone luckily, not like last year. I do miss getting up in the morning and going to feed my girls. The grass is starting to sprout up in the puddles so they spend most of their days walking and searching to find those juicy morsels. I liken that to my walking and searching for a chocolate bar in the mall when I unfortunately have to go there.

I am finding myself watching the train tracks and the different varieties of trains riding the rails while always dreaming of our train ride. I am getting very excited and yet a little nervous. My Fibro has been giving me more trouble than I am used to. I am hoping I will be able to handle my back pack, M said no worries she could carry it for me, I will be darned if that will happen but I am grateful for the offer. I am looking forward to getting out to the West where the dryer less damp air seemed to make such a difference the last two times I went. It was truly a vacation. A pain free vacation, I ask you who would not want that.

It is 6:30 and the sun is coming up I think I will hike back to a new place I have found, a place where the frogs sing, the birds flit about, and the sun shines just perfectly through the trees. What do you think?

Happy Birthday Brother D.



  1. I'm so sorry your fibro is acting up. I hope you are much better by the time you leave for your trip.

    And a new spot in the woods where the sun gets through sounds delightful, just what the doctor ordered.

  2. I do not like the dark mornings either. Praying that you have a pain free trip,


  3. I hope you indeed do have a pain free trip! You have found another beautiful spot to relax!

  4. Love your train captures and the last photo is amazing. :)

  5. oh, that misty clearing is beautiful!

    i hope your trip remains pain-free so you can enjoy being in each moment!

  6. Love the trains! Hope you have a safe and pain-managed trip Buttons.

  7. i know you will enjoy your trip, no matter what, but do hope the 'f' word takes a far back seat. :)

  8. Oh darlin' I love the trains. Mom and I used to ride one ever summer from Kansas City to Albuquerque NM, I have fond memories of those trips.

    I do pray that you get to feelin' better so ya can soak up some of that drier climate.

    Have yourself an awesomely blessed weekend sweetie and a wonderful trip!!! :o)

  9. DST is a great example of how politicians can screw up Mother Nature while leaving the real problems of the world alone.

    I love your descriptions of places of solitude.

  10. Your last shot is absolutely stunning with the sun coming through the trees.
    I hope you have a wonderful trip (I'm sure you will) and that you are pain free the whole time.

  11. I absolutely love trains. I have only ridden one from South Bend, In. to Chicago. But it was fun. Not such pretty sights in that area, where the tracks go. Take care, smiles to you, Susie(She Junks)

  12. Hey darlin' I just wanted to thank you so much for hoppin' on my blog.

    Enjoy your evenin' sweetie!!! :o)

  13. I adore that last photo - the "silence" has toi be BEAUTIFUL back there. I love sitting in spots like that and just listen to all the small creatures and the air... an inner peace is most definitely found in such a place. ENJOY!

  14. A lot of fun anticipating your train trip! Sorry your fibro is giving gip. Hopefully, the dryer air will do the trick.
    Love your beautiful spot in the woods :D)

  15. Hi Buttons, Sorry to hear about your pain...yes I can relate to that too and of course the trains. I see to many of them during harvest time...bah!
    Hopefully you can find me now. Susan

  16. Hope all works out for your vacation and the pains cease!

  17. I think you are one lucky lady...and so are we to get a peek into your world. So different from mine.

  18. sorry to hear your FM is biting you too. Everyone I know who suffers with it (my DD, BF, and FM support group, which includes myself) are complaining about an upspike in the pain levels.

  19. I hope you have a good, pain-free trip... love those train shots! What is it about trains, the mystique of hopping on one and going where ever??

  20. I heard the frogs for the first time this week. I love it! Spring has arrived. The coyotes are here, too.
    I miss train rides. I used to travel by train a lot when I lived in China. I do NOT miss living next to train tracks like we did at our last place though. Noisy!
    Hope you are feeling better!

  21. Buttons

    Hope you are feeling good.

    I heard a few coyote yipps the other morning checking heifers at 5. Hubby heard them at 2 also.

    My folks have a big coyote problem. They had a professional trapper come in for a month. He also trapped at least 2 female bobcats.

    Your Sunday Best pict is very neat!

  22. I love that last shot...

    and sorry to hear about the flare-up; will keep you in our thoughts and prayers that it goes away on vacation TOO!!!! a long one!!


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