Monday, March 5, 2012

Trying to Focus While Dreaming!

All great discoveries are made by men,
   whose feelings run ahead of their thinking!
               Charles Caleb Colton

Well; I am finding it very hard to focus these days, my mind is swirling with thoughts of our trip to Vancouver and Victoria and trying to make sure I have everything I need and hoping not to forget the important things.

While driving to town one day last week I found my mind drifting to the train ride and the beautiful scenery I am going to experience, while at the same time thinking of what to bring to eat while enjoying those four lazy days. I have been doing lots of research on the Internet. I love technology. There are wonderful blogs posted by people who have actually done this trip and know what worked and what did not. I must admit I have learned a lot of things I would never have thought about.

I have been reading about the best travel clothes and the textiles that seem to work best. There are so many more options now-a-days for travel. Synthetic fabrics that let your skin breathe as a base layer, with a silk, or merino wool cover, then a Gortex waterproof jacket will have you prepared for anything. I already own a Gortex coat that I love, it is about 10 years old and still looks fabulous and repels water like no other coat I have ever owned. This particular coat with a removable hood has lots of hidden pockets, and a removable fleece liner with more pockets, making this is a great travelling coat.

 I have been scouring the second hand stores to see what I can find for my trip. I see no need to spend a lot of money on clothes. I have found a beautiful 85% Merino wool lightweight sweater that is black with a gray collar, it is in perfect shape and will work well under the Gortex in the rainy Vancouver weather;  it is also very stylish for those nights out. I paid two dollars. I bought an 80% Silk lightweight rust coloured sweater that I can wear under my fleece; it is very pretty, and functional. I paid two dollars. I also found a navy blue long sleeved micro athletic shirt that will work well on the train. It will not wrinkle and wicks perspiration away from your body, a must when you will be wearing the same clothes for four days and nights, only three dollars. The light micro fleece/cotton hoodie will work perfect on the train, two dollars.These clothes are very light, so easy to carry.

I also found a pair of almost brand new Hi-Tec hiking shoes that fit perfect and leave room for the merino wool socks that I will be wearing; I have worn the hikers for five days now and have not had one ache. I will buy new hiking insoles for these just in case, still cheaper than new hiking shoes/boots, four dollars.

I found a Mountain Equipment canvas back pack; it is waterproof and can also be carried as a suitcase. It has padded shoulder straps and a covered seat that drops down, all hidden by a cover that rolls up into a handy pocket, this seat will come in handy while I am sitting on the deck of the ferry in whatever weather to watch for whales, and seals from Vancouver to Victoria. I could not believe this buy for four dollars, it looks like it has only been on one other adventure.

I know you are wondering why I am buying all these once loved items. This is my plan, other than the fact I love the hunt of a good buy it is also very practical. I plan on doing some shopping in Vancouver and Victoria at second hand stores, and maybe other stores and I will not mind leaving behind these items if I find something else. After travelling to Vancouver and Victoria a couple of times before, I know the homeless situation is very prominent, and I did find out that if you leave a bag of clothes, blankets, sleeping bags, or any useful items beside a dumpster, a person down on their luck with pick them up and put them to good use. I like that.

I am looking for a couple of comfortable but respectable pants to wear, I have a pair of Tilley pants that were given to me by a friend and they will be perfect for this trip They have lots of pockets and are very comfortable. I would also like to have a pair of nice dress pants for a dinner out.

 Name brands have never meant that much to me but they tend to be well designed and will work perfectly for travel. The pants, and the back pack being made exclusively for travel make them a practical choice. I just have a few little clothing things to work out and I should be ready.

I also read that a pashmina, or a fleece scarf makes for a perfect blanket on the train or plane and is also a great accessory. It looks like I will be scouring some more second hand stores. This getting ready thing is turning out to be an exciting adventure in itself.

Oh dear me, this focusing on being here on the farm is getting very difficult.



  1. Ahhhhh, the absolute beauty of haunting the thrift stores!

    Good luck with finding treasures....and on your lovely trip!

    (I am jealous!) ;)

  2. I have not mastered the art of Thrift-Store Shopping but admire those who have. You finds sound wonderful and perfect for your trip. I hope you'll be posting lots about the trip either during or after.


  3. This sounds so wonderful. I hope you find a pocket for your camera and share all your adventures with us.

  4. Sounds like a fun trip in the works!

    Tech fabric is great. Very functional and so much more comfortable than cotton.

    As you've mentioned Merino wool is a really practical material too. It can be expensive to get, but is durable, comfortable, breathable, will keep you warm (even if wet) and does not retain odour (which is why multi day hikers love it).

    I like that you're thinking of the large Vancouver homeless population too.

    Have a great trip. Take photos!

  5. You are doing so well! Everything sounds just pefect. Such an exciting time.

  6. The anticipation sounds like so much fun, as does the trip!

  7. Yes, as Gail said...don't forget to bring your camera.:)

  8. Oh B, you are really getting organised and have found some gems of bargains too. That backpack sounds great, and it's good having a handle to carry it a different way at times.
    I agree about the pashmina being so useful - one time I ended up using it as a towel too! I can feel your excitement - won't it be fun :D)xx

  9. That sounds like a very interesting trip to make. I can hear the excitement in your words.
    Well done on your clothes finds - isn't it great to get a bargain.
    Hope you have a wonderful trip - I hope to see you pictures on your blog some day. :))

  10. Hey B - Really looking forward to catching up with you when you're in Vancouver. Love those thrift store finds myself ... in fact they make up almost my entire wardrobe. You may already know this but Victoria's Value Village is considered one of the best! See you soon. D&J

  11. You are finding such wonderful bargains! I am very impressed.

  12. ooooh fun!
    Sounds like you act like a kid as I do before a trip:)
    I hope you have a wonderful time...too bad we didn't time our trips together. I go in April:D

  13. oh! have a beautiful trip! getting away for awhile is always refreshing and you appreciate home so much more when you get back. safe travels!

  14. Sounds as if you are having fun :)
    Good reading.

  15. Vacation wardrobe of your dreams, affordable! You are truly a treasure-finder. Have a great time, and let us know how it went.

  16. sometimes its not about what you are looking for, but the looking for it! have a great day!

  17. lol! i can't wait to "join" you, right here from my laptop! :oD

  18. You know, Im glad I dont live where you live now - I would be wrestling you for the deals you have found right down to the floor LOL

    I have recently learned that planning for the journey is just as fun as the journey itself :) just like you!


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