Saturday, April 21, 2012


Laughter is the tonic,
the relief,
the surcease for pain.
           Charles Spencer Chaplin

The clue Haughtiness; Oh I so dislike crossword puzzles.

 I know you were expecting to read a post about my train trip to Vancouver but as the title says I have been sidetracked. I will be posting more of that adventure later this week.

I find myself sitting in a hospital room with my sister, and my Mom. My Mom is in the fancy hospital gown with no back sitting in the propped up bed and we are all trying to work on this crossword puzzle while waiting.

My Mom and my sister are enjoying this puzzle and my Mom is laughing at my terrible attempts to help. My Mom is always laughing even while in pain. I admire this woman so much. She looks so small in this big hospital bed. I am so happy I am back from my adventure so that I can be here with her. This started the morning of our weekly Mom Thursday and this was to be our first one since I had been away, I was so looking forward to it, it never happened.
We were going to go to the thrift store and I would have been watching her fill her basket with silly things she did not need. We would then be going to the grocery store buying jelly beans, green onions, cottage cheese and possibly chocolate. The ducks by the lake I am sure are missing us. I am reminded of just how fast things change in our lives. We must enjoy every moment and not forget that.

My two other sisters were with Mom all night into the early morn and since they are much younger I am grateful for that. I find myself still trying to adjust to the three hour time difference between the west coast and here.  I am so grateful for having awesome sisters who can always be counted on. I am already tired and have only been here 5 hours.

Oh that clue haughtiness, I so dislike crosswords. Mom smiles and we move on to another clue. A flat bottomed boat should be easy, Right?

Mom starts asking for jelly beans so I know she is going to be fine, just another bump in the road. The nurse informs us Mom will be in here at least for the weekend and next week is up in the air. It all depends on the tests. There is a problem, they have to change her IV needle, it is not going well and I leave the room my brave sister stays; I cannot watch my Mom try to smile while they keep trying. I know from experience this can be a painful process. They finish and I return.

Oh I so dislike crosswords; haughtiness???

Mom does not want to be here and even though she is smiling and joking we know she wants to be home doing her own puzzles and knitting, she does not complain. My sister and I had brought her a stuffed animal from the gift shop she holds it tight. It says “I love Mommy” she has already named it and is ready to introduce him to her stuffed animal family at home. They have decided she may eat now after a day and a half, I watch her enjoy a sandwich and soup, the intravenous bag hanging on the pole no longer her only nourishment. She is happy. She is always happy. How does she do that? We had forgotten her glasses and reassure her that our younger sisters will be bringing them in later; she wants to do her own puzzles, read, and knit. The knitting, and magazines we had remembered.

That clue Haughtiness is frustrating; I cheat I open up the puzzle solver using the free Wi-Fi and my phone the answer (airs) it fits, now flat bottomed boat the answer (stow) now this is easy maybe I do not dislike crosswords after all. The whole newspaper puzzle is now finished My Mom laughs and says “That is cheating”, I like to think of it as resourcefulness.



  1. oh, i'm sorry, dear. but glad she is doing better and eating, too. and i am glad you were already home and settling back in rather than across country...

  2. Sorry about your mom, but glad she is recovering. Puzzles have their place!

  3. ((((((buttons Mom, buttons, buttons sisters))))) hugs to you all..

    it does change in a blink. Your mom's got it right - be happy with the blinks... sometimes its all we got.

    Wishing good health wishes for your mom... and for you too!!!

  4. I am sending you and your family prayers. I think the request for jelly beans sounds like a good sing.

  5. I chose 'punt' for the boat puzzle.
    Anyway ... hugs Buttons and a good thing you were home when you mum fell ill. Maybe she waited for you, some mothers do. Hope all goes well and she is home into her familar surroundings soon. Sue

  6. I'm sorry your Mom's been in the hospital! I hope she continues to improve...that's wonderful that you girls can be with her!

  7. So pleased she is improving. I would never have got the boat clue: stow? Never heard of it. I thought of punt.

  8. I know your mom must be a grand lady, because you take after her. I hope she gets better. I'm glad your sisters could be there with you both. I wish you the best.

  9. Oh Buttons I'm so sorry to hear your mum is in hospital but so glad to hear she is starting to improve. I hope she continues to get better real quick.
    Take care of yourself.

  10. Saying lots of prayers and sending you hugs and happy thoughts <3

  11. LOL... Scott and I did the same thing at his Mother's a few weeks back. She had not been able to finish her puzzle that day so the 3 of us went at it again... with phone in hand.LOL I agree.. it IS being resourceful. I hope your Mom improves over the weekend and they nail down what is going on with her.

  12. Hope your mum has a speedy recovery. Look forward to the Vancouver photos!

  13. Best wishes to your mother. It is good she is blessed with a sense of humor and a caring family. Both are priceless. I'm with you on crossword puzzles.

  14. Sorry to hear your mum is in hospital. Hope she gets better soon! I'm not very good with crosswords although used to love doing them each time I visited my grandmother.


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