Friday, April 20, 2012

Train to Vancouver! (Waiting for Sunrise) 2

The golden sun salutes the morn,
And having gilt the ocean with its beams,
Gallops the zodiac in his glistening coach,
And overlooks the highest peering hills.
      Titus Andronicus

I have slept about an hour at a time in between intervals of looking out the window from my seat/bed. It is still very early that very first morn of our adventure. Whenever I hear the train rumble over what I perceive is a bridge I pop up my head to take a peek out the window.

The moon is illuminating the views of the night and I did not want to waste its gift of light exposing the beauty. I am sure I will sleep when we arrive in Vancouver and I lay in the comfortable bed in our hotel.

The last bridge had me staring out to see the moonbeams dancing off the very still waters of a lake completely surrounded by tall pines and white birch trees. Two gigantic beaver dams were sitting side by side in the middle of this lake, casting dark shadows on the pristine water with a thin layer of ice. It is so beautiful; my only wish is that my camera could capture the true beauty that my eyes were enjoying.

We slow down and pull into a station called Sudbury Junction it is a small station but well lit and seems to be very busy. I can see porch lights off in the distance so I know we are in civilization for now. More people with luggage board the train. At this point I am still manning those four seats reserved for families hoping I would not be asked to move, I had finally found a little comfort in this so called bed. I was lucky no one boarded our part of the train and I was safe, the train steward passed me by and smiled.

I wait a little longer and then decide to head up to the dome car, I was not going to sleep and I knew I could see so much more from there. It is 4am Wed and I do not want to waste one magical moment of this trip by sleeping. M decided to join me about 5am, I am sure she is thinking the same as I.

The sun is still not up, I sit facing the front of the train, and the dome car being much higher allows me to see the engine pulling another engine plus  three cars in front (the last one being where we had slept, I say that loosely)  curving around a bend, incredible.

It is now 7am and the dome car is starting to fill with people. It seems like the sun is not going to make an appearance today the storm clouds loom in the sky and there are rain drops on the window. I do not care; I find Northern Ontario has rock face surfaces inches from my face as we pass through. The crystal clear lakes with open and ice-covered water and the tall pine and white birch trees capture and hold my attention. It is more than I ever expected and makes me very happy. This is as close to heaven as a person could ever be I believe. We just passed open water and a small sign that says Edna Lake.

While waiting we meet three young men that would come to change our adventure. Their stories and personalities unknowing to us at this time will imprint our trip forever.

The sun finally rises from behind the tall trees and through the dark clouds. It shines down on the open water. A few precious moments captured and then gone.




  1. I hear the excitement in your words. A trip of a life time!

  2. Northern Ontario is so different to Southern Ontario, it feels as though we are in two different countries.

    Can't wait for the enxt installment.


  3. http://kevskitchen.blogspot.comApril 20, 2012 11:33 AM

    Don't stop now, I want to hear more!!!

  4. amazing descriptions. Thank you

    Sue K.

  5. I can see you're going to keep us hanging a bit longer.... :) Sounds like an adventure!!

  6. How wonderful you got to see the sunrise. I'm intrigued and want to know how the boys made an impression on you.

  7. I feel envious. I would love to do that train ride.

  8. Well written. Lots of great detail and inspiration and passion with a very nice bit of anticipation to keep us wanting more. I would have loved to have gone with you.

  9. I cant wait to hear more!! AND the "three visitors" stories to your traveling world!

    three is a significant symbol, friend!!

  10. I love how you've settled in to your trip so well. You're enjoying every second of it.
    The dome section sounds wonderful and your pictures are just great.


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