Monday, May 28, 2012

Dragon flies and Goodbyes!

You hail from Dream-land Dragon–fly?
A stranger hither? So am I,
And (sooth to say) I wonder why
     We either of us came!
            Agnes Mary Frances Robinson

 I am standing in a field of grass behind a barn on a farm waiting for the auctioneer, the sky is full of beautiful very quick Dragon flies, they flit about as if they have come to say goodbye to this farm family who are leaving the life they know. This farm is for sale. I have no idea why they are selling out and I probably never will. I hope they are moving on to something they love and will enjoy. I cannot imagine the kinds of emotions this decision will stir for anyone. I do know that someday I will be experiencing these emotions myself. As My Hero and I grow older the thought crosses my mind more than I would like to admit. I am almost positive it is bitter sweet for most.

This is a sheep farm auction and since I know very little about raising sheep I head to the barn to get some photos of these creatures I have never really had an opportunity to get to know. They are all penned up in numbered pens; waiting. I am sure they would rather be running around outside in the green pasture and the bright sunshine. I wonder if they know they will be going to a new home on a new farm, with new owners before nightfall.

I walk around admiring this farm that has obviously been cared for, the farmer has tended to it and pulled it through the good and the bad times. The barn, the house and outbuildings are well maintained, it is very obvious to me that the family loved farming and took great pride in this place. As you all know, I know what it takes to keep a farm and all the buildings up, it is a never ending job that takes hours and hours of commitment, not to mention the money, and I must say some love.

A few people passing by come up to me and are curious as to why I am taking photos, I explain to them that I feel this need to document these auctions, as farming at least in my area is disappearing as we know it. I think this is my small way of preserving and honouring these farmers for their hard work and their strength.

 I have always believed it would be a shame for them to be forgotten. They deserve some recognition. You may not be able to recognize this farm by my photos but I know exactly where it is and so does the farmer. I have always given the farmer my blog address if they want to check out what I have written. I will protect their privacy as much as I can. I asked the farmer if he would mind if I blogged about his auction and after explaining why I do this he replied “Absolutely, I don’t do computers though.”

I continue to walk around and notice something under a tarp; my mind fills with a memory from long ago, I take some shots and wonder if Brother D will remember these memories.

I search for a place out of the sweltering heat of the sun. I find a shady spot in a drive shed, and I sit on a wood pallet covered with some harnesses, and old leather straw filled collars for work horses. I pull out my sandwich, a drink, a pen and pad of paper. My Hero with my camera thought he would show you just what I really do at these auctions. I lift my head when I hear the auctioneer bellow “This is a genuine Roy Rogers and Dale Evans lunch box and the finishing nails inside are new.” I smile as I remember this show and sitting on the floor of our living room every Saturday decades ago, my brothers and sisters and I all huddled together watching our small black and white TV.

I notice the owner of the farm sitting on a box he is listening to people around him laughing, people talking about the weather and planting their fields. They are commenting about his things. He sits quietly and listens to the auctioneer trying to get a good price for the machinery he used in his fields while planting. I wonder what he is thinking, I can only imagine.



  1. Oh my G,
    Must be hard to sit there and listen as that person did.
    When your time comes to move, you will know :)and accept, you will have lots of wonderful memories, and you will make new ones I am sure of that..
    Take care my dear friend, love M xoxox

  2. My hopes is that the owner and family will go on to good experiences, but nonetheless what a time of sadness. you've written a beautiful and moving essay.

  3. it's wonderful that you do your part to document their legacy. farms are disappearing here too. acres of hay and corn are now suburbs with no one stopping to think about how we're feeding these young families. seems a bit foolish to me...

  4. I enjoyed your post. I like the photo of you. I agree they are a sad time. I'm glad you document them.

  5. I think it is great that you do these shots and write about auctions.
    And you got some wonderful shots too. I like the one of you sitting writing.
    I feel quite sad for the owners of this farm - I wonder what they are going on to do next.

  6. It's wonderful that you take notes as well as photos to document the auctions you attend. I LOVE the photo of the light coming through the barn siding. It makes me smile.

  7. Beautiful farm and nature photography on your blog. Thanks for visiting mine. :)


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