Friday, May 11, 2012

Full Plates,Brussels sprouts and the Train to Vancouver!

And when they bore me overmuch, I
  will not shake my ears,
Recalling many thousand such whom I
  have bored to tears.
And when they labour to impress, I will
  not doubt not scoff;
Since I myself have done no less and
  ----sometimes pulled it off.
          Rudyard Kipling

I know you are all wondering about the title of this post and also wondering where the Train to Vancouver post you were expecting went. I must say I have put everything into these posts and have finally realized with all the things I have on my plate right now that I am overwhelmed and know that pushing things around with my fork is certainly not helping.

I do live, and work on a busy farm, I do have obligations off the farm, and I do have a life other than blogging. I know it is hard to believe I sometimes forget that part myself while I am in the middle of a story, just ask My Hero or anyone that knows me. Hence the pushing things around with my fork and hoping it will disappear just like the little burnt Brussels sprouts I used to push around on my plate, when I was ten, until our dog Pepper waiting under the table finally gave in and ate them even if he did not like them either. I think the thick layer of margarine finally changed his mind.

I will be getting back to the Train to Vancouver story and I know you are disappointed, so am I but, I have to take a few days off. I hope to post next week but I am not really sure of the day. There will be a trip out of town and other things I am sure I will be blogging about eventually. Do know I am going to share more of that special adventure.

In the meantime feel free to read the story from the beginning and get ready for the next segment. Think of me pushing those darn Brussels sprouts around on that plate trying to come to terms with making them disappear. Wouldn’t it be nice to just sit and write every day without all these outside distractions? Darn those Brussels sprouts.

For your convenience I have linked the stories together making it easier to follow. Enjoy. Hope to see you soon.

Oh yes and before I forget Happy Mother's Day on Sunday to all those great Mom's serving those Brussels sprouts to their children and the dog. Have a good one. Hugs.



  1. Happy Mother's Day to you, Buttons! I enjoy your posts, no matter what they are about. I will wait to read more when you have the time. :)

  2. I hope this time off is just what you need to make those Brussel sprouts disappear! Happy Mothers Day to you too! ((Hugs))

  3. Dear B,
    Thank you for your thoughtfulness in thinking of all of us even when you're so busy.
    Life needs attending to... just like those sprouts! Waiting for your next instalment of the Train to Vancouver story just adds to the pleasure.
    Take your time, do what needs to be done and, most importantly, you too have a Very Happy Mothers Day :D)
    Hugs, Susan xx

  4. Everything is going to be fine. You really aren't alone, some of us are just further away then others, but are walking right beside you.

    Love BA

  5. too cute, my dear. good luck with all that draws you back to today's living.

  6. Dear Buttons, I would love to give you a hug. I hope your brussel sprouts aren't too bitter, and that you sort them out in good time. We're here, thinking of you, and wishing you the best out there in "real life", dealing with the curveballs and responsibilities that come with farm and family life.

    Happy, happy Mothers Day.


  7. Life outside does go on, doesn't it? Sometimes I scramble to add a post...and then wish I hadn't because the photos are awful or there are too many typos. I certainly respect your need to take a break from the train-to-Vancouver story. It'll be great when you do write it, I'm sure.

  8. It would be great just to be able to sit at the computer and right all day but life sometimes gets in the way.
    I really enjoy all of your blogs and I look forward to when you come back.
    Hope you catch up with everything you have to do!!

  9. haha, i know all about that fork pushing. i also work and work gets in the way of blogging and taking pictures. we think we can do it all, as we get older we just can't BUT we want to!!

    happy mothers day b...may those amazing children of yours treat you to all the wonderful things that make you happiest!!

  10. It does become a struggle to keep all of the plates in the air this time of year -- but busy is good! See you next time... :)

  11. HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to you as well. We all have to step back and catch up on our lives occasionally... good luck in your endeavors.

  12. Thanks for checking in anyway. I know about those brussel sprout chores. Got a few here myself. Love the backlit flower photo! Happy Mothers Day.

  13. i'm lucky in that my mom never served us brussel sprouts. (she must not have liked them either.)
    i hope you have a wonderful mother's day as well, sweetie!

  14. I know what you mean.. sometimes blogging takes too big a bite of my time... there is a LOT of other things to do. Happy Mother's Day, Buttons!

  15. Happy Mother's Day, or I should I hope you had an excellent one..
    Having fun I presume doing your normal outside things :)
    Take care my dear friend, M xoxoxo

  16. hey there!! cute poem...and very cool picture! i'll be back to wander...some more... :)

    Happy Mother's Day to you too!
    there's just not enough TIME in a day to get everything done!

    OH, and i've always LOVED brussel sprouts! yum!

  17. Oh I so understand this!! We all need a break once in a while to get caught up on our real lives:)

  18. big hugs buttons! taking some time off really helps sometimes.
    i know what you mean about the brussel sprouts. i live a much easier life than i used to but i still feel i am pushing the sprouts around! sigh.
    lots of love


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