Monday, May 21, 2012

May Two-Four Weekend!

The rest is silence.

I hope all my fellow Canadians are enjoying this Victoria Day long weekend as much as my friend Treadstone. Farming is hard work. Thank goodness for modern conveniences.



  1. Looks like he's enjoying his break! :)

    Our four day weekend is next weekend...the kids are looking forward to a day off school! And guess what!! Peanut (my special kitty) is improving...nothing short of a small miracle. Not out of the woods yet, but much, much better! :)

  2. too darn cute! happy two-four day! (just read about it on another canadian's blog!)

  3. Looks like someone is enjoying the break!

  4. ha! outdoor bathing requires a hardhat?! who knew?

  5. Take your vacation days however you can get them!

  6. Is there water in it so he can cool off?

  7. Cute. Why is it that bathtubs are so funny out of the bathroom? lol

  8. Haha that's a lovely shot!
    We enjoyed our weekend, just lazed around not doing much, watched lots of movies :) It's been raining out so we opted to stay indoors.
    Hope you had a lovely weekend too

  9. okay, im too tired because I was wondering where the "like" button was under that photo of treadstone!!!

    Happy Victoria day to you and yours!!!


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