Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Sprinting Home!

There is a magic in the little word, home;
it is a mystic circle that surrounds comforts and virtues
never known beyond its hallowed limits.
                   Robert Southey

 I just love to go away but when I find myself getting closer to home I just want to sprint to the finish just like back in high school track. I must admit I was never really good at track but always loved crossing that finish line.

As I was saying, I really like to sprint those last kilometers to my door then put my key in the lock and finally collapse in my chair in front of my big window and watch my cows grazing the field. Peaceful and familiar. I can actually shut out the outside world, if only for a few minutes and just BE. It has been an incredibly busy, crazy, stressful yet exciting weekend.

It seems like I have been away from the farm so much more these last couple of months. Between the Train to Vancouver trip and dealing with M’s sudden job promotion (yeah) and upcoming move to the Big City there has been a whirlwind of activity, I am starting to feel a  little guilty about leaving My Hero to deal with all the farm business. I said a little guilty, he is perfectly capable of handling it. I am pretty sure by the middle of June things will be somewhat back to normal and haying will begin, so this is perfect timing for all this activity to take place and be dealt with. Circumstances keep dragging me kicking and screaming (you know I am kidding right?) off the farm and away from the chores like fencing, etc, etc to other places involving spending time with my girls. Oh the guilt.

I do of course keep up with what is going on and even though I do worry while I am away about my Mom and now brother T; I am reassured via phone, email, and text messaging that everyone is OK and I should not worry and do what needs to be done. I should enjoy this time with my girls. So, that is exactly what I did and now I am on my way back home.

I am at this moment sitting here with pen to paper at a Tim Horton’s drinking a coffee looking out the window into the foggy morning. I am hoping it clears a little more before I hit the 400 highway. I watch as the "Tim ladies" run around making special coffees, handing out donuts, and just trying to keep up with the orders from a very long lineup of people. I wonder how many of them are doing the same as I am, waiting for the fog to clear to get back on the road for that final sprint home.

Well the fog is starting to clear a little, my coffee cup is almost empty but now I can see the OPEN sign flashing at the nearby Thrift Store. I guess I can spare a few more minutes in the race till that last sprint.

Thank you for all your comments, phone calls and emails regarding my brother T. Everything is going to work out because I know prayers do work. Thank you for your caring support. I truly am blessed with such incredible friends. I appreciate that so much. Hugs. B



  1. I also find the best part of being away from home is getting back home. You expressed it beautifully.

    Continued prayers for you and yours.

  2. May things continue to improve.

    You are barn-spoiled! My hubby is and speeds up the last mile to the house.

    Enjoy your time.

  3. We sailors used to be affected by a state of euphoria as our ship reached home waters, We called this condition the 'channels'.

  4. There's no place like home! (but while you're at the coffee shop, eat one of those donuts for me, okay?!)

  5. glad you got some time with your girls! and congrats to your daughter on her promotion!

  6. Hope that run to the finish line went well and that all the spring things at your farm are growing and healthy. Your thrift store looks like a good one.

  7. It's always nice to get back to your own house,chair, bed etc. Even better when you have had a really great time when away. I've enjoyed reading all about it.
    Hope the improvement continues. Still sending you hugs :))

  8. B- your blog is always so touching and heartfelt. You are such a good daughter, mother, wife and sister. I hope your brother recovers quickly!
    big hugs..
    xo Cindy

  9. Yep, home is where the heart is xx


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