Friday, May 25, 2012

Train to Vancouver! (End of the Line) 11

‘Tis here they say the journey ends
     And little doubt it must be so;
But, as I tell my bestest friends,
     I hate to go.
              Eden Phillpotts

It is about 11 pm on our last night of this incredible journey it is as if the universe knows that and provides a final gift of moonbeams dancing off the water of this still lake, I am so grateful for the light, it is so beautiful. After the sun rise in the morning we will have about three hours till we reach Vancouver.

I have been sitting in the dome car with the young people listening to ghost stories, I find myself dozing while sitting so I bid goodbye and head to my comfortable but I cannot wait to get to a real bed seat. I must have fallen to sleep quickly when my Mothers instinct wakes me, I hear the voice of M walking down the aisle, I ask her where she is going she replies “Myron and I are just going outside to take some photos, we are in Kamloops." OK I reply and nod back to sleep, I must be worn out as I would usually jump at the chance of going outside.

When I opened my eyes again and look at my watch it is 6:00 o’clock I am a little disappointed I missed all the moonlight views but it is what it is. I look in the book and read that I have missed Hope which I really would have loved to see and three amazing tunnels. I jump up and make my way to the dome car and my prime seat so I will not miss any of the views. We stop in Chilliwack and a lot of people get off, I have no idea when they boarded the train. The dome car is filling quickly with sunrise worshipers. Most of these people are the same people I have travelled with since leaving Toronto: they are beginning to feel like my family. We have all shared so much while sleeping inches from each other on less than comfortable seats, listening to others snore, sharing laughter and stories of our lives that will bond us in memories forever, this was the final leg which we have been waiting for and we wanted to share it together in this dome car.

This is where I first see Mount Baker it is incredible and holding a secret according to my book. This snow-capped mountain was a very active volcano between 1820 and 1870, amazing.

It is at this point we start passing beautiful farmland, I found myself dreaming about how wonderful it would be to just be able to plop our two hundred acre farm down here nestled in the mountains oh that would be lovely. The climate here is so soothing for my aches and pains. I see signs of paper pulp mills and log booms tied to the shore of different rivers. Industry of all kinds is apparent. The views of the Lakes, Rivers and the surrounding Mountains captivates my heart and soul, I truly love this place.

As we approach Vancouver I understand now why it is known as the City of Bridges. A very nice man starts guiding us through the history of the bridges; things like when they were built, how they were built and why they were built, I thank him, this was fascinating. He points to the Sky Train going over an overpass and shares the history; it is a truly a marvel of engineering. Tyson the nice young prairie boy from the oilfields, who we had picked up in Edmonton (not that kind of picked up), explains to M and I how to take the Sky Train to a bus then to the Ferry to Victoria something we will be doing in three days. Tyson I must say was one of the most polite young men we had met on this trip, he would sit with M and I for hours and hours in the dome car. Tyson lives in Vancouver and he gave us a lot of pointers on what to see and do while here. He assures us that we should take the Sky Train it is cheaper and more efficient than any of the other modes of transportation. We are pulling into the Vancouver station soon and everyone is scrambling to get back to their berths or seats to gather their things.

As we pull into this beautiful station I have an overwhelming feeling of sadness about leaving all the people we have come to know, yet I am truly excited about finally making it and sleeping in a normal bed and I am looking forward to exploring this incredible city. I throw my back pack up over my shoulders and exit the train.

 We make our way into the station and meet all the berth sleepers we had come to know they were waiting for their luggage. The seat sleepers were there with their back packs. We said our goodbyes to Myron the Prairie boy who has travelled all of Canada by train, to the young couple from England, the student from Ottawa and finally Liz from Scotland who I hug and promise to email. So many goodbyes to people who four nights ago I did not even know, people I truly have come to care about. Just for a moment I think about Paul the guitar playing traveller,and Joseph the amazing artist.

As we were waiting outside for a cab Tyson comes up and stands beside us and since he is shy and the cab shows up we never asked for his email address, something M and I both regret. If anyone knows a prairie boy named Tyson in Vancouver who is going to be a journalism student this year and works in the oil fields ask him to email this blog. How many Tysons can there possibly be in Vancouver?

The cab drops us off in front of our funky hotel, I take a deep breath, we made it. I am now focusing on that hot shower, that soft bed and a long nap to dream about what is gone and what is ahead. My lifelong dream is now  complete.

This concludes The Train to Vancouver series if you would like to read my Adventures in Vancouver and Victoria stories let me know I am sure I can arrange it :)



  1. Loved reading your train to Vancouver series - the bridge pictures are really cool!

  2. That farmland really is beautiful! And of course...we'd like to read about your adventures too!! :)

  3. I have really enjoyed reading about this adventure!

  4. I would love to visit your area someday. We've never been that far north. (We live in Illinois.) Beautiful photos and lovely blog.

  5. Neat adventure, Buttons. Yes, I would like to read about what you did in Vancouver and Victoria. I was in Vancouver a very long time ago.

  6. just loved hearing about your train trip and all the souls you connected with while viewing your sights. :)

  7. What a ride! What scenery. What cool new friends. But I bet that shower and bed also looked pretty good.

  8. If you ever run out of blog ideas. Please tell us about Vancouver and Victoria. Did you visit capilano bridge? And how about all those HUGE Sitka spruce?

  9. I am eagerly looking forward to hearing (reading) more of your adventures in lower BC! Please, do share!!


  10. What fun. I wish I could go with my mom to Bend, OR by train, but I looked and it is not meant to be. Bummer. I so love your stories.

  11. What great people you met during your trip. You described them all so well, I feel as if I know them. :)

  12. Sounds a great train journey. Wonderful photos!

  13. A truly wonderful account of an adventure by train.
    Thank you kindly B, for once again sharing your life thoughts with us :D)

  14. Loved reading your story. Beautif pics

  15. i do hope word gets back to tyson. i bet he'd be tickled that he made such an impression!

  16. Wonderful train journey, and beaut lines, those structures are awesome.
    Your friend M xoxoxox


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