Friday, May 4, 2012

Train to Vancouver! (Goodbye Paul) 7

We are here to add what we can to,
not to get what we can from,
     Sir William Osler

Last station before dark.
It is the evening of our third night on this train that has become like our temporary home. We are still in Saskatchewan and even though everyone is having a great time socializing in the dome car we are all well aware Paul will be leaving soon.

Jimmy, a Busker from Vancouver is now in the dome car entertaining people with his ukulele. I am enjoying the old songs, Jimmy is very unique, and he is singing songs in Yiddish, Japanese, and Mandarin as well as English. I find myself singing along to the sad ballads, and then thrown in a completely different emotional direction with a silly song that makes me laugh out loud and has me giggling like a happy child. Tapping my feet and clapping my hands has become part of me and I have no idea how he gets everyone in the crowd so easily immersed in this joyful world. I am sure Jimmy does very well on Granville Island in Vancouver he truly has a gift for entertaining. He has managed to captivate the seat sleepers for about an hour.

I have been doing my best to stay up and visit with the people (friends) I have come to know in the dome car. I really wanted to partake in the festivities before we drop off Paul to begin his quest in an unknown territory; alas I find the past two nights of not sleeping well are starting to take their toll. Our train is running behind for unknown reasons so I have no idea how much longer it will be. I bid my goodbyes and wish Paul good luck and I head to the sleeping/sitting car and make myself as comfortable as I could in the two seats I had picked. I glance over and watch Joseph in my old four-seater spot lay out a blanket and pillow then plop down on his stomach and fall fast asleep. I wonder to myself how he can possibly do that. Joseph will be getting off the train in Edmonton. I myself have no luck in the sleeping department.

I must have fallen asleep when I was awoke by the sound of people saying goodbye to Paul. Paul is getting ready to leave and he is not going quietly. I jump up and give him a hug and tell him to be careful and have fun, I guess the “Mom” in me was kicking in. I watch as he grabs his bag and his guitar and exits the train. It is pouring rain and pitch dark out there. It is two o’clock in the morning and I find myself wondering where he will go, shivers run down my spine as I think of this poor young man sleeping on a park bench, if they even have a park bench. I only see a few porch lights, and a Subway restaurant and not much of anything else. The train pulls away from the station and I stare out the window into the darkness amazed at the concern I feel for a young man I had only met two days, and two nights before.

I lay back down and dream of our next destination Edmonton; we will have an hour to explore the station at least. I glance over and notice Joseph still looks very comfortable. I am going to miss Joseph when he leaves in the morning.



  1. You have me convinced that train travel is one huge and wonderful way to travel.

  2. This has to be the best vacation ever. I'm so glad you are sharing it.

  3. We rode the train to NYC a couple of years ago and had fun with it.

    Jimmy sounds very talented!

    I hope you get better sleep soon. I'm a really light sleeper, so I'd have a hard time on a train.

  4. It's sounds like you all are becoming one big family! I hope you were soon able to sleep!

  5. Oh, sounds like so much fun!! Glad you're enjoying the time and music.

  6. amazing the attachments you formed. :)

  7. Good morning Buttons! Blessings to you today!

  8. Being able to drop off to sleep anywhere is as valuable as being able to entertain a group with music. You met some wonderful people on your trip.

  9. I'm so happy your havin' a great time on your trip sweetie.

    God bless and have a fantastic weekend!!! :o)

  10. It's amazing how close an attachment you can get to someone in such a short space of time.
    Pretty scary to be deposited off a train in the middle of the night I would think.

  11. Still reading-
    Still enjoying!
    (Still have a crazy life!)


  12. Liz from ScotlandMay 04, 2012 8:20 PM

    Liz from Scotland here, now in Tucson Arizona. We had a great time on the train, meeting such good people. We spent a week on the Sunshine coast with our friends then flew to Tucson. Here till 22nd May then DC for a week then home to Scotland on 29th May. My husband, Steve and I have had a great tour of north America. Thank you to everyone we met for making our journey so memorable.

  13. Not sure I would do as well on a train -- I'm a bit claustrophobic and not much of a mingler... lol.
    Sounds like you made some friends during your trip and that's a good thing. :)

  14. I am glad you are sharing this trip with us. I can't imagine being on a train for so long, but I think I'd like it. So, you meet all of these interesting people. Do you exhange you give them your blog address? Just curious. I'd have a hard time saying good-bye.

    Cindy Bee

  15. This must be a very enjoyable trip.

    Be happy, no worry.

    Life is great.

  16. Thank you for the comments everyone. If you notice there is a Liz from Scotland who commented above. Well Liz is the Berth sleeper I mention In my Train to Vancouver story and yes emails were exchanged and friends for life were made. I highly recommend train travel and getting to know the people we share this great world with.The internet makes keeping in touch possible. I am so glad you like reading about my trip I surely do love sharing it with you all.
    Have fun Liz. B

  17. i'm pretty sure at this point, you boarded a train traveling to 1945. ;o)

  18. I was impressed at Jimmy's talents!
    What a lot of great memories you're making B! Your photos are beaut too - unique. xx

  19. This sounds like one trip you're never going to forget. What fun! Sue

  20. You sure did have a good time on the train, something you deserve and a change from your hard working life on the farm.
    Your friend M xoxox

  21. Thanks for your whistle stop over at my blog!

  22. Oh my mom's heart goes out to Paul too - where ever he may be right now, I ask that he have God's protection over him!

    You have met so many new friends, you'll never grow old, Buttons - they'll keep you on your toes you wont have time to get old!!! :P @!


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