Thursday, May 10, 2012

Unknown Path!

Roll on, thou ball, roll on
Through the pathless realms of Space,
       Roll On!
      William Schwenck Gilbert

This morning I dropped my Mom off at the Seniors Centre. First, I arrived early at her house to wake her up and help her get ready to go. I just had to mention the Seniors Centre and her friends and she was up and running. She was so excited, in turn getting me excited.

I love seeing my Mom this excited about going to see friends and spending time with them for the day. My sister P is usually the one who takes her but she was supporting a very special lady so I was lucky enough to fill in. I love these moments I get to share with Mom, just the two of us. We talked about the people at the centre and what they will be doing today. I ask if there will be the usual singing and dancing. She says she does not know but let's hurry. She asks again while sitting there knitting with the red yarn "Is it time to go yet?" Not yet but soon.

Today is a very special day there is to be a field trip. This is exciting not only for Mom but as well for me because, I get to sign a consent form or as I like to think of it as a permission slip.
My, my how things have changed! She used to be the one signing my permission slip for all those field trips in high school. You see I joined every sports team I could, so there were a lot of forms to sign.  I looked at her and teased her about how she used to ask me before she would sign if I had been a good girl and was I going to behave while I was there? I of course always answered yes. She would laugh and sign the forms. We were both sitting here this early morning laughing at this and I teased her by asking if she was going to be a good girl? “Of course” was her reply, we both laughed. I signed the form.

We drive to the centre while all the time talking about the field trip and how much fun it was going to be. I walk Mom up to the door in the pouring rain. Mom looks at me and asks “What is this place?” I replied the Seniors Centre Mom. She smiles and replies “OK dear.”

I love my Mom so much, and it is so hard to watch as little pieces of her are being stolen bit by bit by Alzheimer’s. I debated whether to share this post or not but decided that there are many families going through the same thing and they need to know they are not alone.



  1. Reflecting on such sweet memories while building even more. It is such a a difficult disease. I'm so sorry. I am sure you cherish the good moments.

  2. Bless your heart, B.
    I cared for my Aunt who had Alzheimer's, but it is not the same as ones Mother.

  3. It is hard to watch Alzheimer's, that's for sure. My mother-in-law's dementia )not Alzheimer's) is sad to watch too. Your mother sounds very sweet.

  4. Alzheimer's is a horrible disease taking your loved ones bit by bit. Daddy loved the Senior Center and loved to dance. We kept him at home as long as possible. Through all the changes and losses of the disease, Dad never lost his manners.

  5. Thank you for sharing this Buttons! You are not alone...and I'm so glad your mom isn't either! I think it's wonderful that you spend time with her, loving her!

  6. Alzheimers is so hard. My grandmother had it but she still got little bits of joy out of field trips for the longest time :-) May your Mom continue to find many small joys and clarities.

  7. Give her a big Mother's Day hug from me, maybe she will smile that big smile like she did the last time I suprised her.
    Hold on to all those memories, they will get through some really dark days.

    Love BA

  8. my mother died of alzheimers. i share your pain.

  9. B. gather all those memories and put them in your pocket (heart) and bring them out to read when you need them. Love is what gets us through...xoxo

  10. Precious moments like this more value than gold. Hugs and my love goes out to you both, Buttons.

    Auntie M...

  11. I wish a cure could be found for this as it is so sad watching someone forget you. My Grandma went through it and it broke my heart. HUGS to you.

  12. Prayers to you and your family, B. I have not had any family members affected by Alzheimer's.

    I can say that I live 8 hours away from home and it is hard. As I watch my parents, who are in good health, age I wonder and pray that I am able to be there for them when they need me the most.

  13. It must be hard. It's nice you can share those little moments of humour with her xx

  14. Buttons, A great poat and a very important subgect.
    I'm lucky that it hasn't touched any of our family yet. I worked with Dementia patients in a nursing home down south. Alzheimers is the later stages of Dementia. My friends mother is at the point of not speaking anymore and doesn't remember anyone. Not long ago she had regressed to being a young girl at home with her parents. I feel sad for my friend ... her mum has no idea what is happening.
    It will be hard for you in the future, si make the most of things now. Hugs Sue

  15. It so reminds me of my Grandmother. We were so close and what you describe could have easily been us. I miss her so much. I remember the last time I visited her she was sitting at a table drinking coffee. I cried because Alzheimer's really had her by then and it was the first time in a long long time I had seen her doing something she did before she got so bad. I am so glad you are close and able to appreciate the time with her. I lived too far away to see her as often. I'm glad you did the post.

  16. I know this is difficult. My grandmother is suffering greatly with this condition. It is heartbreaking for all of us.

  17. But the best thing is that she raised loving, compassionate daughters...hug her for me buttons, a nice long hug...

    the human heart never forgets love :)

  18. you two are so cute together. i lost one grandmother last year who had a rather mean disposition for her last ten years. so be thankful your mom is still sweet and loving. i think that makes a big difference. your memories will always be beautiful. xo...


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