Thursday, June 7, 2012

Art and Sweat!

We can do without any article of luxury we have ever had;
     but when once obtained,
it is not in human natur’ to surrender it voluntarily.
                                   Sam Slick

See this unusual beautiful crafted piece of metal? I admire the design of it and appreciate it for its craftsmanship and its reason for being crafted.

I am looking at it and wonder how it really works. The very nice young diesel repairman that is working on my tractor in the barnyard smiles when I ask and takes the time to explain how it works and also informs me that it is the same part he replaced two years ago; apparently our model of tractor has this specific problem, lucky us.

I turn it over and over in my hands, after he cleaned the beautiful shade of green liquid off with a rag, and then handed it to me. I look at it and admire its shininess, its smoothness, and its sleek design. He has already replaced it with a new one and I ask if I can keep this one. He replies “Yes.” I think to myself maybe I can mount it somehow and display it as a piece of art.

I ask him how much this is going to cost. He does not know how much the part or the service call will cost but he assures me he does know the tractor is now blowing cold air.

 Now I am a tough farm woman who enjoys sitting in her fully glass enclosed tractor cab for eight or more hours with the sun beating down for weeks at a time, the sweat pouring down my brow. The heat making me feel like I am locked in a sauna that I am truly not dressed for. Even when sometimes my water bottle being empty back in a field far from home making me wonder why I do this. I enjoy driving in circles with only the worries of the weather, machinery breakdowns, and off farm issues.
 Well maybe not, I truly need this luxury air conditioning thingy to get me through. It makes my life so much easier, I cannot go without it. I admit it, I am spoiled.

I roll this piece around in my hands, I thank the very nice, young man and tell him I will be anxiously waiting for the bill in the mailbox, we both laugh.
He waves goodbye as he drives up the lane and I walk back to the house. I look down at this piece of shiny craftmanship and I am left with only one question.

If I mount it and call it art will someone buy it? The price is not set yet as I am waiting for the bill, whoops I mean appraisal to arrive in the mailbox.

If you are interested it is titled The Expansion Valve. Pick up the phone give me a call.

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  1. The artful heart sees the beauty in every thing.

    Great post.

  2. Oh yes, I can imagine how you would definitely need that air conditioner thingy for your tractor cab. Definitely and absolutely!!
    I'm sure your artpiece will be snapped up B... it has history too. Well done and cheers :D)

  3. We need to have some work done on our tractor. It's an old one though - no a/c or even cab for that matter.

    Glad you got things straight!

  4. Here's to a summer of coolness in the tractor!

  5. It's so true that once we get used to having luxury, it becomes a necessity!

    Stay cool! :))

  6. It does get to be dangerous out there in the hot sun all day. Glad you're not going to be baked anymore.

  7. Art is in the eye of the beholder. You appreciate good workmanship and I admire that!
    It is a piece of art!
    I am glad you can ride in comfort now!

  8. Thank goodness for this young man! Obvious he does good work. Enjoy your a/c. :)

  9. thanks for the laugh this morning, buttons!

  10. mom had that problem w/ her diesel truck a couple years ago... bummer! sure is a shiny piece LoL! =)

  11. The Hubby keeps his swather so cold his water almost stays frozen, lol!

    Make sure you are sitting down when you open your bill; it seems to help at our house.

    As for breakdowns the Hubby has had a long week trying to summer fallow. Bearing went out of the disc, a tool bar that would not get through the weeds, and last night he tore the hitch out of the one way. Will see what kind of luck today brings.

  12. I must admit I'm a bit of a collector or a hoarder as my wife would probably call me. Most shiny indeed. I don't like to throw anything out. I like to hold on to my history. It is hard to let go of the past.

  13. You're so silly! LOVE IT! If only we could make money of broken parts - my family would have been millionaires long ago!

  14. Are you sure that's the old part and not the new one? Looks pretty good to me!

  15. Visiting for the first time. Wait two more years and maybe you'll have a set♫♪

  16. I certainly agree with that quote at the beginning of your post!

  17. what a great post....haven't we all gotten spoiled?!!

  18. At least he came to fix the tractor. When I was a kid I would drive the 50 miles to town, wait forever for the part, get home and it was the wrong part. It go so I wouldn't go without the part it was replacing. I don't know if parts are art, but I guess I just nailed some old jig-a-ma-hoppers to my rustic sign. They were probably important pieces of equipment somewhere. Love your stories. they always get me thinking.

  19. No cab on our tractor. The hub just sweats it out! Glad you are getting things fixed!

  20. You tell a good story!! Thanks for stoppin' by...hope to see you again.

    Enjoy that AC as you go 'round 'n 'round 'n ' do deserve the AC ;~)

  21. it's tough to do without...when we get used to the comforts of certain things, that's for sure!

    at least that's a pretty little part you hold in your hand there! hopefully it won't burn a big hole in your pocket!

  22. What? Youre not going to go in circles with the door flapping back and forth while you gulp in the fresh air when it occasionally sweeps in???

    Ah, you took the fun out of it ;p !!!


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