Friday, June 8, 2012

Human and Nature Opportunists!

I believe that every right implies a responsibility;
    every opportunity an obligation;
every possession a duty.
                 John Davison Rockefeller Jr.

I was heading to town the other day and came across this scene. I had to actually jump out and make sure that what I was seeing was really real, if you know what I mean. This appears at least to me to be an appropriate photo for what I believe is happening in our world today. It makes me sad.

Your eyes are not deceiving you these are Turkey Vultures the scavenger bird that takes advantage of all that is dead and dying. This bird is an opportunist and usually waits patiently for that moment where it can land and take what it wants. It will eat up what is no longer of any use, the forgotten, or the unfortunate. It always takes advantage of the death and dying of this world. Nature’s opportunists for sure.

I liken it to the speculators and opportunists of the world, who go about waiting for a farmer to stop trying and give up, or move on to greener pastures somewhere else, or even pass on to that big farm in the sky. These opportunists buy up this productive farmland and put huge fancy cookie cutter houses all across the land that the farm family has struggled and sacrificed to reclaim from the forest long ago. Human opportunist for sure. This makes me very sad.

It is such a pity. I am over joyed to now see things are changing; there is a new movement of people going back to the land to claim it, nurture it and love it. Homesteaders and other farm families are now buying this land and starting farms, going back to the roots of their ancestors long ago. They have realized the importance of protecting the land and growing our own food and not relying on trucking in food from so far away.

I admire these homesteaders and wish them luck. We should all support these farmers that are working hard trying to make these dying farms more productive and not just make it a world about money, money, and more money. We all have to eat and you cannot eat money.

I hope those Vultures find another place to perch. It makes me very sad. What do you think about the vultures of opportunity?

(disclaimer: This is only my opinion which in the real scheme of life means very little.)



  1. Buttons...your opinion is valuable! And if more people thought like you, this world just might be different! :)

  2. Your opinion is important and I share it with you. Houses are going up everywhere here in England. And do you know there are over a million empty homes. But still they build on precious farmland. I have a feeling this policy will end badly.

  3. It makes me sad everytime I travel north of the city where I live and see all the precious farm land and forests going to big fancy homes. We need to get back to our roots and leave nature as God intended.

  4. having worked many, many years for one of the largest US homebuilders, i was the biggest NIMBY ever (not in my back yard). which is why i kept moving further and further out of the city...

  5. I admit, I live in an area crawling with turkey buzzards and see them almost every day. It can definitely be a downer, but I try and think of it just as a normal part of the circle of life.

  6. I don't think it's fair to the turkey vultures to compare them to human vultures. These birds clean up when a death has occurred in nature. We have ravens here in the canyon, they do the same thing. Human vultures, people ruled by greed, make me angry. And please don't ever think that your opinion means little. You posted something important here, something we need to be aware of, something we can think about, and perhaps even do something about.

  7. I agree with you, there's far too much greed and opulence (at least in America) Everyone needs to learn more about where their food comes from and appreciation for the work it takes to get it to their table. Thank you Buttons for your thoughtful opinion.

  8. an interesting post a caring soul and a hard working farmer, i think your opinion means a lot!!

  9. Thank you for making me take a second look. Here in the Black Hills during the building boom it made me sick to see acres of beautiful land tore up. Subdivisions everywhere with ugly houses. The garage door taking precident over the front door and porch? Who wants to see their neighbors, lets all hide in back. Don't forget no trespassing signs everywhere. You are right. I am seeing more little farms, gardens, greenhouses, and farmers markets. Thank you for opening my eyes. I agree with what you say the paridigm has shifted:)

  10. A GREAT Analogy! I was just thinking the other day how sad it is that young poeple barely know where their food comes from anymore and the amount of waste has tripled. And what makes things even worse as the 40's and up (me included) watched all those film strips back in the late 60's early 70's about how water and land were going to run out if we didn't make changes... boy did our generation really miss the boat on that one.

  11. It happens here all the time. Instead of housing developments these days (because who is buying a house in this economy?), it's the parking lot malls that are springing up. Who is going to raise our food? Your opinion is important to me. Thank you for expressing it.

  12. your opinion is important!
    it's ad that humans feel they have to keep building and building...until you can barely SEE nature anymore. or the only way to see to pay an fee to go into the park.

    the vultures's their nature...that's just part of life. i don't think it's the same as US destroying the natural habitats.

    thanks for your thoughts...

  13. Here in the Seattle area over the past 40 years, the rich fertile farm land has been paved over with malls and warehouses... and the saddest part to me was they had to cover the valley floor with 10-15 feet of fill before they could build on it so even if they tore the buildings down the ground is not accessesable.

  14. Mr Foresterman has been working on hard on buying a haying outfit - not new, But at least im older then our new-used tractor LOL - so we can continue haying this place when it needs it - our neighbor next door who has been sharecropping the hay with us is getting older and its harder for him to do it, so we are picking up the reins (hes grateful bigtime!) and hopefully one day our kids will be haying when the time is right too...

  15. Well, here I get back up on my soapbox! I hate the way the land is being developed the way it is I'd understand if I thought two-person families actually needed to live in big houses with four or five bathrooms, five bedrooms and four-car garages. Or if I thought we really needed another shopping mall. Truth be told, I think greed is the downfall of our North American civilization. We just cannot seem to earn enough money or collect enough stuff.

    Okie dokie. I'm climbing down off the soapbox now.

  16. A year and a half ago I lived in a new way too big house with a master bathroom the size of small appartment..on a golf course... Carved out of a farm formaly owned by a childhood friend's family.

    It didn't take long to realize that it simply was not the right way to exsist. We wanted to live. Hence, the purchase of a small farm and creation of a big food garden...


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