Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Quilt of Hugs!

I tell thee Love is Nature’s second sun,
Causing a spring of virtues where he shines.
            George Chapman

 Today is a big day. The boxes are piled high Miss Kira formerly known as Miss Marbles plays on the quilt I had made M long ago. It was made to carry with her like my gigantic hug when I could not be there. K has one too. I picture it in my mind; after having a tough day in their life they come home and needing a hug from Mom, this quilt will be waiting there for them to wrap up in. All my love was poured into these quilts and it is definitely like my loving arms squeezing them tight. I slept under M’s quilt last night and had sweet dreams of how happy she is, even though I was stressed at the thought of the early morning move.

Over one year ago things were very different and I had a hard time seeing this far into the future. M was recovering from a severe concussion from a fall (I’M Ok Mom!), there were so many unknowns. She needed to come home for a while to heal.

While she was back on the farm she did not need her quilt of hugs as I was always right by her side every step of the way providing all those hugs. Through all the Doctor’s appointments, therapy sessions, and a job interview in Ottawa because she was that determined to be “Normal” again. (Hot!), she has made it. It is not the job in Ottawa, considering she does not even remember the interview that was no mystery.

 This is a new beginning with a great job, and a great place in a vibrant new city. She is a very different person than the person before the accident, she knows life is precious and is more determined than ever to reach her goals, enjoy her life, and be happy. She has the world by the tail and knows no fear, making big decisions no matter how scary they might be; at least to her Mom.

Today I stare at the boxes piled high waiting to be moved to her new life far away from everything she knows, far from her Mother’s arms.  She has her quilt of hugs, Miss Mollee, and Miss Kira and a very supportive sister not too far away. She has the love and support of a Father and Mother who know she can accomplish anything.

I stare at the quilt on the bed while Miss Kira rests and we prepare for the big move.  Maybe I am going to need a quilt of hugs.

 Please hug your sister lots for me. We are so proud of both of you and love you very much.

Fly M Fly  Hugs.



  1. I do believe YOU need your own quilt of hugs. Wouldn't that be comforting to you coming from the other direction. Maybe we should create a bloggers quilt...figure out the square size, let us know and we can each make a square (to be assembled by you...the real quilt maker). I would love to participate. I've done several quilts with my students this way. We would just pick a theme and whatever developed was put together.

  2. i am so happy for her. continue living your dreams, dear M

  3. She has come so far. You and your hero have done a remarkable job with both the girls, be proud.
    Always know that there is a hug surrounding you from my corner of the world.

    Love BA

  4. She will do well, Mom. I'm not a quilter, but I love the thought of a quilted hug.


  5. Congrats to M on her enhanced love of life! I'm am very happy to hear that she has recovered well.

    And congrats to you too, Buttons, for raising two lovely, passionate girls. You and your Hero have done (and continue to do) a fabulous job loving and supporting your girls.

    I love the thought of a quilt of hugs. I'm sending you some e-hugs right now, Miss Buttons. *hugs*


  6. Sending your virtual hugs, Buttons. I know how hard it was for me to help my babies move out of their nest even though it made me proud to see how well they had learned to fly.

  7. Oh what a gift she has been given = the gift of knowing life is one chance, at such a young age! Blessings and good wishes all sent her way for her new place and new job!

    And blessings and good wishes to her mom for being there for her! So when does mom get to check out the new place?


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