Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Silly Grins and Silly Jokes!

The great use of life is to spend it on something that will outlast it.
               William James

What do you do when you have fields of hay down waiting for the sunshine to do its thing?

Well you go to an auction of course, and worry about that tomorrow. Spending time with the ones you love to spend time with is an important part of what life is all about.

I sit in the truck listening to My Hero and brother D discussing the plan for the day. Apparently there are two (excellent?) auction sales only 46 minutes apart. I smile this is going to be fun. I have packed three picnic lunches, lots of water, my hat and of course my pen, paper, and camera.

The first auction consisted of a lot of boy toys; tools, trucks, and a four wheeler. I did none the less find some interesting articles to keep me engaged. We chat with the auctioneer and then head over to the next auction telling him we will be back. We have to drive across an awesome bridge over the bay it is so beautiful.

 I listen to the boys still planning as we drive those 46 minutes. Brother D manned with his electronic map is navigating My Hero down the back roads. I always love driving down those country back roads; you never know what you will see. Now if we (they) were not in such a hurry I would have actually loved to take some photos of the old barns, the old trucks in fence lines, and the very nice scenery.

We found the second auction. I must say I should really pay more attention to those auction sale ads in the newspaper. Neither one of these auctions was a farm auction so there were no old barns or a history that I could get into. I have always found a story and enjoyed those types of auctions. This one is a mechanics tool auction.

I watch as My Hero and brother D walk around with silly grins on their faces just like all the other men I see. I do hope we go back to the other auction soon. I find a nice shady spot under a black walnut tree to wait and watch.
Brother D comes up to me and we both agree we would rather go back to the other auction. We convince My Hero with his silly grin that there are more interesting things at the first auction. We head back down those back roads past those interesting but no photo scenes and over the bridge for 46 minutes back to the first auction.

I love the auctioneer at this first auction he has always shown great respect to the families and what they are dealing with. He uses silly jokes and always makes a speech before the auction honouring the person who used to own these things. He truly respected the deceased man who lived here his admiration shows. He tells us he believes the man is still here and having a good time. The crowd is laughing at one of his silly jokes easing the grief of this family. I love his ability to make a very tough situation bearable with those silly jokes and his keen sense of humour.

 Someday when we have that inevitable farm auction I would like him to be the one selling. I think that would be nice and would make people laugh. I like that.

Happy Birthday my Dear K. We love you.



  1. It's so hard ...isn't it? Luckily my son took on the dairy farm and so we were spared it. Hubby worries now about all that will happen after his death and if he goes first how will I manage! On the other hand I too love looking around old barns at farm sales to see what's there!! Joan

  2. Auctions are sad around here, usually do to death or lack of funds.

    Things usually go way to high but I think it is one way the crowd helps the family.

  3. i've never been to an auction...but seeing them on tv...i think i'd be a little nervous...what if i had to sneeze, or cough...and next thing i know, i've mistakenly bought a tractor i didn't need and don't have the money for!
    but it would be cool to see all the OLD stuff...and it sounds like the auctioneer knows how to make it a good time even if you don't buy anything.

    anyway...sounds like a fun day...and if you keep your eyes open maybe you'll find others that have what you're looking for!

  4. I've only been to a couple of auctions with the hubby. We bought a corn bin and a mower/shredder for the tractor. I find them rather exciting. :)

  5. I used to go to a lot of auctions when I was younger. I miss them. Love that last photo!

  6. That's really nice, that the auctioneer shows such respect...I'd want him too!

  7. You certainly love your auctions.
    I remember on the farms when people sold how many people came to the end of an era.
    Take care my friend..M xoxoxo

  8. that auctioneer sounds like a godsend to those families dealing with loss and sale.

  9. i receive email updates from several area auction houses that let me know what's coming up. although i haven't been to very many since being out of work, i can't bring myself to unsubscribe. will just have to keep living vicariously through you!

  10. I've never been to an auction... I think I would be so nervous, might not remember to stop. Winning would be in my mind and then I would realize I paid $1,000.00 for that used brush ;-)

  11. I agree with you and TexWisGirl. An auctioneer who can ease the sadness and loss and show respect and bring a sense of admiration for the owners of the items to be taken to new homes is priceless.

    There's something about hats and glasses that seem to carry the essence of the owner.

  12. I just forgot to mention that hat with the brown band is carved wood I thought it was amazing.Someone had bought it and sat it there and I just thought it looked so great in the sun and shade. B

  13. Love auctions! As a family we went to livestock auctions a lot...


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