Friday, June 29, 2012


No bubble is so iridescent or floats longer
than that blown by the successful teacher.
      Sir William Osler.

I was reading the paper today and was very sad to read in the obituary column that an old school teacher of mine had passed. She had a long life and it was her time, my condolences go out to her family. She was my typing teacher and I respected her. It was not an easy task to teach a girl that could not sit down anything and she was very patient. I must admit I am a two figured typer to this day, I guess I never did acquire that skill and I probably did deserve that D-.  Mrs. K did try very hard. She always spent extra time with me trying to make my short fingers reach those top numbers and letters. Try as I might I could never do it. Typing D-.

This had me thinking of my other teachers, and how they taught this girl who wanted to learn everything but try as I might I must admit I would become bored and just wanted to do my own thing. I did have a stubborn nature I guess and thought my way was the right way and continued to think those teachers did not really understand me.

 In Math, I would always get the right answer but for the life of me, the steps they used and the ones I used were always different. I figured the right answer was the important part but they always wanted to see those darn steps their way. Math D+.

The one thing I did excel at was English, I always loved words and expressing myself, the grammar and punctuation, you may have noticed, not so much, I just wanted to get my thoughts out. I could always hear my thoughts loud and clear. Spelling had always come naturally to me, and I loved to read everything. This is something both Mom and Dad had taught us was as important as food. My poor stressed out (I am sure wondered about her daughter’s future) Mother was truly impressed with this one. English A-.

History still holds my attention to this day; I can never get enough of those kinds of books, I collect many. I can immerse myself in a history book to this day and forget where I am. History  B+.

Home Economics,  apparently I did not have the cooking, sewing, or domestic skills my teacher thought were needed to get a husband, in a male dominated world. I think blowing up the pressure cooker did not help my case. I think to this day I do just fine but I really only enjoyed the part of this class where we got to eat what was cooked. Home Economics D-.

I was lucky enough to be in a Chemistry class consisting of two girls; the rest were all boys, plus one amazing teacher. I also had a very smart boyfriend (yes; My Hero) who helped me understand the hard stuff. Combining all those factors; boys who needed to be outshone, a smart and funny teacher, and one cute, smart boyfriend.  How is that for motivation? Chemistry B+.

I could go on and on but I won’t bore you anymore with my excellent school grades. Suffice to say I think I was way ahead of my time in creative thinking and I thank all those teachers who tried their best.

OK I must admit I would have loved to have taken Tech classes like wood working, mechanics, and electrical but we were not allowed, I am sure I would have excelled at those. They sure would have come in handy here on the farm. I do love to take things apart. I certainly enjoy getting my hands dirty and playing with power tools. My Hero is an amazing teacher. Now that is motivation for sure. Farming A+.

There is something seriously wrong with a girl who puts her school grades on a blog for the whole world to see, creative thinking maybe, or just madness? Everything works out in time. 

Thanks, Mrs. K for all your time. I am doing alright even with only two fingers.



  1. There's absolutely nothing wrong with putting your grades out there for the whole world to see. You were ahead of your time!
    Besides, you have had a happy and productive life and that's never anything to be ashamed of.

    I remember the days when girls weren't allowed to take classes like shop, etc... and was the first girl in my school district to have a double major of English and vocational agriculture. (You're living my dream btw!) I was also the first girl from our district in the state to join Future Farmers of America...the year after I joined there were a half dozen young women and it just kept growing from there!It still amazes me, the number of people who thought there was something wrong with me for not wanting to join Future Homemakers of America instead but housework was so boooooring! *hugs*

  2. ...and you're still learning.

    Wonderful post.

  3. What a tribute. I'm not a Chemistry or Home Ec whiz. Neither. I could pull off A's in English or Reading or History. But anything with my hands or math? No way. Thanks for inspiration today Buttons. Happy Friday.

  4. I've blocked those 4 years of high school. :)
    We moved all the time because of the air force, so I was always treading water to survive. I didn't enjoy learning anything until I went to college in my late twenties. Now I love history, reading and writing- I still give math and science a pass though!

  5. I loved this one!
    You obviously learned what was important in life Buttons!
    Maybe if I would've had a good chemistry teacher and a cute boyfriend, I would've done better in that class! :)

  6. I find this entry wonderful! Brings back so many memories. Some lessons just can't be learned sitting behind a desk!

  7. i loved this! so YOU!!! :) God bless all the teachers for their patience.

  8. A wonderful post! I agree with Jill, some lesson can't be learned behind the desk!

  9. What a wonderful post, Buttons! Reading about your pressure cooker mishap made me laugh out loud, and now my coworkers are probably curious what I'm going on about :) I also got a bad grade in Home Economics - to this day I greatly dislike cooking, but my sewing machine is my best friend. I was lucky enough to take a class called "Industrial Arts" - we built bridges (after learning some simple structural engineering rules), made a wooden key shelf with a mirror in it, and launched CO2 rockets. I also took woodworking in high school, and I am just itching to get my own band saw and radial sander. Think of all the stuff I can make!

    Thanks for this wonderful post. Have a great long weekend, and Happy Canada Day.


    PS - a while ago, on your Dreams post, I mentioned that my husband and I were hoping to get a farm. Well, we did it! I'll be launching a blog once we get all moved in and I have a moment to think straight. You've been such an inspiration to me, Buttons, and I am excited to tell you about our adventures in hobby farming.

  10. OH MANDI CONGRATULATIONS I look forward to reading your blog. I can sure help you with the "What not to do's :) I am so happy for you.
    Have a great Canada Day my friend I will be baling hay. I just got in I finished one field. Take care. HUGS B

  11. Is it Canada Day again?! Time flies and I have made so many friends in Canada thanks to my blog, it's amazing. I don't remember my high school grades, but I know I was good in languages, history and geography. Forget about math and chemistry. Physics was interesting, but I have no idea how well I did. I know I failed in sewing/knitting, which we had when we were younger. I think it's fine to post your grades and let your blogger friends know where your interests lay.

  12. What a fun post and lovely tribute to a favorite teacher. I was always pretty good in English, and never could do math, and the only science I found to be fun (at least back in high school and college) was chemistry. Oh, what a marvel the brain is! Thank you for stopping by my blog today and writing a nice comment--I appreciate it!

  13. Buttons, we used to play a game called Whose got the button. lol
    Your grades aren't the important part, the learning and the attitude are. When we have a passion to learn, we will. I was allowed to take woodshop, but only one semester. That's all girls were allowed. There was so much gender bias then. It is somewhat better now, but we have not arrived yet.


  14. you made me chuckle! i registered for fall classes today and had to print my grades out for them from spring. your old grades are not much different than my current ones! :oD

  15. I was never very good at math and struggled with Algebra and Geometry. I passed, but barely! Always loved English and History and did well in those subjects.

    I don't mean to boast, but I am a whiz at typing -- must have been all those years working at a typewriter/computer that paid off. :)


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