Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Train to Vancouver! (Consumed) 14

In the midst of movement and chaos,
keep stillness inside of you.
               Deepak Chopra

I can smell the trees and I smile. There is something about being surrounded by this world of trees in the middle of The Rain Forest that puts me in such a peaceful state. It consumes my soul and my mind forgets everything.  There is no place I have ever found that can do this except my bush back home on the farm. Surrounded by so much beauty makes my heart swell and erases my mind of everything that had come before. I think Emily Carr was wise when she referred to it as her Church; that is exactly how I feel. These abundant massive trees reaching to the heavens and the peace we have all searched to find at one time or another.

I climbed the steps to the Treetop Houses and enjoyed the displays but I could not tear my eyes and my heart away from the beauty that surrounds me to concentrate on them. I think to myself how I could live here in one of these little houses perched in the trees listening to the sounds of the wind blowing through the needles. The cracking sounds as the wind bends the tall trees ever so slightly. I try to shut out the noise of the very excited children running past and try to concentrate on the sounds of the forest. I close my eyes. I hear the hammering of a Woodpecker it echoes through the trees. Yes, this is what I have travelled so far to hear and see.

M and I take our time consuming every piece of this forest; we may not be back here again for a long time. I can only imagine living this close to so much Nature and Beauty, I am sure I would be here every day without fail. I thank the very smart people who fought to protect this piece of Paradise and recognized its importance so very long ago. I have my eyes closed and a woman asks me if I am from around here. I reply No but certainly wish I was.
We make our way to The Cliff Walk; I can feel my fear bubbling back to the surface. Oh boy; that looks more terrifying than the swaying bridge. I make my way up the steps while trying not to look down, squeezing myself as close to the rock face as possible. I look down to the trees, they are my strength, their beauty will protect me from my irrational thoughts, it is so beautiful and I choose to focus on that.

The Cliff walk to me looks like a path of metal railing jutting out from the rock cliff wall hovering over the beautiful canyon of trees, rocks and a raging river. There are places where you can stand on a one inch piece of glass, definitely hoping you are over those nasty fears before you get to that point. All of this is held up by what appears to me to be cables that better be stronger than they look bolted to the cliff wall. Nothing to be afraid of; Right?

I walk on to the platform; I must admit I held on to the side rails and under my breath sadly cursed the brave souls pushing quickly around me. I would have enjoyed this more without the crowds of people. I walked out on the platform of one inch glass, the only thing that was between me and that canyon below. I did it, I raced off that platform as fast as my quivering legs would let me but I did it. Now back to those gorgeous trees and solid ground.

We make our way back to the Capilano Suspension Bridge for our final crossing of fear. Honestly I walked across that bridge with no fear even with the young lady bellowing on the loud speaker “Please no running or jumping on the bridge. Thank You” and the bridge really swaying with an adventure seeking bunch of teenagers testing their fears. I am so happy I went and conquered those silly fears that have held me back for so long.

We sit here waiting to board the free bus back to Downtown Vancouver. I cannot wait to see Emily Carr’s work. I imagine myself in a little trailer all alone except for a strange assortment of pets, surrounded by these massive trees of beauty and painting exactly what I feel, just like Emily. Now; if I could only paint and could find a monkey.



  1. This sounds so beautiful. I could see it through your words.

  2. I want to go on that cliff walk! What fun (and so beautiful).

  3. I'm glad you conquered your fears, and did this! I'm sure you'll never regret it!

  4. You do your painting with words and camera. Thanks for taking me along, even to places which made you afraid. I love these magnificent forests.

  5. your last line made me laugh! :)

    i love your love of the forest.

  6. Beautiful writing -- I could feel the spirit of the forest. I would not have been able to do the bridge though. Good for you, you did it.

  7. Dimple and TexWisGirl already said it.

  8. p.s. Thanks for the intro do Emily Carr. I just came back from a virtual tour of her work.

  9. I too had a smile at your last line!
    B, this is such an awesome post. Your description was to transport us there alongside you. Your photos are magnificent. I would imagine you would have been spoilt for choice as to what you should photograph - you chose well :D)

  10. Thank you for this post. It was almost like being there myself.

  11. i would love to visit this place! so glad it was part of your itinerary, and you shared it with us!


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