Monday, June 25, 2012


All day long the door of the sub-conscious remains just ajar;
we slip through to the other side,
and return again,
as easily and secretly as a cat.
       Walter John de la Mare

OK; this is not another haying story so you can keep reading. I sit here Sunday morning watching My Hero drive around the field picking round hay bales up and loading them on the wagon. I am tired and thinking back to my Saturday. The first thing I must tell you is it rained in the morning and covered the nice rows of dry hay (oops sorry) with its sudden downpour. No haying what a shame. I pack up a couple of sandwiches and we head off to an auction not far from home. I am truly enjoying this semi-retired thing (you know I am kidding don’t you?), thank you rain.

My Hero and I get to spend the whole day together doing something we love to do, meet some people we know, and people we would come to know. Auctions can be a big social event and this one being close would be fun. While everyone would be supporting a family they would undoubtedly run into each other and have a catch up visit.

I must admit we have a huge barn and I have over the years become a collector of things or as I like to call them treasures stored in that barn. I went to this auction and as soon as I seen it I had a little bit of a wake-up call. This was the biggest auction of treasures I have ever seen. I do have to tell you when we pulled up and I saw all the things my heart started racing, and I hopped out of that truck with a big smile and began my search for some of those treasures. There were so many interesting things.

These days I try to just photograph things I love, after so many of these auctions I have found I can get the same feeling of bliss from downloading these treasures onto my hard drive and looking at them over and over. They certainly take up a lot less room and I think my girls will appreciate that more at some time or another. It is a lot easier to store a memory card. Don’t get me wrong there are still some things I just “Have to have.”

I at one time actually thought it was about finding that treasure and our subsequent retirement fund, like those lucky people on Antique Road Show who bought a $10 painting and it turned out to be worth a million, or the painting that someone had taped $100. bills on the back of, as I had seen on other auction shows. I finally realized this was very rare and all people think that; don’t we?

With all the new shows on TV feeding our addictive personalities, shows like Storage Wars, Treasure Hunters etc. etc. it should be common sense that there are no more treasures out there as everyone is looking for the same treasures and they are mostly all gone. There seems to be more of these kinds of shows than ever before, possibly fuelling addictions in more and more people.

Maybe I just love the rush I get from having the winning bid, making me feel like the winner of a race even though I paid way more than this treasure was worth. In my mind still the winner. Maybe it is a simple as I like shiny pretty things.

More times than not we buy these things and store them in buildings, or our homes and unfortunately the more buildings, the more stuff. Sadly someday we will be gone and our families will eventually have to deal with all our treasures. It is like a big circle keeping auctioneers in business. Our TV’s broadcast shows like Hoarders a show I have watched in horror a few times and wonder how anyone could do that. I think these programs have created a big conflict in most of us who are collectors of treasures. I sometimes wonder if I am a hoarder or just a girl that loves to spend times at auctions with Her Hero laughing, socializing and enjoying our leisure time that sometimes gets caught up in that moment of treasure hunting and that big score.

After a very long day away from the farm, meeting people I knew and catching-up, meeting people I did not know but had great conversations, we jump back in that pick-up and head home. I have a memory card full of treasures, and My Hero has a box of antique keys. I cannot wait to get home and sort through his treasures. I am still trying, and still have a big smile on my face.



  1. I like to have old treasures to hang on to, too...but I usually stick to things that also have a family history. I love being able to see things and know the story behind them, like "my Grandpa used that to...", etc.

  2. You certainly must have a wonderful collection. It's makes me wonder how many backsides have sat on those chair, who wore the hat and so good if they could talk...take care my dear friend..M xoxoxox

  3. the box of keys sounds neat! i'm glad you don't feel the need to buy all the stuff you admire. i worked with a woman who was obsessed with collections. they rented space to fit them into. it was disturbing as she had debts she couldn't pay.

  4. It sounds like you guys had a perfect day! I am glad you both got a little time off and did something you both love! Can't wait to see the keys!
    xo Cindy

  5. Buttons

    Glad you got some rain and could enjoy a day treasure hunting.

    I do not like clutter, but always have room for treasures that call to me. A weakness for dishes runs in my family. I don’t get the chance to go hunting very often, but enjoy it when I do.

  6. Hello dear friend, so glad you are able to take time for things you enjoy.
    Loving that fancy hat :)

  7. I love reading your stories about auctions as it reminds of times when my Dad and I would go, we never bought much but you are right just the atmosphere and connecting with old friends.


  8. sounds like a delightful day...goos for you! life is full of treasures when we look and notice.

  9. i have lots of 'collections' too...i just can't help it...i like so much 'stuff' treasures...stuffed in this little house. the museum, of me.

    at least you have a nice big barn to spread your treasures out! :) about those 'picker' shows...i'm jealous when i watch them...looks like FUN...rummaging through all that STUFF!!

  10. It sounds as if you had a perfect day :)

  11. I'm with you, Buttons. Fun fun stuff to browse but can be a nightmare for family later on.

  12. I love your idea of storing on a card... I keep thinking about us downsizing when we "get out of Dodge" to the country and how I don't want to move all this Stuff (Crap) But your photo of the green glass made me remember the pieces my grandma had and it warmed my heart and I absolutely ADORE the photo of the chairs... just waiting for the people to arrive and take their seat. :)

  13. It's so good you have a hobby that brings you pleasure though somewhat poor. You might strike the jackpot some time and purchase that treasure that makes you rich!

  14. I am a hoarder, but I am trying at the moment to declutter. Not very successfully I have to say.

  15. What a wonderful way to spend a day.

  16. Are those ceramic pots???? oh man, they make the meanest beans ever ;-) So good!

  17. I admit that I love the rush of having the winning bid! Such fun!

  18. Hi buttons!
    You won't believe it but I've never been to an auction before! Thank you for showing me some of the treasures... I love those antique chairs.. sigh!
    And we love storage wars too! YUUPPPPPP!!! :)

  19. My mother-in-law has recently moved into an assisted-living retirement home...and left tons of stuff in her former home for her kids to sift through. I REALLY don't want to do that to my kids, although my very tidy daughter has assured me that she would LOVE to go through all my stuff one day. (She was eying my camera and artsy-crafty closet when she said that.)


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