Friday, June 1, 2012

What Mess?

It is reasonable to have perfection in our eye
that we may always advance toward it,
though we know it can never be reached.
           Samuel Johnson

 I sit here and look out my window; I feel so at peace here. I truly believe that if I sit here long enough the creative part of my brain will stop or at least slow down my racing logical brain. Doesn’t everyone need a spot like that?
  I was thinking about the laundry waiting, the dishes piled up in the sink, the dust on the furniture, the company coming this afternoon and all the work yet to be done. I was thinking about next week and the week after and wondering how I was going to get everything done that is required of me. Still I sit and stare.

I realized this morning just how oblivious to my surroundings I had become while sitting here in front of my big window when, I heard a knock at my door.

I looked down to check out what I was wearing, yes just as I suspected, my flannel bottoms. I glance at the clock and was totally shocked by the time; it appears I have been absorbed by my window for many hours. I had gotten up early to get things ready for our expected company. I had every intention of getting things done. I look at the counter, yes the dishes are still there, the floor has something I am not even sure what on it, and I can see a layer of dust on the buffet. I look at the table where I am sitting and realize just how covered it had become with the newspapers and books. There is only one thing to do; I grab a sweatshirt pull it on and open the door slowly. I am thinking maybe it is a salesman and I can say NO Thank you and then I will be back in my obliviousness before I know it.

“Hello”! It was someone I had been waiting to drop by for quite a while. It was her first visit here in my house. Yikes; my messy, cluttered I totally forgot where I was and did not clean, house. I respect this woman and really would have liked to make a better first impression but I was excited nonetheless.

Come on in, don’t mind the mess. That is what I am saying but, what I am thinking was, I wonder if she notices the dust, the clutter, oh no please not the yogurt container on the coffee table (how did that get there?).
Leave your shoes on I am going to vacuum later; I am thinking well unless I get in front of my window and forget all about time again. Please have a seat (in front of my time stealing window). “So this is where you sit and write.” How did she know that? I must have mentioned it in one of my blogs. OK maybe she understands me. I look over at the fingerprints on the window and the dishes on the counter. “What a great view I can see why you love to sit here” I think she gets me; the window has worked its magic on her too. I am not noticing the mess so much now, and hopefully she is not either. I am so happy I answered the door.
 We had a very nice visit and I was pleased to have her in my less than perfect home. I did not notice the mess after we started talking and I honestly don’t think she did either. We said our goodbyes and I ran to clean my house, I knew I was expecting more company later and now I thought since the window had let me go it was a good time to get it done.
I guess you have figured out I am again in front of the window, at least this time I have a much cleaner house and have pitched the flannel bottoms for now. Maybe she can come back and see it the way it is (sometimes?). I must admit I truly do not always notice.

I am once again on a road trip. I will return with, hopefully, entertaining stories about what I have been up too. See you soon. I am not sure when.


  1. We all need to remember it is time with people that is important...not the clutter.

    I hope you are having a wonderful time!

  2. 'Dull women have immaculate homes' or something like that. I saw these words written somewhere and gave a copy to Tricia. She was most appreciative.

  3. Granny always said, People come to visit you, not your house.

    Enjoy your road trip.

  4. happy travels. housework can always wait. :)

  5. GREAT post! So like me these days, trying to find some peacefulness as I look out at the bird feeders and the frenzy there, at my garden, at the mountains I can see just over the fence...and my house is a mess! :-)

  6. As your quote says, perfection is a goal that can never be reached. Selfishly, I'm glad you decided to blog instead of clean.

  7. I wish I could relax when people come over, and not worry about the "mess"! (the kitchen table is almost always cluttered when someone steps into the kitchen to buy some eggs!!)

  8. I don't want my tombstone to read "she kept a clean house..." You go have fun!

  9. I'm with Nancy!!!! Go enjoy life!

  10. Yep, go have some fun love your view.

  11. Having quiet reflective moments are important but several hours? Glad the visit was good and the clutter was avoided.

  12. Seems no one visits when my house is clean and orderly!!!
    Have a fun adventure.

  13. Have a good trip... nice to know I'm not the only one that type of thing happens to.. I have a sign in my kitchen (given to me by my son) which says 'It's okay to notice the dust, it's part of my country look.'

  14. Ha! You'd feel right at home in my kitchen. :))

  15. Nice post :) People don't come to see how clean or tidy a house is, they come to see 'you', I wouldn't even see a tidy mess as I don't any notice.

    Hope you are having a good roam about where ever you are my friend.
    Love M xoxoxox

  16. you're too funny! i think each of us have lived through this! it's easy to see how that beautiful view can cut into the "necessity" of housework.

  17. Definitely things more important than cleaning! Glad you had a nice visit.

  18. Your home would have been so welcoming B... I love your window - perfect for gazing!
    Enjoy your trip :D)

  19. You write so well Buttons! I was transported to your window and could feel myself just relaxing. I know what you mean about having that one spot that helps you unwind.
    All the best for your journey. Can't wait to hear all about it
    Many hugs

  20. tsk tsk... silly! You leave the vacuum out at ALL times!!! (except in my case its a wet/dry vac lol) Then when people drop by, you say "oh, i was just about to clean up - you know how busy it gets ;p"

    Actually, our vac is a fixture now and we probably recognize it more as a piece of furniture then a cleaning device LOL


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