Monday, July 23, 2012

An Unexpected Show of Nature!

Life is a wave, which no two consecutive moments of existence
   is composed of the same particles.
                       John Tyndall

While back walking the fence line making sure the cattle cannot break out and on to the busy highway I passed a tree stump, it is surrounded by brilliant green swamp grass and never ceases to catch my eye; the colour of this gnarled rugged aged wood with the contrasting green is beautiful. A simple thing but it is like Nature’s Art Gallery to me. I could see the pond ahead and I trudged down the dusty cow path. I could never have imagined what Mother Nature had in store for me that day. I love that about her she is full of surprises.

The pond was almost full and the bright rays of the sun bounce off the still water. The reflections of the surrounding trees and long grass made me smile. This is a place I have enjoyed many times before and have never been disappointed in what I have seen. I walked closer to the edge of the limestone rock and peer into the water.

There is a huge mass of weeds sitting off to the side of the pond. It is a floating green mass of tangled bits. The hot sun had completely bleached the top of this mass to a beautiful off white. I immediately think of a huge bowl of bean sprouts. On closer inspection I see some Dragon Flies sitting comfortably on top of this mass. They were not afraid, and seemed to be as curious about me as I was of them. I also notice a beautiful Butterfly nestled in this mass of white and that is when I knew I had found something very special.

I notice that the water is moving and I immediately think it is a big black water snake, something I am not too anxious to see but I will not run, I will not run. It moves back and forth and then suddenly disappears. I walk to the other side of the pond. I peer into the water and see minnows, a huge school of minnows swimming all together. I watch the show for quite a while; there is something about watching this simple beautiful thing that has always fascinated me. I see Tad poles or as I like to call them Poly Wogs jump out of the water to try and grab a circling Dragon Fly that was skimming the top of the water. I was concentrating so hard on the beautiful show the Poly Wogs were sharing I had not looked up.

When I did look up the sky was full of Dragon Flies there were two different kinds and they were dancing in pairs to music only they could hear, around and around. I felt this overwhelming sense of peace as if the universe was telling me to sit and just be. It was telling me to forget what was going on in my life and just take some time to enjoy the show. I sat down on that dirty hunk of limestone not even giving it a second thought. I had my camera in my hand and was sure I could get some great photos.

I sat there for quite a while and was lulled into a state of total relaxation, I did not move I sat as still as I could. I could hear only my breathing and the buzzing of the wings that surrounded my head. The Dragon Flies must have forgotten I was there or did not care. One brushed my cheek with its wing and I could almost hear it say “Welcome.” This was incredible. I could not believe this was happening it was like a dream. I was afraid I would wake up and it would be gone. I closed my eyes and listened hoping to hear the music they were dancing to. The air was full of buzzing; it was so loud that it drowned out the nagging voice in my head that kept saying “There is much to do, don’t you think you should get moving?”

I sat back there for I do not know how long; I did not have my watch on and I did not care. I enjoyed this show, a show that I could never have bought a ticket for, a show meant only for me.

I truly wish you could have seen it, I wish I had gotten photos but it was obvious to me this moment was not meant for sharing, and I could not move.

 Thank you Mother Nature I really needed that.




  1. What an incredible gift of nature you experienced B.
    No matter that you didn't capture it to share. Your words told us.
    Those times are rare and precious when we instinctively know that to move will break that wonderful happening that we are being allowed to witness.

  2. Bautiful to watch, and it's lovely to be able to see the dragon flies at their best. Maybe they put a show on for you especially, I wouldn't at all be surprised :) love M xoxoxox

  3. The perfect moment just for you. How amazing it sounds and haw beautifully written.

  4. ~Peace~ It does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble, or hard work. It means to be in the midst of all those things and still be calm in your heart. ~unknown ~
    I am happy you found "peace"

  5. Oh Buttons! This is just the peace and magic you so needed and deserved. Wonderful!

  6. I enjoy going on these walks with you.
    thanks for sharing!

  7. How lovely...a gift from the universe. She always knows when we need it most.

  8. Moments like those are treasures. Have you ever stood in the water near shore and had a school of minnows come and nibble on your legs? It tickles!

  9. I enjoyed sitting there with you caught in the moment.

  10. thanks for sharing the peacefulness. :)

  11. Oh what gorgeous photos. Thanks for sharing!!

  12. Oh Buttons, thanks so much for sharing this with us.

    When one loves the Earth as you do she will occasionally remind you that she loves you back...

  13. Buttons, I am glad you found the moment of peace that you have been searching for recently. You definitely deserve a minute - or an hour, or a day :) - to find stillness and revitalization back in your beautiful bush.


  14. Sounds so special an awe moment of wonder just for you. I really could picture what you described although not the same as actually experiencing it. Nature really is amazing.

  15. What a special and lovely moment! :)

  16. Another beautiful moment captured in words and photographs.

  17. wow, Button when I first looked at the photo the little guy looked so big, I thought it was a toy. But such a beautiful moment of awe and wonder is a moment of miracle.

  18. You took me back to hot summer evenings on the mighty Missouri River. The sound and sight of glinting dragonflies and the plop of fat fish jumping out of the water. Thank you for evoking those memories. They are good, very good.

  19. i'm pretty sure I DID see it...i sure felt it...through your words!

    beautiful...nature IS.


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