Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Beauty While Sleeping!

Raven from the dim dominions
   On the Night’s Plutonium shore,
Oft I hear thy dusty pinions
   Wave and flutter round my door—
See the shadow of thy pinions
   Float along the moonlit floor.
               Sarah Helen Power Whitman

I love blogging and I love writing stories to share with all of you and I truly appreciate the freedom you have given me to explore this writing thing. I just wanted to say Thank you and to all of you that have been hanging around for a while you know my mind tends to wander from subject to subject. Here I go again.

I have three stories, yes this is true, my mind rarely shuts off and I find myself spilling on to paper at strange hours and places and true some of them I will probably never put on here but maybe in a book called Buttons Secret Scrambled Thoughts, someday. My point being I truly enjoy where my mind takes me but sometimes I get so far ahead in stories I know not what to put on here. I am truly blessed or cursed, (sometimes I wonder), with a very busy life and have never been short on blog material and this may be either good or bad for you my readers.

Last night I could not sleep, there happens to be so much going on in my life right now, most I share with you all but some I keep to myself and I will continue to do that for now and this makes for sleepless nights. I have not had very many sleepless nights since I started blogging, I think I had finally figured out the secret that I needed to relax. My mind has always continued to race in so many marathons during the day, I needed to shut it down so it would not keep me up all night running. Here is my secret free endorsement for happy sleep. No medication needed, take paper and pen and just completely empty your mind every day. This has continued to work for me, well apparently till now.

OK where was I? Can you tell I only had a couple of hours sleep last night?

I was tossing and turning and tossing and turning and decided I would go sit in my chair in front of my big window, you all know how much I love this view in the day but then I realized I have never shown you how beautiful it looks at night. What do you think?

 I think I have been missing a lot of beauty while sleeping.

I sat there for two hours just staring at the moon, the stars, the awesome shadow cast by the barn and the red flashing lights from the planes flying overhead, it was incredible. Now this morning with drooping eyelids and a fog in my brain writing this I am just itching to get out in the bush and explore. I will not be bringing a granola bar or fruit because of that whole feeding the bears thing so I better grab my breakfast and get going. I am sure you will be seeing a few of those stories that are sitting and waiting later this week. See you tomorrow. Thanks for listening.  I do not have a fancy camera but I think you get the point. B



  1. What an extraordinary view, thank you for sharing it with us.

    Be safe out in the bush today!

  2. This is a spectacular shot! Very peaceful. I hope being in the bush revives you after your sleepless night.

  3. hmmm, how did i get here...thanks to theresa/Tex, i think...i found you...glad i stumbled in...and look forward to reading your stories, your quotes...and seeing your pic's.
    and speaking of that, i LOVE today's moonlit picture & poem...OH WOW!!

    life happens...and for me...just when things seem to be going smoothly...something else jolts me out of the calmness. i have those restless nights when my mind just doesn't want to clear. i THINK too much. sometimes i write about it...sometimes i keep it all to myself because i don't want to complain...or reveal...too much drama.
    anyway...i'm rambling...

    that's a calming and magical view to see out your window when sleep won't come...

    hang in there...and be safe out there in the bush... :)

  4. I do indeed. It's beautiful.

  5. I was with you in spirit last night - tossing and turning myself. I hope both of us rest easier tonight.

  6. I tend to be a deep thinker also, Buttons. The writing idea is a great one. I personally don't do it as I think and ruminate on things so much I get tired of myself.

    Hang in there and enjoy the small things that make you smile.

  7. I do get the point and I am going to try that put pencil to paper this evening before I go to bed. Thank you!

  8. it is gorgeous! and i hope your walk in the bush will quiet your mind and worries. :) be safe.

  9. At least you were able to make the most of those sleepless hours. We miss a lot of night's beauty as we spend so much of it with our eyes closed.

  10. Beautiful shot and very calming. Hope you had a wonderful walk!

  11. I also find writing extremely therapeutic! Keep up the great writing and sharing!

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  13. I just want to tell you that I love to read anything that you write - just saying!!!
    I quite often have trouble sleeping and I usually get up in the wee hours of the morning and sit. There is something so peaceful about being up in the still quietness of the night.
    Your picture is lovely.
    Hope your trek gives you peace of mind. Take care!!!

  14. So many people oohhh and ahhh over the sun (me included) but a moon rise or set is just as amazing but few are awake to witness it. Perhaps your body is just requesting a "swing shift" for a change of pace.

  15. I love the view from your window at night! I hope you have an easier night tonight and can get some sleep. :)

  16. I love the photo. I do my yoga outside on our boardwalk sidewalk. I love holding the poses and looking at the night sky or watching the lightling bugs.

  17. You captured the moment beautifully.

  18. big beautiful moon this week. totally worthy of staring at for two hours.


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