Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A Date, Tractor Pulls and Music!

Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.
                          Berthold Auerbach

Last year at this time I was complaining about being exhausted and disappointed that haying was taking too long, and I was not going to be able to attend the county fair (No Fair). Well this year I am writing this on a Saturday morning and I am again exhausted. You are probably wondering why I am exhausted and you know I am going to tell you. Well it seems haying on a tractor in the heat for hours appears is not that different than, a wild, extremely warm night at the county fair as far as exhaustion goes. (Who knew?).

Friday night turned out to be date night, the county fair was having a tractor pull, not my first choice but I will take any date night I can. We arrived early and got the best seat as to not miss the noise and dust coming from these old and newer tractors. There were red, blue, green and even white tractors of all different ages. You could tell this was serious business and I would never have suggested anything different to My Hero. My Hero was happy so in turn I was happy. I must admit I thoroughly enjoyed the first hour or so but as the evening sky turned into a dusty hue, I was finding myself getting a little bored. Well after all this was date night and we were to spend it together that is the idea, right?

Luckily;  Brother D shows up while delivering a pie, that is another story, this was my chance. I excused myself from my seat while they were talking weights, horsepower, and what kind of fuel was being used to boost power. I am not sure if they even noticed I left but they were happy boys, and now I get to explore the rest of the fair.

I watched as all the teenagers were lining up to ride the rides, I remember when I used to love this part of the fair at their age but with this heat I was OK with just listening to their screaming, and laughing. I watched as these rides swirled round and round, up and down with quick jerking movements, I watched as they all seemed to be having fun. The rides are not so different than the ones I rode many years ago and I found myself lulled into the happy memories provided by the loud pounding beat of the music and the spinning rides with the flashing lights.

I walk away smiling and am immediately gripped by a voice radiating from the loud speaker, it appears to be coming from the ice rink now being used as the Grandstand. I rush over to see who could be singing with such an enchanting voice and accompanied by a “rockin” band.

 I must admit I became a little distracted by the silhouettes the lights provided at the rear of the stage I spent awhile here playing with my camera. I finally pulled myself away and walked to the front of the stage. This young band had me swaying with the music, they were very good, the young girl singing was very talented.  Old and new Rock and country with a little blues thrown in, I was in music heaven. Music has always had this soothing, magical, time forgetting effect on me, I must have stood and bopped there for hours and almost forgot about date night and the tractors. The band took a break and I headed back to my date.

By this time it was dark and yes they were still going strong. "Hello Boys" Brother D and My Hero were right where I had left them but now they were surrounded by a huge crowd of people all watching the tractors pull the trailer of weights. All the men were very excited discussing the tractors and other farm related things, you know like the weather, the crops and old farm stories.

 We stayed till nearly midnight and then headed home to the farm to rest for that big day tomorrow. Early in the morning there will be the village parade and then the horse pull. I can’t wait.

Yes having fun can be very exhausting too.



  1. Tractor pulls are fun in small doses. :) I would have wandered off to see what else was going on too.

  2. Thank you for the pictures and the memories. I remember it like yesterday, even though I sometimes got stuck in the UCW tent selling lunch will you were out enjoying the sights and sounds.
    Hope the parade was fun, wouldn't be as good as centennial year when we paraded in our fancy dresses, keep those memories alive my friend and I will also.

    Love You, BA

  3. Fantastic photos, B. You are a good sport for staying as long as you did at the tractor pull. :)

  4. There's just something fun (dare I say magical?) about being at the fair, even if it's not necessarily the events we want to see. Glad you were able to go and have fun. Sounds like a good kind of exhaustion to have. :)

  5. I always loved the county and state fairs when I was young. I haven't been to one in a very long time. I am glad you were able to check it all out.

  6. Glad you took it upon yourself to wander off. I would have too! Your photos are just great!

  7. too cute. glad you got to the fair! and date night w/ your hubby. :)

  8. I would have lasted about five minutes...I'm not a big fan of tractor pulls, or monster trucks- at least you got to slip away for a bit and see the rest of the fair!

  9. Reminds me of home! The tractor pull was the big event back in the day! They also had mule pulls and those brought out some really interesting characters.

  10. City girl that I am, I have never seen a tractor pull, but your description of it and the whole fair was delightful.

  11. I'm glad that you got to go this year~! Sounds like you had a lot of fun. I haven't been to the State Fair in several years. I'm thinking about entering some things in the Craft show though - we'll see what I can pull together.

  12. Sounds as if you had fun wandering about and listening to the music - even if the tractor's were just a wee bitty boring.
    I hope the parade is good.

  13. When our little town of Harrold gets together they have the slowest tractor race. I love watching them. The John Deere tractor wins everytime. This is much to my father's joy since he loves Internationals and teases the John Deere farmers that they need faster tractors. Small town fun is the best.

  14. fun is the best kind of exhausting! love your backstage view. :o)

  15. What a fun date night at the fair! I'm glad you wandered off and got to see the other attractions! :)


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