Monday, July 16, 2012

Girl Out Of The Country!

You can take the boy out of the country but
you can’t take the country out of the boy.
            Arthur (Bugs) Baer

OK this quote is true for girls too as I was to find out. First I will tell you I finished baling those last four fields of hay and yes my bale counter clicked over the 400 mark, 434 to be exact. With any luck at all there will be a second cut but that all depends on the weather.  I know a lot of you are waiting for the rains to come too.

I followed my friend J who was raking, I drove around, and around the field counting as I tied and dropped each bale. This may be our last chance to make sure our cows have enough to get through the winter. The question swimming around in my head was; if the summer is this bad, what would the winter be like?

  I baled and I baled while I watched the three hawks soar above my head then suddenly dive down and pick up the mice. Try as I might I could never get a photograph of these magnificent birds. All I know is that they make me smile and feel happy watching them. Since I am baling near a swamp, which to my surprise has water in it, I watch the frogs hop across the brown dry grass stubble where I have baled, heading to the water I know they need.  After four hours which worked out to be an hour a field I drive through the bush I love and headed to the house. My task was now completed and it was all up to Mother Nature, there was nothing more I could do.

The next morning and very excited that the haying season was done for now, and I must admit a little tired of country life (yes I know that surprises you but it can be a tough ride sometimes) I headed to a place where I knew I could relax. You already know this if you read my Friday the 13th post.

After that relaxing night away I headed home admiring all the beautiful farms and farmland dotting the hilly landscape. This is something that always catches my eye and my camera lens, I seem to always stop and snap photos paying no mind to the time. I love farms and farm buildings and never tire of seeing them. Yes a true country girl at heart.

 I finally came to the highway and merge onto the multilane bumper to bumper traffic of fun. I was anxious to get home. Just as I was starting to relax a little in this heavy traffic and while thinking about getting back on the farm and what had to be done, I ran into a little problem. Construction ahead, I could see a long line of stopped traffic. I decided rather than sit in traffic I took the first exit ramp. This sounded like a perfect plan. My thinking was I just had to keep heading South then East and could figure out how to get where I was going.

 I drove and I drove, I must have missed a turn or something and I hit a dead end, then another dead end. It would appear I was in the middle of a subdivision of new houses and more construction. I was passing street signs named Old Bone Road.  Now on Parrot Road (where do they get these names?) Did a famous parrot live on this road? Did someone just drive in circles (like I was) trying to find their way out of Old Bone Road and gave up, all they found were their bones years later?  I was really starting to get frustrated. 

I started thinking about the directions we use on the farm; turn left into the North field, go across the old culvert (watch the hole), and go past the barn field head over to the south field near the swamp, take a sharp right past the Oak tree, now that I understand. I have no idea how you city people can get yourself around.  Oh I could sure use a good old country map.

I must apologize for the white highlighted sentences, they are no more important to this post then any other sentence. I guess Google thinks differently. If you know what is going on please give me a hint. B 



  1. Pretty lame huh? I notice it when I copy and paste. You have to go and undo formatting to get it back to normal.
    As far as wondering what the winter will be like..I remember asking myself the same question last year when we had triple digit temps for most of the summer. Our winter was nothing. It snowed twice and it was a dusting and did not add up to anything.
    By the way I am in Arkansas

  2. Oh, oh country roads and their names. Some too long for the post! You are right sometimes we need a break off the farm. Funny we aren't gone long and we want to be back on it. Looks like you are near Thousand Islands' there?

  3. I'm glad you got a little break from the farm. So sorry about the drive back though. Road construction. Yuck!

  4. We all need a change of scenery -- even if the scenery we are leaving is beautiful. :) Excellent on the bale count.

  5. It's nice to get away from the farm but I noticed you went to another rural area.

    Have a wonderful day.

  6. At least you got back home. I'm sure you are very happy about finishing your baling. BIG job.

  7. I find it so interesting to read road names (and town names around here!) when out and about. Some of them are quite interestint!! I tend to like travelling by looking at landmarks, etc. My brother in law is from western Kansas, and out there they go 1 mile east, 1 mile south, etc. I'd be so lost!!

  8. You worked very hard and you needed a bit of a break. I am happy for you the the haying is done.

  9. you've been such a busy bee!

  10. I'm so glad your bale count is well over 400. Hey, maybe there will be a second cut too!

    I smile that you took another route only to find some dead ends. Been there, done that!

  11. well, obviously you made it home okay. :)

    i've been getting those weird highlighted phrases or spaces, too. i usually have to delete and start over to clear them.

  12. I think part of the problem with the map reading is that you already have a sort of map in your head, where the fields and the oak tree and all live, so you can accept that there are roads there, to be driven on. When you are looking at a map of an entirely new area, your brain has a disconnect between what the map says, and where the roads actually are, so you can't drive on them. That is my story and I am sticking to it.
    On another note entirely, I most humbly apologize for ever doubting the veracity of your story of the wild parsnip. Apparently, I can walk past a plant, brushing it gently out of my way, with no ill effects, but I cannot kneel on the remains of one after it has been mowed. I have small scrapes where the stems scratched my knee and lower legs, but they have swelled up and blistered and itched themselves into a frenzy!!! Yesterday at work, I seriously considered shredding all the skin off my legs, with my fingernails, in an attempt to stop the itching, till I tried putting hand lotion on. Heaven! I can live another day! And while all this was going on, I did not kill a single customer, not even the really stupid ones...

  13. PS I really love the third photo in this post!!

  14. Buttons, we all need time away, no matter where we live..Always a good idea to refresh our minds and remember what we are thankful for

  15. For me it is just nice to get away from the day to day We just spent four days in a hotel room...loved every minute of it!...coming from one who loves her home that must mean something! Good on the hay!

  16. I always think:
    Up North
    Down South
    Out West and
    Back East.

    The Hubby has a hay field down north???

    We have a big hill in our driveway; it's the Red Hill. My Hubby has lived on this ranch his entire life and has no clue why it's called the Red Hill.

    Funny how a name sticks.

  17. So glad you got the haying done and the count was over 400...we got a bit of rain this week and I'll be keeping fingers crossed that you do as well.

    Getting lost can be frustrating but I'm glad you took the break you needed.

  18. Yay good news on the hale bay count - that is good news. You must have been working awfy hard. I think you were definitely due a change of scenery.
    Your pictures are lovely.

  19. Congrats on the bale count! When you post about driving the tractor, I always get that song by Jason Aldean in my head "He just takes the tractor another round, another round!" :)

  20. wow, that sounds like a daunting undertake. When I look at the field, it just seems huge, but then, I guess working in an office with no windows is so much more daunting... Congratulations on a job well dome.

  21. Oh dear. I would have been lost at the culvert since I don't know what that is.

  22. Your little retreat looks very relaxing. A nice break away from the hard yards done on the farm!


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