Sunday, July 1, 2012

Happy Birthday Canada!

On such an occasion as this,
  All time and nonsense scorning,
Nothing shall come amiss,
  And we won’t go home till morning.
            John Baldwin Buckstone

Wow I cannot believe you are 145 years old today. You age very well.

I know you are throwing a big party with all kinds of festivities; there will be parades, fireworks and cake, I am sure it will have to be a huge cake to hold that many candles.

Everyone is going to be there, and I was really looking forward to it. This was the year I was truly going to make it to your Birthday Party but alas I am busy working my Canadian Dream.

Have a good time Canada, you deserve it, I cannot think of a better reason to throw a party. I will try again for next year. It is too bad your Birthday Party is always at haying time.

Happy Birthday Canada!!!!  Have fun everyone. Maybe someone could save me a piece of cake.



  1. Happy Birthday Canada!!

    Today we are haiving my Father In Laws 95th Birthday party.

  2. Happy Birthday Canada! Too bad farming doesn't take holidays...hope you can have your own celebrations! :)

  3. Wow. Did not realize the u.s. was so much older than our dear neighbor to the north. :)

  4. Hope you take some time from haying to have some fun this weekend, Buttons!

  5. ...and we'll ne'er go home till morn-ing! :)

    Miss you, lovie.......
    I'm a terrible fair weather blogger....! lol

    Have a lovely and creative week!


  6. canada and the u.s. should just throw one big party since their birthdays are so close! ;o)

  7. Happy birthday Canada! You made me go brush up on my Canadian history, as I didn't realize it was such a young country. It was fun learning more. Thanks for the inspiration.

  8. Is there anything more Canadian then you and all the other hard working farmers who help feed this great country of ours.
    I will have an extra piece of strawberry shortcake for you.

    Love You BA

  9. Happy Birthday Canada. Enjoy your day!


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