Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Weather Alert and Humidity!

Ah, what a dusty answer gets the soul
When hot for certainties in this our life.
                 George Meredith

The weatherman on the TV warns that it will feel like 45c (113 f ) in the city today, where my precious girls live. As Canadians we are certainly not used to that. I cannot even imagine what this would feel like. I picture a cement box in the middle of nowhere, the sun blazing down with no escape. How does one cope with that kind of heat? The weather man continues to talk and apparently this high humidity will make our bodies lose the ability to sweat which usually is its way of keeping itself cool. I try to not worry and I turn off the TV. I feel this overwhelming urge to head to the bush.

There is a strong wind blowing from the west so it should be pleasant. I grab my backpack and throw in a bottle of water, my camera, my pen and paper. I need to do this, there is a lot going on in my life right now and this always cools my head and my soul.

I open the barnyard gate and walk past the wagon load of round bales that My Hero was moving to store. The outside of it is already bleached from the sun. I think it looks more like baled straw than hay. I know it is just cosmetic; the inside is green and just as good as the day it was baled.

I walk down the lane heading for the bush; my shoes are kicking up the dust with every step. The strong wind is quickly snatching it up and spreading it across the scorched brown pasture. The rain has not found us yet, it has rained in many places all around us. I am positive it will come eventually. I do hope it will hurry.

I pass the abundant thistles and watch three different kinds of butterflies skipping from one thistle to another in the pasture field. There are grasshoppers jumping on me (I have never gotten used to that). They hop across the laneway heading to, I have no idea where. There is a Pigeon and a few Mourning Doves sitting on the roof of the water pump house, no doubt wondering where the water has gone.

I am starting to get uncomfortably warm; I grab my water and stand to drink while staring at the Prickly Ash bushes just before the entrance to the bush. I notice the leaves are curling and turning yellow and brown. I put my water back in my pack and continue.

I keep walking even though I am finding it a little hard to breath, this has never happened before. It is not even 8 a.m. and the humidity is already starting to take a toll. I keep going I need to get to my place of peace and to sit on my rock.

I am shocked as I walk into my place of solitude. The leaves litter the ground all curled up and brown as if it is already the fall and winter is near. This makes me very sad.

I continue to wander and check out this place I love. I find my rock but….the wind is not blowing in here and I am getting very hot and uncomfortable. This is not working.

Watching my trees dying and the discomfort of this heat makes me turn around and head back down to the lane as to escape this place that used to be my escape.

I make my way back to the house, with the hot strong wind blowing the dust into my eyes. I pass more grasshoppers and the brown pasture fields my cows no longer can use. I walk past the bleached yellow bales of hay on the wagon.

I walk into the house grab a huge glass of water; I turn on the fan and then the radio. “Weather Alert”.

I do hope everyone will be alright. I cannot believe it is only July.



  1. It's just so scary, this weather.

  2. It felt like it was around 100 here yesterday. We had that same warm, strong wind, with a short period of much needed rain last night. These extremes are frightening. I felt terrible by the afternoon. Hope you and your animals get some relief soon.

  3. It's wise to take it easy in this heat. It does take its toll. xo

  4. i am doing a rain dance for you, i really hope you get some relief soon!!

    so sad that your place of solitude could not offer you comfort today!!

  5. I am sorry you couldn't find your peace in your special place today. I am praying you get your much needed rain soon. In the meantime, be smart and stay cool.

  6. Oh I hope you get your rains soon!
    This humidity makes us exhausted...and we're used to it. PA gets some nasty humidity in the summer. I can't imagine having it when you're not used to it. Find a cool spot when you can and drink lots of water or eat lots of watermelon!!

  7. Here in Minneapolis, we hit 100 for the first time in June -- not typical at all. Hot, tropically wet, and far too windy...


  8. This is one of the worst summers I have lived through. It just keeps on going and going. No heat relief, no rain, still we keep hoping.

  9. We have been having the same weather here in Kentucky. Making for a not so fun summer! Stay cool!

  10. It has been extremely hot in West Virginia again this summer! We didn't go swimming at all last year. So far we haven't went this year either. It's too hot to even swim! The pools aren't open in the evenings when it is tolerable to be outside. The leaves are turning here also and falling off like it's fall too.

    Stay cool!

  11. oh boy, keep cool...this heat is crazy!

  12. so much of north america in dire straits this year. i hope you get some rain, soon...

  13. Thats a typical South Carolina Summer. It's currently 88*F but feels like 97 and we are heading for mid-90's with the whole feel like thing at 100 or better. I was hoping to mow the lawn after work today but I think I will hide out in the A/C and mow over the weekend. Without the A/C I'd curl up and die.

  14. And here in England it just seems that the rain will never stop. This is the wettest summer on record. The Jet Stream, however, is apparently moving back to a more normal position and things should improve for us all.

  15. We are heading off to the mountains today...wish you could come with us!!

  16. I hope you get some relief from the heat and humidity. --and I hope you find an alternative, cool, place of peace to write in. You painted a very vivid picture of the drought, the heat, the fatigue and the thirst. Wishing you a cool, dry breeze and some rain.

  17. We just went through a humid few days and now it's cooler. I hope you will get a break in the weather soon. This is just a terrible summer for everyone. We had a fire here yesterday, so scary.

  18. Don't overdo it in the heat and humidity. I hope ya'll get some relief soon.

  19. Sadly, the weather people say we won't get mush rain for at least another week. I do hope they are wrong!

  20. I wish I could send some cold front your way, but I am in South Florida. It is HOT and humid here. This past year, it's been particularly hot. I thing we had 2 days of a cooler weather in the winter time...

  21. Is world weather these past few years really extra weird or does it just seem so because it is covered so much in the news? Be careful in all that heat. Hot here too and if it rains we get lightning and fires.

  22. Sorry the weather has you down. I know my farm/ranching parents and sister are realling feeling the drought. I won't complain as my livelyhood does not count on the rain. I wish you a good thunderstorm.

  23. It is very hot here too. My yard is brown and the leaves on the trees are starting to yellow. Not to say my hanging flower pots I can't keep them water enough. I fear fall will come early with no colour to speak of. Hope it rains soon... :)


  24. If I didn't know better, I would think you were writing about Texas!
    I really hope you get rain soon! This has been the craziest weather pattern ever..
    Down here in Texas, it isn't as bad as it was last year, but the furnance is building!
    Please stay cool and take care of yourself!
    xo Cindy
    (grasshoppers REALLY get on my nerves!)

  25. Hope you get some relief from the heat soon...

  26. i can only say the same thing everyone else has already said...
    i DO hope you have some relief from the heat...some cooling breezes and rain. it's tough to deal with the prolonged high temp's and drought conditions...especially in areas that aren't accustomed to that. i hope you have some relief...soon!


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