Tuesday, July 3, 2012

When Bluebirds Attack!

But on and up, where Nature’s heart
   Beats strong amid the hills.
Great thoughts, great feelings come to them,
   Like instinct unawares
        Richard Monckton Milnes

 We are blessed to have families of beautiful Eastern Bluebirds calling our farm home. We have over the years watched as these beautiful gentle birds have returned every year to have their families. We have always provided them with houses and they have always felt safe. They fly about the farm landing on posts, sharing their beautiful blue beauty with us without a care.

My Hero and I were sitting enjoying our dinner after a very long, tiring day of haying when we noticed a red squirrel playing on the ground. All of a sudden this squirrel runs up the wooden post and across the page wire fence. To our horror it ducked into the Bluebird house. This was something I had never seen before. All of a sudden all the normally gentle Bluebird families started flying in a panic and diving at the house.

My Hero and I both leapt out of our chairs and darted out the door to help our friends. I arrived first which surprised me but I was running on adrenaline and very upset at the situation. I was immediately bombarded with Bluebirds the male and female birds were darting at my head and one actually came so close to my face that I was staring it in the eyes. This was something I had never seen before I knew they were frightened and acting on instinct. I must admit I was a little frightened at this point but I knew they were not really trying to hurt me. I started banging on the house trying to get the squirrel to run away. I noticed a baby Bluebird on the ground and now I understood why they were going crazy. The squirrel would not move and another baby jumped out and unto the brown grass of the field.

My Hero at this time jumps on to the fence and starts pulling the roof off of the bird house. He reaches in the house without gloves, I was afraid he was going to get bitten by the squirrel but I guess he was not thinking of that. The squirrel takes off running.

My Hero , ever the hero, jumps down off the fence and picks up both tiny baby Bluebirds in his big strong hands and places them gently back in the nest. The parent Bluebirds are now settling down, they stop diving at our heads. He places the roof back on their house. He informs me there were three more baby Bluebirds in that nest that is a big family. We stand back and watch for a minute, everything seems calm and that nasty squirrel is still running I am sure. We return back to our dinner and watch Mom and Dad go visit their young.

The Bluebirds were protecting their young and I am really happy we were there to help. All is well.



  1. Oh wow... what an amazing story. How lucky that you were both able to be on the spot to move the squirrel on and restore order.
    I remember an older post about the bird nest boxes on your property and thought then how nice it was that those birds had a safe place in which to nest.
    So glad that babies were returned safely.
    B, Your Hero will also be Their Hero now too! :D)

  2. Quite an adventure; I'm sure you were flying across that yard and you're now the bluebird's hero and heroine.!

  3. I love bluebirds...we've tried and tried to get them here, and occasionally I see one, but I think the cats must scare them away. You are both heroes to that bird family now! Glad you were able to save those babies. Naughty squirrel!!

  4. yay! I love happy endings. xoxo

  5. Bless your hearts. You are BOTH heros!

  6. just looked up what an Eastern Bluebird looks like, what an exquisite bird, no wonder you were leaping from your chairs.

  7. Oh, good save! I tried this when a snake got into our bluebird house but the babies would not stay inside anymore.

  8. Well that was enough excitement for one day. Thank goodness it ended well.
    Just dropping in from thefeatherednest to thank you for visiting.

  9. Crazy what we'll do without thinking when we see our friends in trouble. Way to go both of you. (wish I could have seen a video--it would have been great)

  10. Squirrels are a pain in the neck! And I love our Western blue birds so I was screaming at that squirrel as I read.

  11. What a story and how more heroic could your hero be? I think it's great that you got there first to see to them. How lucky it was that you were there and noticed. Would love a picture of the birds? Joan

  12. I totally understand!! In years past when the "doves" had there babies / nests here in our back yard..we watched over them and protected them..."Our Friends"..our Summer Joy!

  13. They really are very protective. We have a bluebird family residing in a birdhouse on our porch, and one of my 2 year olds got dive bombed last week when he walked by! He was super upset.

  14. I'm sorry... my Imagery has me laughing as I'm playing this scene over in my head.

  15. Oh the poor birds - at least you were there to help them out. I bet that squirrel won't do that again in a hurry.
    Your husband definitely was a hero :))

  16. Really hope big brother H reads this, he is NOT a fan of squirrels but has bird feeders all over his large property.
    Birds, animals, humans, we all have that mother instinct when someone is trying to hurt our little ones.
    I can see you and your hero running, brings a big smile to my face.

    Love You, BA

  17. Hi there, just stopping by to say how delightful your blog is. Thanks so much for sharing. I have recently found your blog and am now following you, and will visit often. Please stop by my blog and perhaps you would like to follow me also. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chris

  18. Glad you were there! Sometimes a person just has to step in. Darn squirrel anyway. I bet those birds were happy to see you helping. Nothing like a little excitment to make you appreciate life. Wish I could have seen it. Hope it isn't too hot baling.

  19. Well done ..a bit like a fox in a henhouse I think. Hope the babies are still looked after as many birds don't like their babies touched by human hands and will abandon them afterwards. Sue

  20. Sometimes squirrels can make me sooo angry!! I'm glad you saw what was happening...but I hope the squirrel does not return!

  21. aaaaah, a happy ending!
    it was a good thing you 2 heroes were there to save the day!


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