Monday, August 27, 2012

Front Porch Ramblings!

We are restless because of incessant change,
  but we would be frightened if change were stopped.
                                   Lyman Lloyd Bryson

Well this is my new view, I know you are all used to seeing out my back window, my beautiful watch the cows walk by and the birds flit about window, but that Fancy Truck Stop behind me is starting to change the way I have to do things. Do not get me wrong I am OK with free Wi-Fi especially if I am the one using it but I must say it is not making me happy lately. I have been wandering around my house trying to get the strongest signal from my service provider when I discovered that if I sit here on this front porch on the opposite side of the Fancy Truck Stop I am able to read a few more of your lovely blogs, well unless you have lots of photos. So I am going to make the best of it.

I am lucky enough to live on a very quiet rural road so sitting on the front porch in my Pj’s will not be a problem, most of the people that drive by and wave are people I know and they truly understand my eccentric nature, or weirdness depending on who you ask. Well now after saying that I must say; I do not know that man; the one on the four wheeler who just waved and smiled while driving with one hand holding a Tim Horton’s cup from the Fancy Truck Stop. Does he not know that is why I am out on my front porch?  Wave wave smile. I have a feeling I am going to be waving at that man regularly for a while. What must he think? I must say that looks like a nice way to spend the mornings, driving around back roads with a coffee, taking your time enjoying the view. Speaking of view this one is not too bad. There is a huge field across the road where Turkeys and Deer periodically wander about. There are huge fields of soybean behind our hay field. After eating soybean they wander over to our hay field to find a nice shady spot to sleep, lucky me. Today is apparently not one of those days.

 My neighbour had seen an Elk behind her house near those soybeans, the other day; she said it tore down her electric fence letting her horses out. I have not seen it but in the middle of one of my sleepless nights I heard a sound unlike any I had heard before; I was thinking that was the strangest Coyote call I had ever heard, it sounded like a bugle, a very high pitched bugle, I was wondering where those darn Coyotes would have picked up that skill. I heard it three times and honestly if my neighbour had not mentioned her sighting of the Elk I would have never Googled the Elk sound and then knew for sure. It was an amazing sound that I would love to hear again. I do worry because Elk can be very hard on fences and I would not like to spend another night with a flashlight in the bush fixing fence again even though that was so romantic under the stars.

I can hear the Canada Geese in the distance I wonder if they are in the soybean field too I see a Turkey Vulture soar above my head. I look at the lawn that needs to be cut; there was only one advantage of the drought, I never had to worry about cutting the lawn. I am grateful for the rain and the little bit of green grass I have to cut, there are many of you who would love to be cutting your grass. I should really quit whining. I wish my cows were able to find more pasture but they have pretty much eaten everything that was available again and we are now feeding those precious bales they needed for the winter. I heard on the radio yesterday that our area has declared a level three drought status which means no filling pools (imagine), it seems the Great Lakes are down significantly and this drought is going to be affecting many people for a very long time.

I look at this field across the road from where I sit and think of how blessed I am, I can see green grass and leaves on the trees. I am not dealing with fires and breathing the smoke from those fires like many of my blogger friends. My air is crisp and clean and I truly wish I could package it up and send it off to some of you.

Wave wave smile. Hello again Mr. Coffee in Hand Man on his four wheeler, heading back from which he came, I hope you enjoyed your tour. I may see you again tomorrow morning. I guess this front porch thing is going to work out alright, except for maybe in the winter.

By the look of the comments I am getting I thought I better explain something. I am not getting free Wi-Fi (I wish). The Fancy Truck Stop signal is interfering with my service provider's signal making it hard for me to connect and get a strong signal. In other words I am paying a lot of money for a bad signal and that is why I am sitting on my porch, trying to find another cell phone tower.
Wow free Wi-Fi would be great. Thanks for all your comments. I do appreciate them. B



  1. As my dad would say "Everything has a price"...sounds like a pretty good bargain though...I just read a good book on the Inuit people and the beginning of selling their art those people had it tough back in the day!xoxo

  2. It's interesting, how I can tell what time it is in the morning, by which vehicles...busses (now that school started today), milk trucks, and other vehicles go down the road. They're all such a part of my routine. "Mr. Coffee Cup" might become a routine part of your days!

  3. That's crazy about the elk!

    Glad you found the free wifi!

  4. No matter where you are, you make the view beautiful.

  5. Sitting on your front porch in your pajamas blogging sounds idyllic...except in winter. I hope you can find an inside spot for the cold months.

  6. haha, anyone who sees you in your p.j.'s & knows you, won't think anything of it!!! we may have to keep an eye on atv guy, just till he figures it out!!

    you always make me smile!!!

  7. bear in the woods, elk in the fields, 4-wheeler drive-by on the porch. hazardous days...

  8. What adventures you have. I can't imagine sitting on my front porch in pjs. lol for one thing I don't have a front porch, or a back on either.

    I thoroughly enjoy your posts.

  9. aaaah...doesn't get any better than being able to sit on the porch in your pj's without weird glances from passers-by! ha.
    i myself like to wander around outside in the early 'pj's'. i just hope the parcel delivery guy doesn't all of a sudden come driving in...

    i doubt i'll see an elk out back...but i'll keep hoping! =)

    you have a lot to be thankful for! =)

  10. I have to admit that I had no idea that someone else's free Wi-Fi could interfere with your paid-for signal. How irritating! I hope you find a better solution than your front porch or I predict icy winter blogging for you.

  11. Ah, now that sounds nice to be able to sit out in your pjs having a cup of coffee and enjoying the scenery.
    Enjoy!!! :)

  12. It's not a bad view, all things considered, but I hope you can find a better spot before winter! We live at the end of a quiet road and I have a habit of doing my morning chores still in my PJs. :)

  13. I'd say call thee service provider and complain- they might have a solution, and after all, the squeaky wheel gets the grease....
    I'm a hunter, and one of the most eerie things I've experienced is the sound of an elk bugling in timber so thick I couldn't see him even though he was only about 30 yards away. The hair stood up on my arms.

  14. Your followers (especially me) appreciate the efforts you take and the sacrifices you make--pajamas on the porch just for us. Love your word pictures and love your stories. Keep on bloggin' and watch out for those bull elk. The can get might ornery this time of year.

  15. I love that kind of freedom when you live in the country. Many a time my daughter has gone out and rode her bike in her PJ's. I haven't tried blogging on our front porch in my PJ's. Might have to try it!

  16. I've had a dream for a while now to live more rurally, away from the business of the city.

  17. somehow, i never saw the warm hug here....but i felt it!!! so i came back and sure enough, there it was!!

    thanks b!! going home later today, if i don't puke up my lunch ;)))

  18. I live on a dead end dirt road. I don't have many people just drive by and I am good with that.

  19. Hey B!
    I hope your Service provider comes up with a solution for you - sorry I post so many pictures. ;) I'm glad you stop by to visit on my blog. It's a shame you couldn't just work out a deal with the Fancy truck stop for wi-fi time with their signal at a reduced cost from what you are paying now since they are all ready up there.

  20. Yay for the elk bugle!! yay for free wi-fi! Yay for people strangers waving at you to make you smile!!

  21. nothing is really free anyhow, is it? we'll take you anyway we can, hon.


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