Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Inhibitions Cast Aside!

One may not doubt that, somehow, good
Shall come of water and of mud;
And, sure, the reverent eye must see
A purpose in liquidity.
         Rupert Brooks

Saturday was HOT it felt like 40c (104f) with the humidity and it was still going to be the most memorable happy day for my handsome nephew and his beautiful bride to be, regardless.

The wedding was to be held outside on the farm where the young bride had lived all her life. The house, the barn and the yard was beautifully prepared for the big event. This is the day they had been waiting and preparing for a very long time. This farm girl was finally going to marry her farm boy.

The beautiful Bride in her lovely white wedding gown, and oh, I must mention bare feet, and the Bridesmaids in strapless Fuchsia dresses looked so beautiful holding the most colourful bouquets of flowers. The Groom in his black tuxedo and the Groomsman in theirs looking very handsome all dreaming, I am sure, of a much cooler day. No one would ever notice that the beautiful Bride and her Groom were melting, as the only thing the crowd could see was the love in their eyes.

This older farm girl (me) had dressed up all girly for the big event, an event she had been waiting for since the very first time the handsome Farm boy introduced her to the beautiful Farm girl. The blazing hot sun was not going to stop me from enjoying this day.

I had worn the perfect dress, pretty white sandals with a matching white purse, and a big floppy white hat to keep out the sun. I must say I looked fabulous if I do say so myself. I was extremely pleased with my choices. Sometimes a girl has to kick off her rubber boots and coveralls, paint her toes and have a real girly day.

The ceremony was wonderful and not soon after the “You may now kiss the bride” the crowd scattered to all points shaded. The beautiful New Bride and her Handsome Groom headed to places unknown to have many, many beautiful photos taken.

I decided I would head over to the area where they were handing out glasses full of ice with assorted cool beverages. Unbeknownst to me I had to pass the most beautiful blue, inviting, sparkling cool water pool.

Well…. let us just say that old saying, “You can dress them up but you can’t take them out” may have some truth to it.

 I immediately kicked off my pretty white sandals and set down my matching white purse. I smoothed my dress and lowered myself to the ground; I sat on the cool cement surrounding the pool and plunged my pretty painted toes into the cool, cool water. The melting immediately was halted. I had completely forgotten where I was for a time when two very enthusiastic pretty dressed little ladies plopped down beside me. We held hands tightly, and then they plunged their feet into the water. There was lots of splashing and laughing. Before I knew it there were many pretty sandals and matching purses cast aside and lots of pretty painted toes in the water.

Sometimes you just know when to cast those silly inhibitions aside for the better good.

I do hope the beautiful Bride and her handsome Groom will never see those photos. Let us keep this our little secret OK. If they do find out they should have known that things happen when you take the farm girl off the farm.



  1. Oh, but I think the bride and groom would LOVE to see those photos, don't you! What a unique, FUN way to pass the time in the sweltering heat. :) :)

  2. Sounds like a beautiful wedding. My wedding was similarly hot, in August in Texas. May they have many, many happy years together!

  3. What a sweet image formed in my mind....all of you dipping your toes in the water, looking like a row of the loveliest flowers. =)

  4. i would have done the same thing b, love those pretty painted toes!!

  5. you're adorable! i'd have been right there with you - except i'd not have been in a dress to begin with. i'd be rolling up my pants legs. :)

  6. You paint such a fabulous picture here, I loved every word of it.

  7. One of the Hubby's cousins got married last August on a similar day. They had a beautiful outdoor reception next to the lake.

    By dusk the MOST popular person at the party was the one with the can of OFF!

  8. I'm with Alica. I think the bride and groom would love to know about the fun you were having at the pool. I know that kind of thing would make ME smile. Love those toes.

  9. I loved this story, perfectly told.

  10. i don't think they would've minded. in fact, i bet that bride would've loved getting those bare feet wet herself!

  11. I'm with Debbie! Pretty little flowers all in a row.

  12. You have a way with words. A photo is not needed to picture the scene.

  13. Sounds like a perfectly perfect thing to do!

  14. LOL!! Good for you and all the other pretty toes!

  15. YOU are an inspiration in so many ways to so many people. You rock!

  16. LOVE IT!!!! BEING REAL! AWESOME! We just have to all learn from you and quite being uptight and letting ourselves go and enjoy every little moment and not worry so much about what people would think! SPLASH SPLASH SPLASH!

  17. How very smart of you! Wonderful way to cool down. :))

  18. i could just picture all that!
    just toss aside those suffocating inhibitions!! at least now and then! ha!
    sam & i got married in august. ugh. HOT. but our wedding was very informal...jeans...whatever makes you feel good...comfortable. right out in back of the house.

    cute tosies...or is it toesies?

    (how far behind am i?? yikes.)


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