Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Ordinary Life in General!

Individuality is the salt of common life.
You may have to live in a crowd but
  you do not have to live like it,
  nor subsist on its food.
          Henry Van Dyke

I’m out here on my front porch again this morning I am amazed at the strong signal strength I receive. I can actually find and listen to Elk sounds on You Tube and that is why you have a link to it on Monday’s blog post. I actually listened to the whole thing and it gave me goose bumps.

I am probably sitting at the Jeep dealers while you are surfing the net this morning, I have no air conditioning, I know poor me, I really do not use the air conditioning very much, I love the feel of the wind while I drive, unless on the major highways as it is too noisy driving with the windows down. You can ask my Mother in Law about that one, since that is when I discovered that it did not work. Last week we drove almost two hours with the back windows down and I must admit I only heard half of her conversation and I am sure that she only heard half of mine. I do hope I did not say yes to something I am going to regret later. I am not concerned about the cool air as much as the no heat in the impending winter. I live in Canada and it is very hard to scrape the frost off of the inside and outside of your windshield while driving, this makes that heater/ defroster very important.

 I am watching the storm clouds over my head, it is supposed to rain today and I am very happy about that except for the fact that we have a huge hayfield cut and trying to dry. We are not getting hardly any second crop; the field behind our barn gave us 5 bales, two of which we immediately took to our waiting cows. This field last year gave 40 second cut bales. We have resorted to cutting the meager fields which we would normally have left alone, just to feed our cattle two bales a day because there is no pasture. This morning I drove up and down thin rows of not completely dry hay trying to bale some before the rain comes just to drive back and feed to my cows. We are using a lot of diesel fuel but we have no choice. The time to sell is getting very close and delaying this fact and pretending things will get better is not going to work out well. The price of cattle is dropping very fast now; there are very few buyers in this area. I am sad but it is a fact of life for everyone around here.

OK enough doom and gloom, I find myself listening to the radio more lately, a song with a good beat comes on and I start to dance around the kitchen, I guess going to the wedding reception a few weeks ago reminded me of how much I love to dance. It is great exercise and you can completely forget the world around you, you just listen to the music grab hold of the beat and move, it is exhilarating. If anyone can see me through my window, a word of warning, I may think I am a creative original dancer but possibly you may possibly not see it exactly the same way as I imagine.

Speaking of view there goes Mr. Coffee in Hand Man, he is in a red truck with his Tim Horton’s coffee cup instead of on his four wheeler, I guess the four wheeler is just his weekend way of relaxing.  Wave wave smile. I must get back into the house and off this porch now, I hear a great song floating through the open window; Gotta dance. See you tomorrow. Is that thunder?



  1. I'm loving the sound and look of your location. It sounds like a lot of hard work, both frustrating and rewarding but to wake every morning in such beauty must be amazing.
    Music and dancing, love it. Like you say it's an escape from the real world where you can float away. Mrs M. and I can both be found lost in music - enjoy!
    Mr M.

  2. B, your cracking me up with your morning sit'n on the porch..You finally can watch You Tube Video's??? Your world is moving on up... Keep Dancing ~~Blessings~~

  3. So sorry about the state of things B -- just another bump in the road. You'll be fine. I envy you having such good reception. Enjoy your dancing. :)

  4. So sorry to hear about your hay. Ours got ruined by an ill-timed rain storm. Not sure if we'll get a second cut or not at this point; it's getting late in the year now.

  5. We farmers really are so dependent on the weather, aren't we?! Need rain, but not now please! Yup, I "get it". I hope it holds off long enough for you to bale your hay!!

  6. Oh Buttons-been missing everyone's blogs so much-pull up occasional one-takes so long on my little iPhone! -to find too much rain in one place-no rain in another-then the horrible fires at ferrel woman's place-been an incredible summer. And I'm feeling guilty sitting here doing only fun stuffs and watching the lake?! Must return to reality in couple weeks!! Enjoyed sharing my coffee break w you this am!!
    Fondly, Rain

  7. Wish I could come and sit on the front porch or dance like we did a few years back in the high school gym trying to impress the boys. Think we both did alright for ourselves with the boys we finally did snag.
    Hang in and things are going to be alright, I have my guardian angel looking down on you and your own Dad is right there with you.

    Love you, BA

  8. I love your posts. I feel as if i am living the adventure with you.
    I hope the AC is fixed without too much trouble or cost.

  9. Hey B....I meant to comment on your last post but never got back yesterday. I look back 10 years ago and think how in the world did I do all of that..mental and physical for me....just don't want to work that hard anymore!! I'm kind of done..ha! Want to do my running and then read all day!..I'm thinking my husband kind of misses me too...glad the wi-fi is working out for you...just never know what is around the corner.

  10. Good luck with your car repairs today.

    I'm sorry about the hay.

    Keep dancing, my friend.

  11. We don't have a cattle auction market here, the farmers have to truck them about 4 hours to the nearest one. A lot of time they just video them and sell by video at the auction market and the buyer picks them up on the farm.It's a lot better for the cattle.
    I love to dance too, it's a great stress reliever when things get tough.... I should get Ted to take me dancing soon, or just clear some room on the porch for a little two-stepping.

  12. wish you'd be able to get that hay in before more rain, but i guess it'll come when it comes.

  13. You just keep on dancing girl, in spite of the broken AC and ill-timed rain! Hope the hay can get put up!

  14. Weather was odd here, several people's first cuttings were rained out, but the second cuttings were amazing! I hope the rain holds until you get the hay in!


  15. Rain seems to be an issue everywhere this summer. I hate to see what these drought conditions are going to do to the price of food down the road. Hang in there! your heart out if it gives you peace & brings you happiness then that is what is important.

  16. I was so hoping the rain would arrive in time so you would get a nice second cutting. Our friends here so want to get their second cutting but we have the opposite problem... not enough sunny dry days.

  17. Around here, no band width so can't watch you tube unless I go to the library and remember to take speakers for the ears. Hope you're able to get a Jeep with heat...I'm with you, a.c. doesn't mean as much to me as HEAT. Heat I need, AC I want. -smile-
    I hope you get rain and your hay begins growing. We cut hay today and am hoping it doesn't rain. I've got 10 cattle to sell and the market stinks. God helps us all.

  18. One sure builds up a sweat dancing in this heat. I know from experience. Hope you get some rain. Glad you got to hear an elk bugle. I so love the sound. I hunted elk all of September and that sound is so beautiful.

  19. Wonderful to be able to dance, and I can see you moving with the music - have fun my dear M xoxoxox

  20. When I danced with my son-in-law at the wedding, he said i danced just like my daughter, his wife - i thought that was just great until he followed with "she tries to lead all the time too..."


  21. i often have a pug as a dance partner. ;)


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