Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Still Searching! (2 of 3)

Thought is invisible nature;
Nature, visible thought.
      Heinrich Heine

I am still back here in the bush. I have no idea of the time, my head is resting comfortably on this big old Maple tree and I am lost in this world. The wind has picked up and I am being entertained watching the leaves dance with joy above my head. “Hello” (just in case).

I can see muddy water in the pond in front of me where last week it was only a big hole with gigantic cracks of dried black soil. This must be a sure sign of recovery, I must not wish too hard or speak to loud, as to not jinx this. I feel so comfortable back here as though I am isolated from the outside world, and there are no worries, I am glad I left them (if only in my imagination) sitting back on that kitchen table. No worries, no cares, nothing.

I am admiring the old stump by the pond, it is really leaning now. The Woodpeckers have chipped away all that they can, it has served its purpose in this world, and I wonder how long it will be till it starts its new life lying flat and feeding the forest floor. It is Natures circle of life; I have always accepted that so easily.

The rocks are covered with moss and I wonder how there can still be moss and green leaves back here with such a drought. The dead leaves litter the ground, I surmise that only the strongest hold on and survive whatever Mother Nature throws at them. They had held on for the rain that they always knew would come eventually and they had made it. We can learn a lot from those leaves.

I can hear the loud chattering of Raccoons, I wonder where they are. I quickly look to the tree tops, and I see nothing. I wonder why all of a sudden they decide to shatter this silence. Then I hear it; the loud pounding rain, a noise that drowns out everything I had been hearing. The leaves start dripping that cool water; I cover my paper and pull my jacket tight, pulling the hood up. The leaves are doing their best to keep me dry but they are failing. I snuggle closer to the base of this tree and sit and enjoy; I think I will stay here with at least this little shelter rather than try to head to the house with no shelter.

 I pack up my pack and wait. I am OK with sitting listening to the sound of the rain huddled under this tree; I do hope it lasts for a while. I am in no hurry to get back to those challenging thoughts waiting at the house. I shout “Hello” (just in case) but I am pretty sure the Bear has found a dry sheltered spot far from me. Bears are smarter than humans in this regard I suspect.  I will wait it out, surrounded by my Maples and Oaks, Pines and Beech, while the rain washes my troubles away. Drip, drip, drip.

Where have all my songs gone? 


  1. I hear what you have heard.

    I think what you have thought about.

    Nature shares the thought, an invisible thought.

    And that will be belonged to us.

  2. Beautiful thoughts today. Yesterday I was just staring in awe at what the woodpeckers have done to our apple tree!

  3. Do you see that shape of a lady in that tree?...first thing that caught my eye...

  4. Such beauty in your words; I always feel as though I'm right there with you.

  5. The wonderful sound of a pounding rain!!

  6. 'Ain't for City Gals' I saw it....I am forever seeing shapes in trees. People think I'm nuts. So glad to find another 'tree' person.

  7. Your words bring a feeling of peace to your readers.

    Hooray for rain!!

  8. this reads like nature's poetry.

  9. your words are always soothing...

    i can feel the comfort you're having sitting there under the tree...hearing the soft sounds of nature and feeling the soft rain. a nice escape.


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