Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Cat Came Back!

True humor springs not from the head than from the heart.
It is not contempt; its essence is love.
It issues not in laughter, but it still smiles,
which lie far deeper.
    Thomas Carlyle

Do you remember that old song The Cat Came Back?

I went to visit my Mom last Wednesday on her birthday after my encounter with the Hawk and I was in a great mood and I somehow sensed everything was going to be alright.

I arrived at Mom’s and walked in the door, she was lying in bed as usual but things seemed different she was smiling and looked much better. I wished her Happy Birthday and asked her if she was feeling up to a road trip. I told her we could go up to the local restaurant around the corner and grab a cup of tea and a sandwich if she wanted. She was up and out of that bed grabbing her purse before I had even had a chance to think of what to do if she had said no. This was great I had not seen this side of her for over a month. She asked if she should change and I said no, let’s just go, I was afraid if we waited too long she would tire and want to lie back down.

 She was happy and smiling as we drove over to the restaurant and grabbed a booth by the big window overlooking the main street of a village she has lived for well over fifty years. We chatted about little things and then ordered our tea and a sandwich to share. Mom was smiling and we started talking about the old limestone house we could see across the main street. I asked her if she knew who used to live there. She told me the name of the family and how many kids they had and then she says “Don’t you remember that?” Nope not me, I guess she does have a better memory than I. We both laughed as she told a story from long ago which involved a broom, and a foot chase and a “nasty boy”.  A boy who I must mention respects my Mom since that encounter, and thanks her every time he sees her. “He turned out alright" she reminds me. We laugh again. We have always had that laughter. Things other people never thought funny we could find the humour in it. I swear that is what keeps her going.

There was a lull in the conversation and I said to Mom you had all of us so worried about you, then she smiled, since the mood was getting way to serious I burst into song….

The cat came back the very next day;

The cat came back

 We thought he was a goner but……

 The cat came back the very next day.

Oh I know what you are thinking, what a mean daughter I am but you would have to know our family and my Mom’s incredible sense of humour. She places her frail tiny hand on mine and says “I thought I was a goner too” we both laugh. I am pretty sure this sense of humour is what continues to keep my Mom going. So if it takes a million silly songs, I will be seen singing everywhere in the little village where I grew up, where good memories of days gone by are making my Mom smile. If you stumble upon us and you know the words please jump right in. We all should laugh more and cry less.

Mom was very excited as we talked about all the laughter and silly songs coming on Saturday. That is when her silly (crazy?) family will be having an 84th birthday party for her.

 I hope the little village did not mind all that noise and laughter. That was Mom, you know how she is. It was a great birthday Mom. You probably figured out that this is not my Mom. She was camera shy so I borrowed her party outfit and I guess.......
 "The apple does not fall far from the tree." Yes, she was laughing.

Thank you for all your prayers I am sure that had a huge part in this.

The cat came back……….



  1. I'm so glad your Mom is doing better and that she had a good birthday! Love the outfit and that turtle ring.

  2. I am so sorry I haven't been on here much in the last few weeks. I am so far behind, and trying to catch up. I told my Mom I suggested you get on her Alzheimer's blog and she said she had removed it. I hope you were able to find her other blog instead (and she has a new one also) and can make some connections through them (Living Life on Main Street is her main one). I am sorry to hear your Mom gave you a scare, but she sounds like she bounced back and is in great spirits! Thank the good Lord! Your time with her sounded like it was very special and sweet. Happy birthday to her! And God bless you both!

  3. Wonderful, special times with your Mom. I know you cherish each and every moment together. I'm so glad she had a lovely birthday.

  4. I don't know the song or I would have joined in! I am so glad your Mom was up to going out on her birthday. You, and moments like these are what keeps her going. I'm sure of it!

    Cindy Bee

  5. Here's to the cat coming back for a very long time. Are you talking about the big house on the opposite corner from the bank? I remember that family. So glad Mom is doing better, she is a great lady with an infectious laugh.
    I am working a lot the next couple of weeks so the next phone call is on me.

    Love you, hugs to Mom. BA

  6. I am so happy for you that your Mom is feeling better and enjoying life again.

  7. Wonderful tribute to your mother. Happy birthday to her!!

  8. How wonderful that she is doing better and got out with you!

  9. It is so good to hear about all these.

    Have a good time!

  10. Aw...Buttons you made me laugh too. auntie m

  11. so sweet! i am so glad you have these days to share those laughs.

  12. your family humor is very similar to ours. you have to laugh while you still can! God bless your mom! and you for giving her a memorable birthday.

  13. the best medicine!! is a walk in the woods, but laughter...and a good sense of humor is what keeps us young at heart...and healthy!

    hey buttons...i love turtles...very cool ring!

  14. Another very sweet story by B. You and your Mom have a great relationship. Birthday wishes go out to her.

  15. I'm glad your Mom is doing much better! I think you are a devoted's wonderful what you do with...and for her. A sense of humor is a wonderful thing!

  16. i'm glad you had such a nice visit with your mom!

  17. Your mom sounds like a special person. A big Happy Birthday to her!

  18. I like your outfit! lol Glad your mom had a happy birthday!

  19. What a fun lunch out with your mom!! I'm glad she is doing better!

  20. Ths story touched me in a big way. After my mother's stroke, she could not speak. But she could sing! We would drive by the corn fields in the summer and would sing "Oh What A Beautiful Morning". It was the closing song at her funeral. I think she liked that.

  21. I have had a long day filled with sad stories from my children. Thank you for the happy day, I needed to remember there are still little miracles around us.

  22. I can identify with "the cat came back," My husband and I just returned from spending time (6 days) with a "cat" that came back, and she is laughing now too. :)

  23. You are lucky to still have your mom. I miss mine every day and she's been gone nearly 30 years.


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