Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Unforgettable Conversations!

Two may talk and one may hear,
  but three cannot take part in a
conversation of the most sincere
   and searching kind.
           Ralph Waldo Emerson

The house is so very quiet as I sit here at my kitchen window watching the tiny drops of rain hit the ground, I am smiling and feel an overwhelming sense of security and love. This is not because of the rain (even though I am extremely grateful for every last drop) but at the scene I see taking place in the lane way.

I see our truck driving up the lane between the two burned brown fields waiting for the rain to bring them back to life. M, who is down for her cousins wedding, and her Dad (My Hero) stop in the barnyard and sit watching the light rain bounce off the hood of the truck. I can see them both smiling, I watch as they both laugh at the same time, possibly at a joke I may never hear. They are now deep in conversation; I can tell by the serious look on their faces.

M and My Hero had drove to the back of the farm to see if it was raining harder back there, we could see from this big window what looked like torrential downpours  about a mile back. They asked if I wanted to go but I declined, I know from experience how special time with your Dad can be and I wanted them to share it without me. M did not know how bad this drought was affecting life on the farm until she had seen it with her own eyes. I can only imagine their conversation.

Sitting here watching the rain and watching them, I remember the deep conversations my Dad and I had shared; this seems so very long ago now. I would not trade that time for anything.

Conversations that will last forever. Conversations of life, learning, and memories.



  1. I'm glad they had that time together..and that you have such good memories of your Dad too. Hope you got lots of that rain!!

  2. A beautiful post. I hope the rains come for all of us and everything is green again.

    My daughter thought the world of her dad. There was always a special bond between them.

  3. It was very generous of you to give them that time together.

  4. I will always treasure the time and long conversations I had with my Dad; so glad your husband and daughter took the time to share that. It's good to see you heart-full of contentment and with good memories of your father. *hugs*

  5. Dads and Daughters, there is no other bond quite like it. I also remember time spent with my Dad and cherish every memory.
    I know that J and her Dad have special secrets that they share from when they drove from home to take her out west.
    So glad that your weekend was all you wanted it to be.

    Love You BA

  6. What a great post.

    We should count all our conversations special.

  7. What a gift you gave them, Mom! Only one reason they love you so much. Grateful for your rainy day. Hope it lasts ALL day. Sandra

  8. Very well said, Miss B! I miss the face to face conversations with my folks and sister. Sometimes I wonder why I moved so far away from home.

  9. so sweet of you to give them that time...

  10. And the conversation continues.

    From one generation to another.

  11. Rain...yes, our yard is once green again from the storms going through this past weekend..some were not so lucky with "just rain" as a tornado ripped through..life...the good and bad...

  12. The relationship between father and daughter can be sooo special. I hope your husband and daughter know how lucky they are!

  13. cherish those moments.
    and i'm so happy you're getting some rain!

  14. Love the quote.
    Hope the rain breathes new life into your pastures so your cows will continue to be content.

  15. Lovely thoughts, lost in the past and seeing repeats in the present, making way for the future.

  16. another beautiful enty b!! i love how you "see" things, i adore your values and character!!

  17. A very unselfish gift you bestowed.

  18. Relationships are often taken for granted; leave not one word unsaid, speak from the heart... cherish the moments that become memories of a lifetime.

    Thank you for sharing a precious moment.

  19. The connection between father and daughter is a special one. You are wise to let them have their moments. xo

  20. a nice post...and thoughtful gesture of you to give them their time.

    hopefully the rain quenched some of the thirst...and was not just a tease!

    beautiful picture of the star-like brightness shining through the darkened window.

    also, have i mentioned before...your quotes...i like them...always tying in your following thoughts.


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