Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Have Backpack Will Travel!

There was once a twin brother named Bright
Who could travel much faster than light.
He departed on day, in a relative way,
And came home on the previous night.

Let me just say I am totally exhausted after my mini vacation. With all those trains, buses, subway cars and all that walking or in some cases running with my (I must remember to not over pack) back pack to catch one of those means of transportation, it was quite the workout. I had a ball. I have always enjoyed this freedom to travel where I want, when I want and I try not to rely on others to get me from one place to another. I do hope to be able to continue this into my “Golden Years”; I will keep practicing until I get it just right.

 I have to admit my girls worry about me and will find any excuse to walk me to the “scary” underground subway car in the big city, and I must also admit I let them, as I had always worried about my own (always fiercely independent) Mother. My Mom had been known to hop a bus, take a few subway cars and then another bus and travel the city, she never had a problem. One day someone, I am not sure who,( probably my Dad) decided it was too hard for Mom, or possibly his worrying made him think that. That is when her wonderful adventures came to an end. I am left to wonder when that change occurred and if I am coming close to that age. Will my family suddenly wake up and say I can no longer travel by myself because I “may” get lost? Well this is certainly something to think about but for now I will continue to do it. I must say the invention of cellphones makes it easier and I am sure the GPS feature that my girls insist I leave on, will make it easier to find me if they need too, my Mom never had that.

 I do know that my Dad and My Hero are very different in that respect. My Hero knows I will not get lost (I am assuming here), at least not hopelessly lost. He probably knows that a girl that wanders around the bush with Bears, Deer, Elk, possibly a Cougar, Fishers and packs of Coyotes will do just fine in a city filled with the same, but disguised as humans.

I am not afraid to ask for help when I need it and I trust my instincts. I must admit I have no sense of direction and with me living on one side of the Lake Ontario and Hamilton being on the other side I did get turned around a few times as far as bearings go but that is all part of the adventure. How boring life would be if we always knew what was behind every corner and walked the same predictable direction every time. I thoroughly enjoyed every city I went to on this trip.

The great thing about getting lost is you meet the most interesting people. I do know everyone has a story to tell and oh how I love a good story. You never know what door will lead to that unexpected delight. I will continue to travel this way and not fear the unknown, and take advantage of, and enjoy every new turn. Well….. As long as they let me :)



  1. It sounds like a wonderful way to get around, Buttons.

    Funny thing about Hamilton and it's relation to the lake. For years I had trouble realizing that Lake Ontario is not ALWAYS southerly just because you are still in Canada. :))

  2. I think you have tons of adventures ahead of you!

  3. Happy your adventures went well!

  4. so glad you enjoyed yourself - and your freedom. but also glad you made it back home again. :)

  5. what a great story, a wonderful adventure!!

    i lovethe "around me" app on my iphone, gps as i'm walking!!

  6. Welcome back! I am glad to hear you had a wonderful time :) I love this idea of animals "disguised as humans" - this is very true!


  7. Mandi at Lone Pine Farm if you have a blog site up I would love to see it. Hope you are doing well. I love the name. Email me :) Hugs B

  8. So glad to hear you had a wonderful time! I am not a fan of cities, but I do like exploring small towns. Less chance of getting lost in small towns too ;)

  9. I'm 72 now and I don't feel like traveling much. Road trips around here, yes, but airplanes such, no. I traveled so much when I was young and I really don't miss it now. I could go if I had to, but I am just so happy here in my very own wilderness. Our cougars are higher up and I don't know what a fisher is. I have meant to look them up.
    But I am so glad you had a great time and I'm sure lots of travel and adventure are ahead for you. And thanks for all your nice comments.

  10. I like my small towns but it was nice to go back to DC and see all the sights again this summer. My kids didn't know what to think about how big it was there.

  11. I so admire your adventuresome spirit. I wish I had it but love hearing of your adventures.

  12. It's always like that, you almost need a vacation from your vacation.

  13. You are so adventurous, Buttons. I hope it's a LONG time before those freedoms get taken away from you! :)

  14. Glad you had fun. How far is the city and how do you get from your farm there? It sounds like you have a better train and bus system then South Dakota.


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