Friday, October 5, 2012

A Girls Gotta Do!

Look not mournfully into the past. It comes not back again.
Wisely improve the present. It is thine.
Go forth to meet that shadowy future, without fear.
              Henry Wadsworth

Monday Morning; “Hello Buttons, how are you doing?”

OK. “It has been awhile.”

Feels like yesterday. “2006”

Really? Wow you are good.

A little while later.

“See you Friday, TRY to take it easy.”

No problem Doc.

Fast forward to Thursday morning at 6:00 I have had enough of this easy, the bush is calling me. I may not be able to walk all the way back there but I can certainly drive. I dress quickly grab my camera and my keys. I open up the gate to the barnyard and off I go to the place I really need to be.

I park in the open and head into this bush through an opening of mangled bushes, I have been longing for this so very long, I intend to explore every nook and cranny if I can. I have not been back here since the summer and it has changed so much.

The leaves cover the ground like a beautiful multi-coloured patterned carpet that could never be duplicated. I can smell the cedars and I breathe in deeply to fill my starving lungs. My muscles absorb the strength and energy surrounding me coming from these magnificent strong trees and those rocks.

 Oh I am home; this is truly what I need. I cannot wait to see that sunrise; it is still a little dark. There is a low lying damp fog hanging around waiting for the sun too. There is no familiar crunching of those fall leaves under my feet, the ground is too wet. They stick to my hikers making me wish for a pair in the exact same colour someday.

All of a sudden I hear a crashing and banging; I am not alone; it seems someone or something had the same idea of early morning pleasure just as I. I shout out Hello just in case it is a Bear. I heard a nasty rumour this week that two bears had been shot; I do hope it is not true. They have never bothered me. Three White-tailed Deer come running out of the trees. They look at me, I look at them and they high tail it in the other direction. Incredible.

I continue to walk and explore when I notice a broken rail fence. This comes as no surprise to me with all the activity of Bears, (possibly still) Elk and those Cows. I pick up and drag two heavy limbs, that had fallen from the trees over, and I struggle to lift them on the top. Our Cows will be wandering back here today and I cannot take the chance they will want to explore what may be on the other side. This will hopefully do till My Hero can fix it properly on the weekend. I must remember to tell him.
 Ouch; I take a tumble, darn those little protruding sticks and my big feet. I think the fence looks good enough, I do hope the cows are fooled by it.

I make my way up the ridge to check out the trees. The drought has been hard on the younger trees but the older ones with the deeper root system seem to have done well. On the farm we have noticed that our Oak, Pine, any Poplar and a lot of the Cedars have not been so lucky. The huge older Maples are very tough they have seen many a drought in their lives, of that I am sure. I love their strength.

I hike back down the ridge, it is very apparent the sun will not be making an appearance for me this morning. I did enjoy the hike regardless and there will be more days before the winter to explore. I sit in the Jeep for a moment and remember just how truly blessed I am. I drive to the house, pull myself out of the Jeep, and make my way to the kitchen and the big window I love.

Ouch, I could really use a Chiropractor. Thank Goodness for Friday. How am I going to explain this one?

Happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow Canadians. There is much to be thankful for. I will be back on Tuesday refreshed and ready.

 M and K we are going to miss you but do have a wonderful time, we will be thinking of you. Love Mom and Dad.



  1. I wouldn't be surprised to hear that someday, you and your Hero build a cabin in the bush to retire in! You describe it so well...those leaves are so pretty. Nothing's changing much here yet. Happy Thanksgiving to you!

  2. What a beautiful, beautiful place to be...........

    Have a wonderful weekend, luv......


  3. I am thankful for a walk through the bush with you this morning. It is becoming a favorite place of mine as well.

  4. I love hearing about your wanderings. If you lived here, I would definitely recommend a chiropractor - I have a great one!

  5. Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving. I really liked your trek thru the forest....and i LOVE your leaves :)

  6. Happy Thanksgiving my dear friend. Hopefully you will be able to enjoy the bush at some point over the weekend.
    Please give Mom a big hug for me.
    We will be missing J as well this weekend but S & K will be here.

    Love You, BA

  7. i'm glad you had a bit of woods respite. enjoy the thanksgiving weekend. i know you do have much to be thankful for. :)

  8. Oh what a wonderful morning you had, Buttons!
    It sounds splendid, being there when it is still a tad dark, seeing the beautiful leaf colors, breathing the fresh cool air, then seeing the three deer.

    So very lovely and you are right, very very much to be thankful for in nature and in our hearts!

    Hope a hot 20 minute bath with some epsom salts, and some gentle stretching afterwards for ten minutes means you can avoid the chiropractor!

  9. have a happy thanksgiving weekend!
    and thanks for the wander...i'm looking forward to the fallen leaves of many colors here too!

    if we lived closer...i'd give you a massage!

  10. What a beautiful post. I feel the same way about being in nature. Love the photo of all the multi-colored leaves on the ground!

  11. Enjoyed traveling with you on your hike. The photos are beautiful! Hope the cows are not tempted to march through your quick fix!

  12. Such gorgeous Autumn photos. Have a lovely weekend.

  13. A beautiful post Buttons. The photos are wonderful!

  14. Have yourself a Happy Turkey Day and enjoy all that beautiful colour that is all around you.

  15. I would so love to join you in the bush someday. I'm glad you found a way to get back to it.

  16. Thanks for this walk through your bush! I hope you are feeling well and that you are not too tired and sore as the weather begins to change.

    Happy Thanksgiving, Miss Buttons. I hope you have a wonderful weekend. Take care of yourself!


  17. How blessed you are to have all that so close PLUS an excuse, "gotta check the fences" to be wandering about. Isn't sunrise the BEST time?! Just watch out for bears. And skunks. Do you have skunks there?

    P.S. that is one huge puffball-mushroom!

  18. I hope you are feeling a bit better, Buttons. It's so good to be out in the woods. :)

  19. I enjoy counting your blessing right along with you : )

  20. haha, that really is home for you!!

    happy thanksgiving!!

  21. I love the woods too, and when I can't be in them, I am thankful that we have six ancient Maple trees on our property. Soon they'll blanket our yard with a carpet of gold, and we'll get out the rakes. Raking leaves is another fall ritual that I really enjoy doing, and the reward of apple cider afterwards makes the task even sweeter.

    Buttons-I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving time!! :)

  22. Happy Thanksgiving B!! :)
    I really love the carpet of multi-colored leaves!

  23. What would have been so shocking is if when you yelled out hello you got a reply saying hi this is
    Yes I am having a strange moment this have shared some lovely photos.......
    I do love walking in the bush so relaxing and peaceful.....

  24. Hi Buttons
    It's so nice to read your words here. I felt I was with you in the woods. I would have been scared of the noise though.. I am scared of bears. I know they mean no harm but I still am scared of them.
    Hope your back is better... you did great with that fence.
    Sending you wishes and warm thoughts for a happy weekend

  25. I expect you made it home :)
    Hope you are having a great day.
    Your autumn leaves are lovely.
    We have now finished our 10 year drought - didn't know if you knew that or not :) best wishes my friend...M xoxoxox

  26. Happy Thanksgiving, B. Enjoy your holiday. xo

  27. Hi dear :) thank you for commenting Nancy's post on my blog 'wonderland'. xxo

  28. But you had a good walk in the bush, and that is the important thing!! This morning, I took the dogs out for a good long walk after church - we were gone nearly 2 hours. I don't think they have done more than turn around since we got home...

  29. so much beauty outside right now. please be sure to watch your step though, dear. :)

  30. Ok now you just don't get it. I am really afraid of bears...for real....and you just freak me out every time you talk about hearing loud noises in the bush and such. You do realize they are very VERY big and well....I made up this rhyme one time to help me remember should I ever come across a bear...
    just so you know...
    Brown - down
    Black - back

    If it's a brown bear you get down and play dead. If it's a black bear you walk backwards, never taking your eyes off of it, backing up. I got that info off of some wilderness show and made up the rhyme to I'd remember. Either one, I know I'd forget the rhyme and run like hell! So would your bears be black or brown?
    Happy Canadian Thanksgiving. Do you go Christmas shopping the next morning at 5:00 a.m. like we do here in America?

    Cindy Bee

  31. Happy Canadian Thanksgiving. Although, I love the Arizona desert, I do miss the fall colors.

  32. your doctor sounds like mine. it's always a pleasure to talk with him. he has an iPhone (I don't) so he shows me all the neat app he downloaded and we laugh. today I wrote about my illness. so sorry your ill too. lovely people shouldn't have to deal with pain. wishing you a beautiful day :) xxo

  33. Thanks for sharing you are such a good writer Happy Thanksgiving!

  34. Our drought lasted over ten years and we have just come out of it. Dust, dust and more dust was all we had for too long. It's always so refreshing to find a forrest that hasn't been too badly affected. Love all those beautiful photos ... wish I was there to walk with you. Sigh! Maybe one day. Sue

  35. Youre setting rails while standing on wet leaves?? you be a gymnast for sure!!!! I love your photos - i can smell the damp of the woods in them!

    hoping that this weekend took away the aches and pains that you dont need ( do you really need any of them anyways??? give them up!!! share with others LOL )


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