Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Our Changing Times!

The universe is change;
our life is what our thoughts make it.
                 Marcus Aurelius

Maybe fifty years ago (that probably gives away my age) I remember my huge family piling into an old black car after banging the snow off our boots, we were heading to Grandma and Grandpa’s house in the city for Thanksgiving dinner. I do remember snow so I am not sure if our Canadian Thanksgiving was later or my memory is cloudy.

We were all very excited at the thought of seeing our Grandparents, our Aunts and Uncles, and many cousins. This was something we did every holiday when I was younger until my Grandparents moved out of the city and closer to our home in the little village. I remember Dad telling us to settle down because he was trying to drive and me trying so hard to hold in my excitement. He was smiling ear to ear.

As soon as we burst through that door I remember those wonderful smells coming from my Grandma’s kitchen. There were coats and boots and mittens scattered in front of the door on the floor and the coat hooks were overflowing. I also remember the noise, the constant chatter, the laughter and some screaming coming from all those cousins running around. There was crying coming from the new babies and smiling yet frazzled parents trying to just slow things down. My fondest memory, the one that is forever imprinted in my mind to this day was seeing that huge smile and that twinkle in my Grandmas eyes enjoying every minute. Grandma ran over and gave each of us our own special hug. I was instantly happy and looked forward to this shared feeling every time. We would get our plates of food and sit where there was room, that usually meant on the hallway floor for me and what seemed like a thousand little cousins, eating as fast as we could because we knew there was Grandma’s pie at the end. Oh how I love this memory.

This afternoon I close the lid on my computer laptop, I have a huge smile on my face, and I like to think a twinkle in my eye like Grandmas. My Hero and I have just had a video chat, face to face (technology style) with our girls who are 100’s of kilometers/miles away. It is not exactly how I had envisioned this Thanksgiving but I must say hearing their laughter while shutting my eyes, my imagination had them sitting at the kitchen table right in front of me. The jokes and giggles on both sides of this silly computer screen were contagious. I could once again hear their laughter echo down the hall to their old rooms.

I could see the cats playing in the back ground and then stopping to stare at us wondering what was going on, they thought we were there as I thought they were here when I closed my eyes. I could see the sun shining through the window behind them bouncing off the hardwood floor. I knew our girls were enjoying this beautiful Thanksgiving Day together. I dragged the computer over to the window to show them the barn and the cows so they would get the sense of being here and not feel that they were missing a thing.

They laughed as they ate my favourite candies in front of me knowing I could not reach out and grab one. They showed me the stuffed chicken that would be consumed with all the trimmings later in the evening while we were at my Mom’s house sharing our day with family. I excitedly explained to them how this video chat thing was the best thing that I had ever used, this being my first time. I told them of my special memory so very long ago and how I wished we were all together. They did too.

 After all our goodbyes, I shut the lid on the laptop making them disappear, my mind is at peace. I had a smile and I like to think a twinkle in my eye like Grandmas. I am so very thankful for this technology but I only have one complaint, I could not feel those hugs.

I can't help but wonder what Grandma would think.



  1. How wonderful that you were able to be with your girls in Cyberspace, Buttons. Not quite as good as the real thing, but close. :)

  2. I'm pretty sure your twinkle is just like your grandmother's! I too have fond memories of Thanksgiving at my grandmother's house.

  3. So glad you were able to 'mostly' be with them! I remember Grandma's house at the holidays and so many cousins we were tripping over one another.

  4. Oh, the best times are with a house full of person or on the computer! We did the same thing the last time my family was together, with my niece who was in college in Kansas. I think Grandma would be amazed, and happy that you aren't letting the miles truly separate you!

  5. Let me tell you, you do have the same smile and twinkle in your eye that I loved so much about your Grandma.
    Happy memories and being able to be with the girls if only on the computer, perfect.
    Hope that Mom was good and the family enjoyed Thanksgiving.

    Love You, BA

  6. Yes, technology is a wonderful thing, but just cannot provide those hugs.

  7. Long distance togetherness is how most of us are living these days. Those with families close by should cherish the life style.

  8. I'm quite sure you have that twinkle!
    Take advantage of Skyping and enjoy your daughters whenever you need that "hug" via the internet.

  9. Grandma would probably be amazed at the technological changes, and also think it wasn't the same watching by video as it is when you are actually face to face.

    Your holidays when you were young sound amazing and wonderful, Buttons. You made them come alive for me, like a Norman Rockwell image.

    Glad you gt to vicariously share the holidays with your girls now. If you can't be there in person, it's the next best thing!


  10. Wonderful post . Glad you were able to see and chat to your girls . Have a good day !

  11. i skype with my son in ct., it is wonderful but you are right, no warm hugs!!

    i think grandma would be pretty surprised!! xo

  12. A beautiful post filled with wonderful memories. I am so glad you were able to video chat with your girls!

  13. if your faster/better satellite connection gives you one thing - this is it. :)

  14. wow!! A++ for the description of your Gramma'a house- I can hear the kids and smell the food. And yes-- those of us who are separated by miles, love Skype!

  15. So wonderful that you got to visit with the daughters.

    I remember in school when we use to talk the future. They said one day we would be able to see the people we are talking to on the phone.

    Today was our future.

    Happy Thanksgiving late.

  16. Awww, what a sweet visit with your daughters, even though you couldn't hug them. I'd say it's the next best thing and better than the telephone. :)

  17. This is such a sentimentally sweet post. My own dear daughter will graduate from high school next year, and I too am thankful for modern technology which will allow me to stay connected with her every day when she goes off to college, and then some day, leaves home for good to start her own life. But I will miss those hugs of hers!

    I love your memories of your grandmother and her house. Mine are so similar! I had so many cousins I couldn't remember all of their names:)

  18. Such a wonderful post filled with memories and blessings. So close you can shut your eyes and be there.

  19. So nice that you could spend a little time with your girls. Mine are almost out of the house - and I dread that!

  20. It's so cool to be almost-there with those far away through technology. Making warm family memories is more important than about anything else there is.

    Your Thanksgiving sounds a lot like ours, except now I'm the pie-making grandma trying to live up to the traditions set by earlier generations.

    Canada is so smart to have Thanksgiving in October when travel is less challenging and it really IS the end of harvest.

  21. Awww, I am tearing up right now. Such sweet memories! A lot of my memories of Thanksgiving echo yours. Even though you couldn't be with your girls I'm glad you were able to talk to them and feel at peace :)

  22. it's truly amazing how we can BE with each other nowadays...through this technology. sci-fi for real!!

    it's nice that you could spend some time with each other...and 'twinkling' at all the happy memories!

  23. How lovely... And the coat hooks were overflowing. Poetry. You are good with words.

  24. Oh what a wonderful post! Your memories are a lot like mine, headed back to Alabama to my Grandmother's house for so many holiday celebrations! I am so happy you felt at peace with sharing your Thanksgiving with your girls via the computer! I could feel the warmth through my own computer screen. Happy Thanksgiving!

  25. I agree it is a good thing. It will be even better when we can have Scotty beam us over for a visit. When that time comes I hope you beam over and sit on my porch.

  26. The video chat isn't quite the same as being together but it's certainly better than a letter or a phone call! I'm glad you got to "see" the kids for Thanksgiving! :)

  27. Lovely memories for you.
    Great is technology to see your two daughters on cam. Now that is a great memory to keep :)
    Take care my dear friend and so pleased you enjoyed..M xoxoxox

  28. Envious!!!!!!

    now I wanna skype! I have to go and buy one of those newfangled internet cameras...

    or come to your house to use yours???

    ;) seriously, i should get one, then we could talk too!!!


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